20 Of The Dumbest Myths Debunked By Mythbusters

It wasn't only science geeks who loved the program MythBusters. Everybody who tuned into Discovery Channel would've watched that program since it was one of the most popular on the network.

Regarded as an Australian-American science entertainment program, MythBusters used scientific methods to test the validity of rumors, myths, and adages. The program was so successful that Discovery aired 282 episodes before its cancellation in 2016. Discovery's sister network, Science Channel, revived the program in 2017, resulting in 296 episodes aired.

The presenters debunked myths that most of us commonly use when conversing with friends, as well as myths that most people believed to be true for many years. We delved into the program's history to rehash the silliest myths that the team at MythBusters debunked.

20 The Five-Second Rule

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Think of a time when you went to a friend's barbecue and waited more than an hour for the food to be ready. Once the host finally finished grilling the food, he dropped it on the floor.

He then picked it up within five seconds of dropping it and believed that there were no germs. Germs collected regardless of the time.

19 Use A Rowboat As A Submarine

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That would be nice if it was true. Unfortunately, the guys from MythBusters proved that it's not possible.

The next time you want to sneak up on your friends under an overturned rowboat, just make sure you remember that a human body is very buoyant. That's a good thing.

18 Driving With The Tailgate Down Is More Fuel Efficient

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For some strange reason, some people believe that a pickup driver will save more gas if he or she drives with the tailgate down. Jamie and Adam conducted tests by driving with the tailgate up and down on a straight road at 55 mph.

They discovered that the pickup consumed the same amount of gas.

17 A Goldfish Has A Three Second Memory

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Anybody who has been accused of having a short memory would've been called a goldfish. The myth states that a goldfish has a memory that lasts for three seconds before it forgets everything.

Once the guys got on the case, they discovered that a goldfish had a memory of about forty seconds.

16 A Scuba Tank Will Blow Up If Shot

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Movies would like you to believe certain things as it creates an intriguing storyline. One of the things they hope audiences believe is that shooting a scuba tank will result in it blowing up.

When Adam and Jamie punctured a tank, all it did was flow around like a rocket. It didn't explode.

15 Bullets Made From Ice

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This would be an interesting phenomenon if true. The problem is that it's not. You can't make bullets from ice. Trying to shave a bullet out of ice and shooting someone with it to destroy the evidence isn't going to work.

The reason is that the bullet would melt before leaving the barrel.

14 A Person Can Slip On A Banana Peel

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This is another trick that movie producers wanted audiences to believe. It stemmed from decades ago when silent movies were produced. To make the audience laugh, they had to use visuals.

Although banana peels are slippery, they're not slippery enough to make a person fall head over heels.

13  Humans Use Only 10% Of Their Brains

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This myth has been around forever. Many people believe that we use only 10 percent of our brain, which leaves us with the possibility of tapping into more brainpower to accomplish superhuman things.

During a brain scan, Tory used 35 percent and didn't have any superhuman powers.

12 Taking Candy Away From A Baby Is Easy

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Whenever we want to get something and believe that it's easily obtainable, we say that the endeavor is as easy as taking candy away from a baby.

When the MythBusters team tried to take candy away from a baby, they found out that it's not easy at all. The baby put up a good fight.

11 Yodelling Can Spark An Avalanche

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If you are a professional yodeler and can direct your voice in a specific direction, then you can set off an avalanche. The guys decided to put this to the test and found out that it wasn't true.

Even when the yodeler used a megaphone, he could not set off an avalanche. Thank goodness.

10 You Can Catch A Bullet With Your Teeth

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You can't honestly believe this. If a bullet can go through objects, why would you think that your teeth can stop it? Perhaps some people have watched Ace Venture: Pet Detective too many times.

This myth comes back to movies again. Try to catch a bullet with your teeth and not only will you end up with no teeth, but you'll end up with no life.

9 Shockwaves Cancel Each Other Out

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A silly myth that some people believe is that a person can survive two simultaneous explosions by standing in the middle of it. They believe that the resulting shockwaves cancel each other out.

The guys tried it out and found out that an object exploded when it was in the center of two explosions.

8 A Dirty Car Is More Fuel Efficient

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One of the reasons that some people believe that a dirty car is more fuel-efficient than a clean one is that it gives them a reason not to wash it.

Others believe that the dirt creates a golf ball-like effect on the car's surface, making the car more aerodynamic. The concept was plausible, but the myth was busted.

7 A Certain Frequency Makes You Lose Bowels

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Some people believe that you can use your bowels on what's termed as a brown note. Adam was the guinea pig for this experiment when the sound was turned up. Although the sound was loud, it was only annoying.

It didn't make Adam lose any bowels. He wore a diaper just to be safe.

6 Shooting A Hat Off A Cowboy Without Hurting Him

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It's possible in movies but not in real life. If you wanted to shoot a hat off a cowboy, you'd have to use a shotgun to have sufficient force for it to fly off - a pistol won't work, according to Ranker.

Even if you were to use a shotgun, before the hat flies off, the cowboy would be dead. It's probably not a good idea to test the theory.

5 Car Driven Off A Cliff Explodes

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It works in movies because it looks cool when the bad guy dies, but it's not going to work if you push your car off a cliff.

The guys tried it by doing two different tests, even putting the gas tank in front of the car so that the car crashes on it. The impact alone was insufficient to ignite the gas tank.

4 Bulls Charge Only On The Color Red

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Whenever you watch a bullfighter trying to lure in a bull to march towards him, you see the bullfighter holding red material. The guys tested the theory with the color blue and found that the bull still charged.

Turns out that bulls respond to movement, not only to the color red.

3 Cellphones Can Blow Up Gas Stations

via NY Daily News

If you use your cellphone while pumping gas, you could be held responsible for blowing up the entire gas station. Only if that was possible. That myth was easily debunked.

The only bad news was that Adam lost an eyebrow when they conducted the test. It's a good thing that he wasn't seriously hurt.

2 People Sink In Quicksand

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They do if you watch movies. You have to admit that it's fun to watch. Fortunately for us, it doesn't happen in real life. When the guys did the experiment, they found out that quicksand is dense - making it difficult for humans to sink, according to WatchMojo.

Well, at least it makes for good television.

1 Dropping A Penny Off The Empire Building Can Kill Someone

via Business Insider

Of all the myths that the MythBusters debunked, this one is the one that most people struggle to comprehend. Many people wanted to believe since it was intriguing.

That was bad news for anybody who believed the myth but good news for those walking past the Empire State Building.

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