15 NASCAR WAGs Who Stole The Limelight From Their Driver Husbands

Behind every great NASCAR driver is a great WAG. If a driver wants to get far when he’s off the racetrack, then he has to find a woman that’s going to help his well-being, image, and reputation.

Beauty, brains, and boldness are traits that make up a NASCAR WAG. Since WAGs are often the complete package, it’s only natural they draw attention away from their husbands and boyfriends, even though they drive stock cars for a living.

Not only do they serve as their husbands and boyfriends’ personal cheerleaders, but often become major forces, even starting their own brands and business ventures.

We’re going to look at NASCAR WAGs who managed to steal the limelight away from their drivers. Be sure to also check out rules NASCAR drivers make their WAGs follow.

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15 Niki Taylor

via British Vogue

Hitched for twelve years, driver Burney Lamar and Niki Taylor seem happier than ever. As a supermodel, she continues to turn heads to this day. The fact that she has over 80,000 followers on Instagram versus Burney Lamar’s 195 on Twitter (as of August 2019) says something about who gets more of the spotlight.

14 Athena Barber

via Player Wives & Girlfriends

It’s wasn't even a contest back in 2007 when it came to who dominated the spotlight more: Clint Bowyer or his girlfriend, Athena Barber. Jalopnik reports that she got voted the hottest NASCAR girlfriend in that year. They even make note that she claimed Jimmie Johnson is her favorite driver, which probably earned fans' respect even more.

13 Whitney Ward

via OneCountry

Austin Dillon may have dropped in the standings recently for having an unapproved alternator, reports Beyond the Flag; yet he can rest assured knowing his wife, Whitney Ward, will distract from any controversies he's going through. Aside from staying active on social media, she also knows how to work the crowd and turns heads at races.

12 Erin Bates

via All Left Turns

Driver Brian Vickers got hitched to Sarah Kellen, but before that he dated Erin Bates. She’s one of the most stunning WAGs on the list and stole the attention away from her boyfriend at the time. As a Speed TV motocross reporter, her profession put her in the limelight constantly (drinkthis.typepad.com).

11 Jordan Fish

via Fitness Magazine

A NASCAR wife can simply to be the eye candy of her driver if she wants to, or she can find other pursuits. While Jordan Fish certainly fulfills the former category, she’s gone above and beyond releasing her own line of clutches. According to Charlotte Five, she started Kustom Klutch, which not only sells handbags but shares its profits with charities.

10 Samantha Busch

via SamanthaBusch.com

Samantha Busch is the trophy wife of NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. She’s managed to raise her profile in recent years and expends little effort to take the spotlight away from her driver husband. She’s always posting photos of herself on Instagram, founded a clothing store and even stars in a reality TV show (Charlotte Business Journal).

9 Marisa Miller

via si.com

Dale Earnhardt Jr. may have found the woman of his dreams in Amy Reimann, but before her he dated Marisa Miller. Considering Miller was a model, she got a lot more attention than Earnhardt Jr. did when they dated. They even took some photos together for Sports Illustrated and it was clear she stole the attention away from the driver (Sports Illustrated).

8 Emily Maynard

via TV Guide

Emily Maynard’s life has had its share of tragedy. According to Bleacher Report, her late fiancé, NASCAR driver Ricky Hendrick, passed away suddenly in a plane crash. Shortly after that, she revealed the news that she was pregnant with her late fiancé’s child. In the years since, she’s stayed in the spotlight and even starred in a season of the Bachelorette.

7 Tara Roquemore

via Player Wags

Tony Stewart may not have with Tara Roquemore for very long, but she got a lot of attention during the two years they dated. The two only needed to be side by side for Tara to get all the attention. Yet in planting a big kiss on Stewart’s cheek after he won the Nationwide Series Camping World 300 in February 2008, fans certainly paid her more attention than they did Stewart (whosdatedwho.com; stock.adobe.com).

6 Buffy Waltrip

via ihc2015.info

Driver Michael Waltrip and Buffy are no longer together. According to Reference.com, they officially separated back in 2010. During their relationship though, the same source notes that Buffy owned NASCAR race car #55 and that Michael drove it. She also got attention in 2008 when the same source notes people noticed her less around the racing ship, which raised eyebrows at the time.

5 Lynne Allmendinger

via eCelebrityFacts

There are some NASCAR WAGs who do it all. They not only support their drivers but have respectable professions and interesting hobbies on the side. According to Bleacher Report, Lynne Allmendinger—driver A.J. Allmendinger’s wife—is a chiropractor for a living. What’s more, she even did baton-twirling at a top level.

4 Ingrid Vandebosch

via Bleacher Report

By simply being a model, WAGs tend to attract more attention than their drivers. There are countless instances where Ingrid Vandebosch, wife of legendary driver Jeff Gordon, drew the gaze of photographers for simply showing up. She always showed her support for her husband too, considering cameras caught her at major races.

3 Kate Edwards

via Heavy.com

On top of all Carl Edwards’ accomplishments, he managed to find the complete package in a partner. According to Bleacher Report, Kate helps patients who experience brain injuries recover. Aside from stealing the attention away from her husband with her commendable job, she also knows how to play the NASCAR game. She went along with getting all their wedding stationary through Office Depot, which is Carl’s sponsor.

2 Sherry Pollex

via Azufimg.pw

Sherry Pollex has long been Martin Truex Jr.’s girlfriend, cheering him on at major events, embracing him after races and even accepting awards alongside him. She once sent a tweet on her account that had a clip showing ring girls on a red carpet with the caption, “I’m sorry but this is so weird. Drivers are heading to work. Not the club. This would be awesome entering a nightclub! #awkward.”

1 Trisha Mears

via Motorsport.com

Casey Mears may be a NASCAR driver, but his wife, Trisha, can definitely hang with his adventurous lifestyle. As the site Player Wives highlights, the two get spotted going hiking, skiing and even vacationing in Cabo. With Trisha tagging along with Casey wherever he goes, she’s been winning the public’s attention.

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