Naruto: 20 Plot Holes That Were Left Unanswered

Naruto is one of the most popular manga series all over the world.

First appearing in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine from 1999 to 2014, creators later made it into a 72 volume manga series. Soon after, the popular manga adapted into a 220-episode TV series, then a 500-episode spin-off called Naruto: Shippuden, and then his son Boruto Uzumaki took the reigns in a new series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, which is still going today.

Since airing on television in the early ’00s though, Masashi Kishimoto, the original creator of the series, has had to come up with different stories and characters off the bat, which has left a lot of plot holes throughout the show. Plot holes that a lot of fans have overlooked because they haven’t really affected how awesome the show truly is.

Here are 20 plot holes that we found.

20 Why Was Naruto Left As An Orphan And Not Adopted?


When Naruto was born, his identity as the son of the fourth Hokage, as well as his status as the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, was kept a secret. Instead, he was left as an orphan and despised by the village people.

According to screenrant.com, the question is, why not just allow a family to adopt him? They risked everything by making him grow up alone. He could have ended up like Gaara.

19 Why Aren't The Akatsuki Rings Important Anymore?


Back during the early episodes of Naruto’s story, it was made clear how significant the Akatsuki rings were.

According to thegamer.com though, each of the ten initial members of the Akatsuki had their own specific ring, which were all extremely important. Kishimoto meant for these rings to play a major role in the series, but then their importance just ended. They were written out basically.

18 Sakura Never Rises To Prominence As A Main Character

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Sakura is one main character that seems to barely be in the series.

According to screenrant.com, Kakashi and Tsunade have both made comments that Sakura’s greatest technique is her genjutsu and that she will one day learn how to use illusion-based techniques. This never happens though. It’s almost as if Kishimoto wanted to make her a great warrior, and then changed his mind some point in the series.

17 Obito Would Have Never Sought Revenge If He Just Waited

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After Obito’s accident, he watches Kakashi spear the love of his life, Rin, which causes him to snap mentally.

According to thegamer.com though, if he would have just waited a few more moments, he would have seen why Kakashi did this and how Rin was actually sacrificing her life to save thousands of people.

16 When Did Sasuke Learn To Summon Hawks?

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After a person learns to summon an animal, they must sign a contract with their own blood. We see this after Naruto gains the ability to summon toads.

According to screenrant.com though, during his fight with Danzo, Sasuke suddenly gains the ability to summon a giant hawk and we are never given an explanation as to when he learned it or even when he signed a contract.

15 Hashirama's Demise Is A Mystery

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In the series, Hashirama is spoken as being of the most powerful ninjas to ever be born.

According to thegamer.com, if Hashirama was such a legend though, how did he meet his demise at the hands of a lower ninja, who by the way, no one remembers. Shouldn’t that person go down in history as being the one to defeat him?

14 Obito's Plan To End Suffering & Conflict Doesn't Make Sense


Obito end of the world scheme involves a jutsu that traps everyone in a Matrix, ultimately ending all suffering and conflict in the world.

According to screenrant.com though, he is basically ending humanity with this plan. With no one reproducing, the generation would end as soon as they all perished.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to just wipe humanity out instead of cocooning them in a matrix?

13 If Guy Can't Mold Chakra, How Did He Summon Ningame?


Might Guy might not be very skilled at ninjutsu or genjutsu, but he makes up for that with his melee fighting skills.

According to thegamer.com though, at one point in the series, Guy is seen summoning forth Ningame, a massive tortoise. The question is though, how? How was he able to do a summoning jutsu of that caliber when he can’t mold chakra? Let alone such a powerful one.

12 What Was The Point Of Yugao & Her Claims Of Revenge?


During the final rounds of the Chunin exam, Hayate loses his life by the hands of Baki and Yugao swears to seek revenge for his demise.

According to screenrant.com though, after the truce between Konoha and Sunagakure, Yugao’s plot for revenge kind of just ends. Leaving us to think, why even introduce her in the first place? Did Kishimoto forget about the original plan for her?

11 How Was Rock Lee Able To Pass His Exams?


Rock Lee is a protégé of Might guy who, although is skilled in taijutsu, lacks the necessary skills to do any ninjutsu or genjutsu.

According to thegamer.com, what has us all puzzled is the fact that Rock passed his exams when he is unable to perform any ninjutsu or genjutsu techniques. He passed, yet Naruto failed twice because he couldn’t mold his chakra to summon a clone……

10 Why Did Kabuto Heal Hinata?

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During the Chunin exam, Hinata passes out and Kiba calls a masked member of the Anbu to help her.

According to screenrant.com, it’s later revealed to be Kabuto in disguise, who is about to attack Konoha. The question is though, why does Kabuto heal Hinata who is supposed to meet her demise soon?

Some think it’s because Kishimoto originally planned for Kabuto to be a Snape like character.

9 All Of Naruto's Classmates Graduate With Him, Even Though He Took The Exam Three Times

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During the show, we learn that Naruto failed his exams twice because he was unable to summon a perfect clone with the Shadow Clone Jutsu.

According to thegamer.com, the thing is, if Naruto is on his third try with the exams, wouldn’t his classmates, who we see him hanging with during multiple flashbacks, have been passed their exams?

8 Kishimoto Obviously Didn't Care About Following The Sharingan Rules When It Came To Kakashi


When the show first starts, the Sharingan is one of the coolest abilities that the Uchiha clan poses. When activated, it allows the user to predict its opponents’ physical movements, conjure unquenchable fire, summon indestructible giants, and even control the minds of others.

According to screenrant.com though, Kakashi isn’t a member of the Uchiha clan and only gets the Sharingan through an eye implant, yet he is able to summon a Perfect Susanoo, with no explanation.

7 The Anbu Are Just Plain Useless

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The Anbu are described as being a super-powerful squad that protects the village and are given some of the Leaf Village’s hardest missions.

According to thegamer.com though, there are multiple times when enemies attack and they are taken out with ease. Also, they are supposed to be able to overpower a jonin, yet Kakashi could take them out and not break a sweat.

6 Why Are Women Allowed To Become Jinchuriki?

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There are nine giant monsters in Naruto’s world, all in which can perish, but will resurrect sooner or later. This is why they are sealed inside humans - to end stop their destructive nature.

According to screenrant.com, the seal used to seal them inside a human can deteriorate over time. The weakest times come at childbirth though. Which brings up the question, why are women allowed to become jinchurikis in the first place?

5 The Hyuga Clan Curse Mark Is Useless

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Every branch member of the Hyuga clan is given a curse mark that will make sure the secret of the Byakugan is never released by disabling it if the user perishes.

According to thegamer.com though, if keeping the Byakugan a secret is so important, why not give it to the main branch members as well? Ao would have never been able to steal the Byakugan if the main member he ended had the mark.

4 Why Did The Nine-Tailed Fox Help Naruto Out?


Being a human prison for the Nine-Tailed Fox, Naruto not only can tap into the Fox’s chakra to make himself more powerful, but also heals a lot quicker.

According to screenrant.com though, when a jinchuriki perishes, their tailed beast temporary perishes too, but eventually regains form. If this is the case though, why did the Fox help Naruto so much? He could have been free if he just let Naruto perish.

3 Naruto's Mysterious Healing Powers


Naruto and the gang have truly come a long way since the first season.

According to thegamer.com, there is one moment in the series where Naruto suddenly gains the ability to heal Kakashi’s eye. The explanation for this is seriously lacking and its sort of useless seeing as he wasn’t able to restore Guy’s legs or even the arms, he and Sasuke lose after their fierce battle.

2 Why Wasn't Yamato In Charge Of Team Seven From The Beginning?

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At the start of the Naruto: Shippuden series, we learn that Kakashi has moved on and Yamato is now the leader of team seven.

According to thegamer.com though, Yamato has the ability to control Naruto’s Nine-Tailed Beast chakra. Which is why we are all wondering, if this is true, why was he not in charge of Naruto’s team from the start?

1 Neji's Demise Was An Absolute Waste


Neji’s demise will always go down as one of the most tragic moments in the series. He sacrificed his life for the greater good and saved Naruto from suffering a fatal attack.

According to thegamer.com, what confuses us though is that Neji was one of the most gifted members of the Hyuga clan, yet he let himself be taken down by a bunch of wooden stakes. How is that possible?

Source: thegamer.com, screenrant.com

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