NASCAR Chief: Hybrid Engines And Cost Caps Are On The Way

The end of the racing season brings another state of the sport address by NASCAR’s chief executive Steve Phelps. Phelps address looked to the future for the American racing series and reflected on some of the shortcomings of the current formula, giving us a look at what the series might look like in 2021 and beyond.

Autoweek covered the address where new solutions to old problems and big plans for the future were discussed.

3 Hybrids are Coming to NASCAR

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While it might sound anathema to a sport that only recently gave up pushrod engines, NASCAR can only avoid the future for so long.

In order to keep up with original equipment manufacturers who want to use their own brand engines, hybrid engines will make their debut in NASCAR in 2023 and 2024. Phelps is quick to point out that they’ll still sound like NASCAR, though.

2 Cost Caps Are On the Table

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The biggest hurdle facing any racing series is soaring costs. While it's true in any sport, money can be a huge deciding factor in who wins a race. The goal of the organizing body is to keep prices down while keeping innovation moving forward.

Phelps is looking to the new F1 spending caps to see if they’re a viable alternative for NASCAR in the future.

1 Current Regulations A Mixed Bag

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Horsepower and high down force restrictions have met with some criticism over the course of the year. The competition package has been particularly troublesome on short and road courses.

Phelps said that he was working with Goodyear for short and road course solutions as well as considering alterations to the aero package.

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