NBA Star Steph Curry Responded To Adorable Letter From 9-Year-Old Girl About His Shoes

The NBA star Stephen Curry isn't just an amazing player, but an awesome human being as well. This was proven when a little 9-year-old girl from Napa, California wrote this famous basketball player a very special letter, and then promptly received a wonderful response along with a surprise.

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Specifically, the 9-year-old girl, named Riley, wrote to the basketball player that she was really looking forward to getting a pair of the ‘Stephen Curry' shoes from Under Armour, but she couldn't find a pair online. And that was due to the fact that Curry's shoes were only available in boy's and men's sizes. So, what other way would a girl try to get a pair of shoes than to ask directly the man himself, and tell him how disappointed she was in the lack of female shoe sizes.

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In her letter, Riley starts off introducing herself by saying she has the exact name that Curry's daughter has as well and stating she's a big fan of the basketball player. Unfortunately, when she went ahead and asked her father for a pair of brand new “Curry 5’s”, to start off the new basketball season in the right way, she was let down. She also went on to say that not only did the boy's section have the shoes in various sizes, the website also offered to customize each pair! Riley also said that she knew it wasn't Curry's fault, and that it was probably just a misunderstanding with the brand since the basketball player has two daughters of his own and also hosts an all-girl basketball camp. So she decided to write to the basketball player so he could talk to Under Armour and properly sort out the problem.

However, before sending the letter off, Riley's father first took a picture of it and then posted it online, saying that this was his daughter's way of trying to make a difference in the world. And to everyone's surprise, Stephen Curry wrote back to the girl and also shared the letter online himself. He replied that he talked to the brand about how to fix the issue. But in order to make up for the entire thing, he said he was sending her a pair of Curry 5s and that she would also be one of the first people to get the Curry 6. He also asked Riley to be in Oakland for Women's Day as he was planning something very special.

Kudos to you Steph Curry! Thank you for being the responsive and caring role model that we knew you could be!

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