Whole Neighborhood Learns Sign Language To Communicate With A 2-Year-Old Deaf Girl

Two-year-old Samantha Savitz is deaf and loves interacting with her neighbors, so they all learned sign language in order to communicate with her better. The little girl is just so charming and adorable that it’s hard not to want to be able to have simple conversations with her. If it takes a village to raise this child, then they need to learn to properly interact with her.

In the United States, about two to four of every 1,000 people are functionally deaf—about 2 million people. Around 28 million Americans, 10% of the population, have some degree of hearing loss. Around 500,000 deaf people in the country use American Sign Language (ASL), and it's the third most commonly used language in the US; many hearing people are also fluent in ASL. With so many people using ASL, it’s only right that Savitz’s neighbors learn the language, not only for her but also to be able to communicate with other deaf people.

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Located at the end of Islington Road in Newton, Massachusets, this little neighborhood is absolutely charmed by one little girl. Savitz is a super engaging girl, and she loves interacting with people in her community. She is delighted when they are able to sign with her. However, she gets really sad when they can’t understand her when she tries to communicate with them. Because of this, Savitz’sneighborss collectively hired an instructor for ASL classes. With the help of their instructor, Rhys McGovern, the neighbors are able to help Savitz feel like she belongs.

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What the neighbors did for this little girl is wonderful because she will grow up being well-adjusted in society. Instead of feeling isolated because no one outside of her family will understand her, Savitz will be accustomed to constantly interacting with different people. Her family is so thankful that they are fortunate to have such caring and compassionate neighbors. Savitz calls her neighbors “friends,” and accurately so.

Other than speaking with the darling of their neighborhood, the residents of Islington Road will also be able to communicate with any other deaf people they encounter. Their ability to sign will certainly bring joy to anyone who struggles to find another person who understands ASL—just like how delighted Savitz was to speak to her neighbors.

Neighborhood learns sign language for 2-year-old girl

This 2-year-old girl is deaf, but loves to talk to people — so, her whole neighborhood is learning sign language for her 💞 https://cbsn.ws/2Ihp9pd

Posted by CBS News on Saturday, February 16, 2019

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