Celebrate National Mac & Cheese Day With These Recipes

Pick a favorite food and chances are, it has a special time of year when it's commemorated. If pancakes, chocolate, and even meatballs can have their own special days, it stands to reason that one of the country's most preferred comfort foods should have a date on the calendar as well. Hence the existence of National Mac & Cheese Day, which is happening today (Saturday, July 14th)! Everyone can break out their favorite fromage, macaroni, butter, milk and a pinch of salt.

That's about all you need, as long as you measure out enough of the ingredients to incorporate everyone in your brood willing to celebrate all things mac & cheese. Party hats, streamers and other celebratory knick-knacks are, of course, optional.

And for this day, you can make your M&C the tried and true way, or go the inventive route. Fortunately, Three Bridges, which prides itself on creating no-nonsense pasta, sauces, and full-course meals shared a few ideas on how to put some extra kick into the traditional M&C fare.

For openers, try combining mac & cheese with another comfort food, namely donuts. Fortunately, this one requires only a few more ingredients than what you'd need normally, including as panko bread crumbs, an egg, a bit of flour, and your choice of sauce or vegetable topping.  Fortunately, they only take about half an hour to make and the instructions are rather simple.

Another easy recipe and one that can be created in roughly the same time is a pesto mac & cheese casserole, which doesn't require many extra ingredients. It differs from the traditional pasta dish by mixing in some pesto sauce with the rest of the requisite items as well as sprinkling an extra layer of shredded cheese on top before popping it into the oven. Yum!


Or rather than dish out that celebrated comfort food, how about sharing it with the folks by the slice? A mac & cheese pizza should do the trick in this case. And if you're a wiz at home-made pizzas, this won't require that much work. As for newbies in this area who get nervous about making and tossing the dough, take advantage of pre-made pizza crusts available at most supermarkets.

If you're bent on getting more out of your casseroles, you can make one with roasted vegetable succotash or even with Buffalo chicken. Whatever option you go for, it's a way to take mac & cheese to the next level.


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