15 NBA Jerseys That Were Hideous (5 Every Player Wanted To Wear)

Uniforms in sports have always been something fans have loved to discuss. The NBA has been known to have some especially awesome looking uniforms, while also allowing some pretty hideous uniforms on their hardwood. Coming up with a great uniform is harder than it may seem, as this article certainly shows that many franchises left the drawing board with the wrong ideas.

Over the past decades, we have seen some franchises experiment with a countless number of uniforms, while other teams have stuck with basically the same classic design they have had since the early days of the franchises' establishment. Classic jerseys like these are tremendous, but some of the best looking uniforms in the history of the league were only worn for a short amount of time surprisingly. As for these ugly uniforms, a few of them were around for years somehow, which must have been hard for fans and players alike. Here are 15 NBA jerseys that were hideous, and 5 that every player wanted to wear.


20 Hideous - Los Angeles Clippers

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Back when the Clippers were still considered the "other team" in Los Angeles, they tried to pay homage to their old days of being the Buffalo Braves with these jerseys. These uniforms back in the 70's were never good, which is why these re-designed throwbacks didn't work at all. This season, the Clippers will wear Buffalo Braves throwback uniforms again, however the white jersey looks much better than this bland orange.

19 Hideous - Charlotte Bobcats

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During their time in Charlotte, the Bobcats were the worst team in the league and they had the uniforms to match. There is nothing special about the design of these jerseys, and the colors they chose just seemed washed out. Wearing these losing game after game must not have helped the value of the uniform, but they were doomed from the start with these things.

18 Hideous - Phoenix Suns

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Even the fact that some of the best Suns' teams of all-time wore these doesn't change how ugly they were. The excessive purple down the sides of the uniform is what throws off this jersey from the start. The Suns font also doesn't represent the team well and the oval like shape behind the number missed the mark for sure.

17 Wanted: Philadelphia 76ers

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The 76ers in the early 2000's had some of the best jerseys of all-time. The team has since move on from these though, to a more red, white, and blue style. Many fans have been asking the team to go back to these black uniforms that Allen Iverson made famous years ago, as these would instantly become a hit again for fans and players.

16 Hideous - New York Knicks

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The Knicks really switched things up on St.Patrick's day a few years ago, as they swapped out the crisp white of their home jerseys to a dark green for the holiday. Green and orange is not a really a color combination that is commonly used, this being for a reason of course as these uniforms were just not appealing at all.

15 Hideous - Memphis Grizzlies

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Another throwback uniform gone wrong, it's easy to see why these are considered so bad right off the bat. The yellow and green doesn't compliment the other at all, and the fact that they used yellow for the jersey and green for the pants shows they didn't try to make these that stylish. We are glad the Grizzlies are back to their usual blue and yellow uniforms.

14 Hideous - Toronto Raptors

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The Raptors brought out the camouflage for their uniforms a few seasons ago for whatever reason. Showing respect to the troops, the Raptors wore these unattractive jerseys which was not the smartest move in retrospect, as these were not received well at all by fans. Using camo in just the lettering and numbers plays well, as we have seen the Spurs do this nicely in years past.

13 Wanted: Toronto Raptors

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These uniforms were able to bring a certain electricity to the court just like Tracy McGrady and Vince Carter did when they played together in Toronto. The jerseys had a great color scheme and had unique design features such as how the last name is displayed and the two-toned pinstripe colors. The Raptors are even wearing the purple variant of these uniforms this year due to the high demand to bring these back.

12 Hideous - Washington Wizards

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Not only did Washington go for the sleeved jersey which has never been apart of a good uniform set, they went for a striped design that goes through the jersey to the pants. Even with the design matched up perfectly on the shirt and pants, it doesn't look good and this would not stay parallel throughout the game.

11 Hideous - Sacramento Kings

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The Kings have rolled out some questionable uniforms since coming to the league in 1948. These shown above are certainly one of them, as the purple and gold coloring looks childish and having the number in the top right corner rather than under the logo is a choice we will never understand.

10 Hideous - Detroit Pistons

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Why the Pistons swapped out their traditional blue for teal is a mystery, as it didn't match the grittiness of the franchise at all. No wonder it was only used for a few seasons, as the team is now back to it's classic red and blue primary coloring. The Pistons logo is actually pretty solid, which makes sense as why they kept that moving forward for a while and scrapped the teal.

9 Wanted: Utah Jazz

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Despite never being able to win a championship, the Jazz teams of the 90's led by John Stockton and Karl Malone were some of the greatest in NBA history. They were able to dominate the West in style thanks to the unique mountain design and awesome color gradients. Another classic jersey that is being brought back this season, the Jazz will wear similar uniforms to these a few times this year.

8 Hideous - Golden State Warriors

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The Warriors have had some solid uniforms over the past few years as they transitioned to a primary color of yellow rather than their original orange look. You can see the resemblance to the team's current uniforms, but having the jersey and pants two different tones of yellow while adding pinstripes to just the shorts was certainly a flop. The short sleeves rather than having the traditional sleeveless was icing on the cake for these terrible uniforms.

7 Hideous - Detroit Pistons

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The Pistons find themselves on this list again for these electric "duds" of a uniform. The franchise did not use these jerseys for long, as the lightning effects that are all over don't seem to fit what the franchise is about. These would work better for the Thunder, not the Detroit Pistons.

6 Hideous - Dallas Mavericks

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Unlike the Knicks, the Mavericks actually once had green in their arsenal of colors. The green used to work better back in the 80's with a more light green and light blue style than the darker colors you see above. The Mavericks have since ditched trying to put green in their uniforms which we are thankful for.

5 Wanted: Orlando Magic


The Orlando Magic had some really sweet uniforms back in the late 90's. The black ones, in particular, were really beloved by fans, as the lettering gives you that "magic" feel while the white pinstripes add another special element. Shaq and Penny did make these uniforms look even better with their spectacular play, but there is no denying these jerseys look good.

4 Hideous - New Orleans Hornets

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Two-toned jerseys are really hard to pull off in the NBA, as we have seen many teams try it only to have the uniform discontinued after a short amount of time. These old New Orleans Hornets uniforms were no different, as they were really just an eye-sore on the court which is why the uniform, and the franchise, didn't last much longer.

3 Hideous - Philadelphia 76ers

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These Philadelphia 76ers uniforms look like they were dragged right out of a kids coloring book. The diagonal lettering was a odd choice and the blue coloring behind the lettering does not look pretty. All in all, these are some of the worst NBA uniforms in the history of the league.

2 Hideous - Chicago Bulls

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The Bulls have had great uniforms since the 60's, as they have mostly stayed to what made their jerseys so iconic. The Bulls were celebrating their time as the Chicago Stags with these uniforms, but didn't re-design a modern look for them and went with what the Stags actually wore back then, these atrocities.

1 Wanted - Phoenix Suns

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The Suns have always liked having something shooting across or being displayed across the uniform along with the lettering and numbers. As we have seen on this list already, it doesn't always work out for the franchise, but their '90s design was different, and these Suns jerseys were awesome. The dark purple and black of the uniform allow the orange to shine through very nicely as these really were a classic uniform.

Sources: uniwatch.com, bleacherreport.com

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