Neil Patrick Harris To Appear In ‘Matrix 4’

Neil Patrick Harris lands a role in Warner Bros. return to The Matrix. The beloved theatre and sitcom actor is officially part of a well-loved sci-fi franchise. Along with many other familiar faces, fans of the movies will be excited to see how Harris will do plugged into the matrix with the rest of the team.

The studio has yet to confirm exactly what the plot is, so Harris’ role is still a mystery. Rumours are floating around that a young Morpheus may be in the film, so fans are speculating it could be Harris. However, no source could confirm his specific role. We are left in the dark—waiting for more information.

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The movie as a whole is still a mystery. Back in August, Warner Bros. announced that they are making a fourth Matrix movie, and many of the characters we fell in love with will be present. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss are for sure making a comeback to the sci-fi world, and Lana Wachowski confirmed that she’s writing and directing. Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell also helped write the script for the movie.

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The film is set to begin production in 2020. The decision came after a long battle to revive the franchise. The project has been delayed for so long because there were many legal battles over producing rights. With that resolved and Reeves’ spectacular performance in the John Wick series, the studio was able to get the momentum going to get the fourth Matrix movie off the ground.

With a start-studded cast, the movie is sure to get a lot of attention. The franchise is well-loved, and the fourth movie will probably receive the same level of admiration from fans. Collectively, the past three movies grossed $1.6 billion at the global box office, so expectations are high for the next film.

Harris joins a cast with a dedicated following. The movie is a huge advancement in Harris’ career, especially since it’s his first tentpole at a major studio. With his addition to the Matrix team, we better be ready to have our mind blown once again.

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