Muffin The Chubby Cat Is Put On A Strict Diet As She Looks For A Forever Home

A greedy cat named Muffin is on a strict diet after weighing in at a whopping 21 lbs – twice the size of an average feline.

If you have multiple cats and dogs at home, then you know the struggle when it comes to meal times. For most of us multiple pet owners, it isn't as simple as putting down everyone's bowls of food at the same time and all the pets knowing whose is whose. One pooch or feline will finish theirs and move on to the next if the opportunity is there.

That was most certainly the case with a British cat who is aptly named Muffin. The nine-year-old Muffin previously shared her home with six other cats. When it came to meal time, she just didn't know when to say no. Muffin would polish off her own portion at dinner time and then move on to whoever's was nearest, and then the next, and then the next.

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The result? Well, as you can see from the above photo of Muffin, she has become quite a bit larger than your average cat. She currently weighs in at 9.5 kg (or 21 lbs) which is more than twice as much as she should weigh. Subsequently, Muffin is now with Blue Cross who is currently caring for her and has the feline on a strict diet to help her lose weight.

Blue Cross works in conjunction with Solihull College in the United Kingdom and the students help care for homeless cats. It is only a temporary solution though, and the organization is currently looking for a new home for the overweight Muffin. Whoever does take her in will need to make sure that she continues on her weight loss journey and keeps up the diet that she has started with Blue Cross.

Via: Blue Cross

If you live in the Solihull area and think you're up to the task of taking in Muffin and helping her to shed those pounds, then you can head to the Blue Cross website for more information. If you simply want to follow Muffin's journey, as well as that of the other cats at Blue Cross, then give them a follow on Instagram by clicking here.

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