Nathan Macintosh's New Album Brings Screaming Comedy Straight To Your Earholes


Nathan Macintosh’s new comedy album is coming this March, and it will bring his distinctive brand of screaming jokes straight to your earholes.

Unless you’re deaf. At which point we hope a subtitled version will be out shortly, although we don’t have a date for that one.

If you haven’t heard of Nathan Macintosh, then let us provide a little bit of backstory. He’s a comedian slash writer from Nova Scotia, a hitherto unknown province in the wilds of Eastern Canada. Macintosh managed to escape a Canadian hellscape filled with rabid moose and flesh-eating raccoons to land in New York City where he now makes people laugh for a living.

But that doesn’t mean Macintosh stays put. He’s been all over this great land and even back in his native Canada, appearing for stand up comedy festivals such as the Boston Comedy Festival, Halifax Comedy Festival, and the world-famous Just For Laughs.

He’s also done TV, where he first appeared on cable thanks to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and later appearing on Conan before he left cable TV for a semi-retirement on Netflix.


In-person performances might be the best way of getting the full impact of Macintosh’s routine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get enough laughs through the magic of radio. Or in this case, the audio-only medium that has long since replaced radio, which are digital files downloaded to personal devices with more processing power than the computer used to put a man on the moon.

Macintosh’s debut album, I Wasn’t Talking, was a smash hit. So much so that he bothered recording a follow-up album, To The Point, recorded at the New York Comedy Club’s East Village while he performed in front of a live audience. The 21-minute set is short, punchy, and very much gets your giggle on as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is exactly what we all need in this hectic world.

To The Point comes out March 29th thanks to Comedy Records, available wherever you purchase digital audio files.

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