20 Sketchy MTV Shows That Actually Aired

It's well know that MTV used to show a lot of music videos, as the name would suggest, but it wasn't long before they decided to make some of their own shows as well. They were inspired by the general anarchic mentality that they believed would appeal to the youth of the time.

However, this sort of anarchy led to some pretty sketchy shows. We decided it was time to go through some of the shows that we still can't believe were made and aired on MTV. We refuse to believe that anyone out there will be able to remember every single one of these shows.

So, if everyone is ready to take a look at the sketchiest MTV shows of all time, it's time to dive right in and remember the sort of thing that MTV makes when they're not looking for new music videos to show on the channel.

20 Jack*ss

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It may be one of the most beloved shows that aired on MTV, even leading to three different movies, but it doesn't change the fact that the whole concept of the show is pretty sketchy.

They essentially just took a bunch of people that wanted to do dangerous things and put them on television...

19 MTV's Loveline

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On the surface, this is actually a great idea. It was a chance for young people to ring in and get their questions answered, no matter how explicit they may be.

Sadly, it was quickly turned into something much sketchier, a chance for MTV to get people to watch for much more lascivious reasons.

18 Road Rules

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We've grown accustomed to a group of random strangers being placed somewhere they've never been before so that we can laugh at their turmoil.

Before it was big business, The Real World created this spin-off where they took a bunch of people and put them in an RV for weeks on end...

17 The Tom Green Show

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Anybody that has followed Tom Green's work will know that he is obsessed with making some very weird stuff.

Consisting of very odd sketches and some weirdness filmed in the real world, it was this show that led to Tom Green getting the chance to make his own movie.

16 Fanatic

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In the modern world, people are absolutely obsessed with celebrity. It's no surprise that MTV decided to create a show all about people being surprised by the celebrities that they're obsessed with.

Needless to say, it was pretty cringeworthy to watch at times...

15 Scarred

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As people started to turn to the internet for their entertainment, the television started to try and get people back.

This show attempted to bring the sort of stuff people were turning to the internet for, such as people falling off their skateboards and ending up in some real pain.

14 Newlyweds: Nick And Jessica

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It would seem that there is no end to the general public's desire to watch someone that they feel is dumber than them.

While it was billed as a chance to see a new couple come to terms with married life, it quickly became clear that it was about laughing at the stupid things Jessica said...

13 I Want A Famous Face

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The world of plastic surgery can get pretty unpleasant, but we think MTV took it to a whole new level with this one.

They gathered up normal people that were willing to spend a lot of time in surgery to look just like their favorite celebrities. These boys wanted to look like Brad Pitt...

12 Date My Mom

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It can be a real worry meeting the parents of a loved one, so this show allows people to get that over with straight away.

Contestants go on a date with a mother who will tell them all about their child, and contestants must make a decision based on these dates.

11 The Osbournes

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Ozzy has become somewhat of a comedy figure, despite the fact that he was once the singer of one of the best rock bands that have ever existed.

Part of the reason people ended up making fun of him is that his family allowed cameras into their home where they were filmed before being openly mocked by the audience.

10 Teen Mom

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Look, we're not here to shame anyone, but we would argue that teenage motherhood is not something that a television channel should be made into a show.

This is something that we want to warn girls against, not make them think they could make some money out of it...

9 Catfish

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After the documentary was such a smash hit, it was no surprise when MTV approached the makers of catfish and asked if they would like to create a TV show that followed other people that had been wrapped up in the internet phenomenon.

It has been a smash hit for the channel, but many believe that it is heavily scripted.

8 A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila

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Television has helped create the idea that fame is something anyone can grasp onto. That's why people like Tila Tequila end up with their own shows, despite the fact that they clearly don't have any discernible talent whatsoever.

Seriously, never put this woman on television again.

7 Paris Hilton's My New Best Friend

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What we find most offensive about this show is that it implies anyone should want to be friends with this woman. She has been handed everything her entire life and has put so little back into the world.

We're glad that people continue to laugh at her for her lack of intelligence.

6 Punk'd

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While we can't deny that some of them are very funny, we're not sure how we feel about people being filmed secretly.

Not only that, but some celebrities really didn't see the funny side of being Punk'd, turning on the actors that had been hired for their episode...

5 Pimp My Ride

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Many of us were amazed by what the people involved with Pimp My Ride were able to do with the terrible cars they were handed.

However, once the show stopped running, we all found out that the cars still ran terribly after they were put back on the road. We were all duped!

4 Jersey Shore

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This was one of the first reality television shows to take a group of people and pretend that they were just following them with a bunch of cameras.

We all know that most of the events were staged but it didn't stop us from tuning in on a regular basis...

3 Rich Girls

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We're not sure why so many people out there enjoy watching the lives of the rich and famous, but they must do based on the number of shows that are made about them.

We think there's something genuinely unpleasant about watching two women swan about spending money and gossiping...

2 The Andy Milonakis Show

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It's fair to say that one of the best forms of humor out there is absurdist, but it can be really difficult to get it right.

It might seem easy enough to create something funny out of anarchy and chaos, but shows like this one prove that it takes a lot more than just shouting and screaming...

1 The Hard Times Of RJ Berger

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We really can't get into what the main conceit of this show is, as it's not exactly safe for work, but all we can say is that it's a perfect example of why people have decided to turn their back on a lot of what the entertainment world is offering them these days.

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