Keep Bites At Bay With This Natural DIY Mosquito Repellant

It's peculiar that when people start pumping up the amenities of summer, no one talks about the elements that might make the season of the sun less than enjoyable. Let's start with sunburn, for openers. And even with the right sunscreen and taking advantage of the shade, there's always the potential for heatstroke. And regardless of the elements, who could forget about those nasty mosquitoes?

While the more commercial repellents out there might be effective against those aerial bloodsuckers, some of those products can be uncomfortably sticky on the skin once applied, while others aren't exactly endearing to the nose, sometimes smell like cleaning products. Furthermore, while many say that sprays containing DEET will do the job and are safe to use, it's no comfort to those who might be allergic to the stuff.

That's where Virginia-based blogger Jennifer Prince comes in.

Prince, whose Hill City Bride blog has been instrumental in helping women planning to marry ensure that their events go off classy and without a hitch (so to speak), has come up with an organic solution to the skeeter issue. What's more is that not only are the ingredients pretty inexpensive, but chances are, you'll already have a few of them in your humble abode. It only takes a couple of minutes to create the mixture.


Prince's methods aren't totally scientific, so, fortunately, you don't need a laboratory to create her solution, which contains just four ingredients. You can also prorate the contents according to how strong you want the repellent to be while considering the size of the bottle you plan to use to contain the stuff.


If you're using an empty, four-ounce spray bottle, Prince first recommends a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Then add anywhere between 5-40 drops of your choice of oils: tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia), lavender, lemongrass or citronella (choose only one). Most of these would be available at your nearest health food store. For children, it might be wise to add a minimum number of drops to start. For the remaining space in the bottle, add equal parts water and witch hazel.

Remember to shake thoroughly before applying, to ensure the essential oil of choice mixes with the rest of the liquid. Then spray and have fun! Keep in mind other ideas you can take advantage of to keep those pesky mosquitoes away.


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