12 Worst Netflix Shows According To Rotten Tomatoes (And 8 Best)

Netflix's initial business was just sending DVD rentals to mailboxes with a streaming service being launched in 2007. Only in 2013 did it produce its first series, House of Cards. Since then, the company has produced a nearly endless load of original programming, forever changing the way people consume the medium.

It should be noted that not every series on the service is golden. In fact, there are quite a few shows on the platform not worth their weight in bandwidth. This article will use ratings from Rotten Tomatoes to showcase the lowest of the lows, but also the best of what the company has to offer. RT is not the definitive deciding factor of a show's quality, but it should give one a solid idea of what to expect from a particular program.

Without further ado, here are The 12 Worst Netflix Shows According To Rotten Tomatoes (And The 8 Best).

20 Worst: The Ranch (61%)

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To the company's credit, the best of the worst is not considered intolerable. This three camera sitcom starring Ashton Kutcher has received generally average reviews, coming off as harmless. For the 39% that found no pleasure in the shenanigans transpiring in The Ranch's small town Colorado setting, at least they have no risk of accidentally running into an episode on syndication while channel surfing.

19 Worst: 13 Reasons Why (51%)

13 reasons why
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13 Reasons Why came out of the gate swinging with a universally beloved first season. Not only did it please critics, with a 79% rating on RT, but it sparked a nationwide conversation about the topics presented on the show. The second season, however, tarnished the series' good reputation. Critics and fans alike voiced their disdain with the continuing story, bringing the series' average RT score to 51%.

18 Best: Stranger Things (95%)

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Audiences love nostalgia, as evidenced by the proliferation of remakes. Stranger Things pulls on those same strings, but simultaneously tells an original story. The strange happenings in Hawkins, Indiana gripped viewers right from the start, and still has them waiting in anticipation for the show's continuation in July of 2019.

17 Worst: Fuller House (50%)

Fuller House Poster
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Fuller House has found a comfortable enough audience to continue its life up until a final fifth season, but it never managed to find favor with critics. The return to the Tanner household holds a 34% approval rating on the first season. The following set of episodes fared marginally better, garnering a 50% score on the site.

16 Worst: Haters Back Off (50%)

Haters Back Off
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Miranda Sings' Youtube antics were popular enough to get the attention of Netflix, who produced two seasons of Haters Back Off in 2016 and 2017. The show's average approval rating comes out to 50%. Not ideal, but further reading will reveal that most reviews found at least some things enjoyable even if the show couldn't handle its premise.

15 Best: GLOW (98%)

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GLOW is an unconventional drama, but the unique subject matter struck a chord with viewers. Critics agreed, with 98% of them approving of it. The second season released in June of 2018, and a third season has already been confirmed to be on the way, though no word on a release date.

14 Worst: Frontier (50%)

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While critics have not been kind to the Jason Momoa led historical drama, audience approval has proven to be more favorable. No doubt the international reach of Netflix has helped keep Frontier afloat through its life. The show's most recent season premiered on the service before airing on Canadian television.

13 Worst: Chelsea (41%)

Chelsea Handler Netflix TV show
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Chelsea Handler has a long history on late night television, and sought to change up the typical format with Chelsea. While not broadcast live, it was taped in front of a studio audience to still capture the feel of a light night show. Unfortunately, the deviations from the formula did little to win critics' hearts.

12 Best: Master of None (100%)

Master of none season 2
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Aziz Ansari goofed his way into people's hearts in Parks and Recreation, and really proved he had important things to say with his own series, Master of None. The two seasons have garnered 100% on RT. The company is eager for a third season, but Ansari will only produce one when he feels the time is right.

11 Worst: Gypsy (38%)

Gypsy naomi watts
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This show started off on the wrong foot by titling itself after a derogatory term for the Romani people. Arguably offensive title aside, the content of the series did little to win people's favor. Rarely does Netflix cancel a show after just one season, but they saw fit to do so with Gypsy.

10 Best: Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj (100%)

Patriot act with Hasan Minhaj
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Hasan Minhaj came onto most people's radars with his work on The Daily Show. His own Netflix show, Patriot Act With Hasan Minhaj, is also a political comedy series, but takes a look at bigger issues that have affected people for generations. Currently, the show sits with a 100% approval rating thanks to its biting commentary and Hasan's charisma.

9 Worst: Marseille (38%)

Marseille french tv series
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Gripping political dramas are a hard thing to pull off. Netflix did it once with House of Cards, but their French language series, Marseille, was not so lucky. In the country of the show's setting, the reception was even harsher. It managed to squeeze out two lackluster seasons before getting the ax.

8 Best: Big Mouth (100%)

Big Mouth netflix series
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This highly venerated series is based on the early teenage experiences of its creators, Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. The awkward early adolescent years is an experience many people can sympathize with, which surely helped the show receive universal acclaim. It also helps that it's hilarious, featuring a rather unique art style to boot.

7 Worst: Friends From College (24%)

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Friends From College's premise doesn't sound different from many other shows on paper; a group of friends awkwardly navigating through the problems life throws at them. This is probably why it had trouble finding an audience, and an even harder time getting appreciation from critics, ultimately getting canceled after a second season that was only marginally better than the first.

6 Best: Aggretsuko (100%)

Aggretsuko Netflix Show, Character from japan
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A cat lets off steam by aggressively singing metal at karaoke bars after work. That's all people need to hear to get them interested in Aggrestsuko. Fortunately, once they press play, they are greeted with a quality program. Critics agreed as well, heaping praise upon the unique Japanese character and the show's art style.

5 Worst: Between (22%)

Between tv series

In Between, a mysterious affliction has eliminated everybody older than 22 in a small town. The series then deals with the effects this has on the community and how the residents cope. The concept is novel, but by all accounts was handled poorly, resulting in a critically bashed series that ended two years after it started

4 Best: Chewing Gum (100%)

Chewing Gum Cast
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Being a British sitcom, one would expect Chewing Gum's humor to not be for everybody. Despite this, the comedy managed to garner a 100% score on RT. Unfortunately, critical praise couldn't save the show from a short lifespan. After just two seasons, the plug was pulled on the beloved British series.

3 Worst: Disjointed (19%)

Disjointed Kathy Bates
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Disjointed tells the story of a Los Angeles dispensary and the various shenanigans they get themselves mixed up in. The show only lasted twenty episodes before burning out, partly due to the critical lambasting. Chuck Lorre has countless successful shows under his belt, but perhaps he should stick to prime time networks.

2 Best: Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return (100%)

Mystery Science Theater 3000 the return
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MST3000 started life on public access television in 1988, bouncing around several different networks throughout the decade before landing on Netflix. subtitled The Return, the revival was welcomed with open arms. Not even the most cold hearted critics can resist MST3000's charm and snarky humor while they riff on old films.

1 Worst: Insatiable (12%)

Insatiable Debby Ryan
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Even before its release, Insatiable garnered controversy for its subject matter. After release, many of the complaints were said to be justified. Critics didn't love the show much more either. The series at least has garnered enough positivity to get a second season, more than some other entries on this list can say.

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