'April Wine' Frontman, Myles Goodwyn, Reunites With His Stolen Guitar After More Than Forty Years

April Wine frontman, Myles Goodwyn, sure has to make up for lost time with his beloved 1962 Gibson Melody Maker, stolen in 1972 and found just a few days ago, on New Year's Eve.

The guitar was last heard on the band's hit "You Could Have Been a Lady" and it has now been reunited with its rightful owner.

"It's a chunk of life to lose, and all the records and all the success and 20 million records and all the things that we did -- the great tours and the great recording moment -- she missed them all," said 70-year-old Goodwyn in an interview.

According to the National Post, the musician and songwriter purchased the Melody Maker in 1968 in Cape Breton, and played it on the Halifax-based band's debut self-titled record "April Wine" and on their sophomore album "On Record."

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In 1972, Goodwyn was informed that a truck carrying the band's equipment was involved in an accident in Montreal.

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"I was told there was a lot of damage, that my guitar was destroyed. I wanted that guitar back. I wanted the pieces to see if I could fix it, salvage it, but I kept getting the run-around," he said.

Goodwyn only had a few photos with the companion guitar that was instrumental in launching the  Canadian rock band's career.

A most remarkable thing has happened. Today I was reunited with my beloved 1962 Gibson Melody Maker after it was...

Posted by Myles Goodwyn on Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodwyn had modified it to change the sound to suit his musical ear. "It's a terrible feeling to think it's gone, because you become really attached to it," he said.

"I don't want to say it's like a child or a loved one. That's a little bit extreme. But it's kind of like that ... It's losing something that was very, very important to you that meant something to you more than to anybody else, and it hurts, and there's grieving."

Brian Greenway, a fellow band member, had seen the band's damaged equipment at the time of the crash. He believed he had spotted the Melody Maker amongst the wreckage, convincing Goodwyn that the guitar was destroyed.

Lo and behold! Last Christmas Eve, a man named Doug from Victoria reached out to him on Facebook, as he believed he was in possession of the precious guitar.

"I followed up on it and sure enough, the guitar was mine. They sent me a picture of it and there's no question, it's a very unique guitar after what I had done to it," he said.

After buying the instrument from Doug, Goodwyn immediately verified the neck and electronics, and then plugged it in and strummed its six strings for the first time in more than four decades. The guitar was in pristine condition.

Goodwyn is convinced that there is a story behind the 1962 Gibson Melody Maker's 46-year journey. He also urged second-hand retailers and people using buy and sell websites across the country to report it if they suspect something had been stolen. He plans to use the 1962 Gibson Melody Maker during the recording of his new album, a follow up to "Myles Goodwyn and Friends of the Blues." However, he will not be using the guitar at upcoming shows far from home.

"I can drive around the Maritimes and use it and I will if April Wine comes to town," said Goodwyn, who also has a home in Montreal. "But I am not putting it on a plane. I will never risk letting that guitar get away from me again. Never, ever."

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