Naming Rescue Dogs After Celebrities Can Help Them Find Forever Homes Faster

Shelters have been using celebrity names as a marketing technique to get more dogs adopted and spared from euthanasia. The tactic may seem silly, but it has proven to increase an animal’s chances of getting adopted, especially if the name is quite witty. If naming a dog “Beyonce” will get it adopted faster, then there should be more pups named after the Queen B.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), there are about 7.6 million companion animals that end up in the shelters every year, and approximately 3.9 million of them are dogs. As space and resources run out, shelters have to euthanize the older or sicker animals; about 2.7 million are put down every year. Given this high number, any strategies that would boost the animals’ chances of getting adopted should be welcomed and encouraged.

The tactic of naming animals after famous people has been a successful and constant strategy used by many shelters across the United States. For example, the KC Pet Project in Kansas City has had great success in finding forever homes for their dogs after naming them after celebrities. Currently, there are residents named Al Capone, Danny Devito, and Van Halen. Those named after local heroes, like professional athletes from the city, also have higher chances of getting adopted quickly.

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References to iconic groups will also help the animals get adopted with their bonded partner. Sometimes, dogs will form bonds with another pup whether they met at the shelter or were rescued together. Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were two chihuahuas adopted by the same person because the famous duo must remain together, both in name and in the flesh. This is also a good tactic ot use to prevent more separation anxiety and trauma from developing in an already stressed puppy. Having their partner there for them at all times will certainly ease their nerves.

Although some people would rather name their pet themselves, having a dog who already responds to a gimmicky name has its own appeals. Especially for those who are looking for a dog through shelters’ online websites, an eye-catching name will definitely help the pup’s chances of finally finding a forever home.

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