Never Buy Prom Dresses Online (15 Photos)

Prom is a high school rite of passage, and those prom pictures will be hanging on your parents' wall until the day you give them grandkids, so finding the perfect prom dress can be pretty damn hard. Gorgeous equals too expensive, and affordable equals ugly AF. The struggle is real. The Internet, however, tantalizes girls with Jovani-style dresses at discount prices, and it's hard to say no. With prom bearing down on you and no dress in sight, it's tempting to just type in your payment details and say to hell with it. The model looks great in it, you tell yourself, and you used the Chinese sizing chart so it should all work out just fine.

Until it doesn't. Here are 15 posts that prove you should never buy your prom dresses online, no matter how good the deal is.

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15 Red Snuggie For Prom

Never assume that the dress pictured on the model is the dress you're getting, guys. If you're buying something really cheap off the Internet, there's a pretty damn good chance it's a knock-off. Obviously that's what happened to this poor girl, but don't let it happen to you!

The dress that came in the mail looks like someone just got a few yards of red fabric from A.C. Moore and started haphazardly cutting until it could technically be called a dress. I can't see her feet, so I don't know if that's supposed to be a train or if it's just way too long. I hope she didn't spend a small fortune getting this red monstrosity altered, because nothing could fix this. This looks like she just changed into her snuggie and she's settling in for a night of Netflix and pizza.

14 Always Have A Back Up

Via: Brides Beware

Thank God this young lady had a back up plan, because this one of the saddest knock-offs I've ever seen. I guess you get what you pay for.

Although it should come as no surprise, not a lot of skill goes into the creation of cheap dresses (that were most likely made in sweatshops). This girl looks like she shoved large makeup remover pads into the fabric of her dress. It's awful, but it's also pretty funny. Those are basically the pads they stick in swimsuit tops. Clearly they just said to hell with the lace pattern that would have made them less obvious. I guess they figured that the type of person who would order a dress with a sheer top would be totally fine with it!

13 A Little Less Bling

Yeah, this one is pretty bad.

Who knows what this girl paid online, but I'm willing to bet she paid less than the required cost of materials and labor. The bling on that model's dress would cost a FORTUNE!

The end result tells me that she bought the dress on Ebay, and I'm sure that's exactly what she did. It looks like they just got some cheap pink material and glued on those shiny circles that people use in scrapbooks. She could have made this dress at home with a sewing machine (and she probably could have bought a sewing machine for less than what she paid for for the dress). This definitely isn't the fashion forward look she was going for, but at least she's learned her lesson. I hope. We all hope.

12 As Cheap As It Looks

Via: Brides Beware

Buying a cheap prom dress online is a bad idea anyway, but it's a REALLY bad idea to get an even cheaper deal on Cyber Monday! Judging by what she received in the mail, she couldn't have paid more than $20 for this thing (and it definitely wasn't worth it). Instead of the romantic, flowy look that's pictured on the left, this dress literally looks like someone created it out of toilet paper. And not even the good toilet paper- we're talking the cheap thin kind that's used in elementary school bathrooms. This thing is a damn HOT MESS! I don't have a fashionable bone in my body but even I would draw the line and putting that thing on in public. This is just the worst.

11 I Don't Even Know, Guys

Via: Brides Beware

I know she bought this discounted knock-off online, but this thing can barely even be considered a knock-off. With the exception of the bottom half, the top looks absolutely nothing like what was pictured on the model. I guess they replaced expensive bling with two cotton pads and called it a day. That material is probably cheaper than the coffee I'm drinking, too.

But hey, at least this girl seems to have a sense of humor about it! I certainly wouldn't look that excited after receiving the prom dress from hell, but maybe she had a back up plan. Girls, just go to the mall with your girlfriends and have a good time trying dresses on in person. Unless you're gunning to make a list like this, it just isn't worth it.

10 Jolly Green Giant

Dark green is definitely strong look, so this girl is clearly a risk taker. Although I don't think this was a risk she meant to take.

Ladies, there's a reason "hunter green" dresses are hard to find. Either you run the risk of looking like you're going to a Christmas party or you look like the Jolly Green Giant. Best case scenario, you look like a pretty tree. The point is, finding the perfect "hunter green" dress is next to impossible. Finding the perfect "hunter green" dress online, though? Next to impossible.

This girl looks like she's wearing a classic "mother of the bride" gown (or maybe even Grandmother of the bride). I'm not sure what happened to the open, scalloped top pictured on the left, but it was clearly replaced by mold.

9 A Sheer Nightmare

Via: Brides Beware

I really hope that if nothing else this article teaches you to never buy a dress with a sheer top online, because it never turns out well. Ever.

Girls, I've bought a wedding dress before and trust me when I tell you that good beadwork does NOT come cheap. If someone tells you that they can replicate the dress on the left for less than $1000, they're lying. They can try, but the end result is sure to look like the mess that she's wearing. Only a quality designer can effectively disguise cups into the bodice of a sheer dress, but these people gave it their best shot (given their budget).

How many times do I have to say it? This young lady probably got exactly what she paid for! I know prom dresses can be expensive, but there are places that sell them at discounted prices where you can actually try them on before you buy. Might want to try that next time (except prom only comes once). Damn.

8 Pretty Sure That Violates The Dress Code

Via: Brides Beware

I don't know what high school this girl goes to, but they must not have a very strict dress code for prom. The nice version of this dress is pretty revealing, but the online version is probably illegal in all 50 states. I think the chaperones at prom will be pretty happy if this prom dress never makes it to prom.

Thank God for those red marks, because I'm 100% sure that we've got a Rated-R situation on our hands. If you want to wear a complicated, risque dress to prom, then you absolutely cannot take the risk of ordering it online. It looks like this girl just took her mom's lace tablecloth and threw it over herself. Nah, that's putting it nicely. That's clearly not real lace. That's the kind of material used for cheap bathroom valances at Walmart.

7 The Mess In Red

"Sherri Hill" is a name-brand prom dress brand that costs a pretty penny, so I guess this poor young girl just thought she was getting a steal. NOPE.

There are so many things wrong with this knock-off, I don't even know where to begin. Mermaid bottoms are rarely a good idea anyway, but when the red tulle starts at your kneecaps, that ain't right. Then we've got the "beadwork" that just looks like someone just went to town with a hot glue gun. This entire dress looks like a home job, and not even a good one. Red, form-fitting mermaid dresses are a risk anyway, ladies! Don't add to the risk by buying one you've never seen in person (or even tried on). This kind of dress only ever works on one kind of body type (in other words, a supermodel). The online knock-off version doesn't work on anyone.

6 What In The Disney Princess Hell?

Via: Bored Panda

Okay, this is the worst yet. This girl looks like she's wearing a plus-sized Disney princess dress. More specifically, Tiana's dress from Princess and the Frog. It's seriously the exact same color.

What size dress did this girl order, for the love of God? It looks like you could shove two of her in that thing! You know what, it doesn't matter. The only resemblance this dress has to the one on the left is the color (kind of), so the sizing issue is the least of her worries. This is easily the ugliest dress yet (and there's been a lot of them). This looks like a dress that someone's 55-year-old socially awkward Aunt would wear to a wedding. If slime could be recreated in dress form, then you're looking at it.

5 Red Hot Disaster

Via: Bored Panda

I'm not a big fan of the couture version of this dress, so I'm not that surprised that it came in the mail looking like a red nightmare. This looks exactly like a Halloween costume, amiright? She looks like she's going to a party as the Devil's Bride or something and she picked this costume up at Party City! Honestly, even the original version of the dress looked like something the Devil's Bride would wear.

First of all, this color red is the worst. Just like hunter green, this shade of red should be reserved for the holidays only. First mistake. Second mistake was thinking that she could pay less and get exactly what was pictured. There is nothing that can make this better. Burn it in the fiery pits of Hell where it belongs!

4 Not Even Close

Via: Bored Panda

It might look like a little girl playing dress-up, but nope! It's just another horrible knock-off dress that looks like it came from Toys-R-Us. It looks like she just pulled it out of her trunk of princess dresses and she's pretending to be a depressed Queen Elsa.

There must be a non-existent dress code for proms, because the slit on the original dress is ESCANDALO! It's hard to find a sexy long sleeved dress, especially in grey, so I guess this girl thought she had hit the jackpot! Unfortunately she forgot that deep discounts on the Internet cannot be trusted. What she received is the most depressing thing I've seen all day (and I'm typing this next to a guy who started drinking at 9am). That material looks as flimsy as my self-esteem!

3 Perfect For Comic Con

Ladies, don't be stupid. If the model wearing your prom dress is Blake Lively, then you 100% cannot afford anything that even comes close.

I think this young girl's face says it all, don't you? That is the face of true disillusionment. Sure, she should have seen it coming, but she's young so we'll give her a break. She basically just received some kind of Halloween costume in the mail, so she should hold onto it and wear it in October. Or she could wear it to bed. It actually kind of reminds me of something Queen Cersei would wear, so maybe she could even wear it to Comic Con? That would be pretty cool. At least then she'll get her money's worth, because Comic Con is more expensive than prom!

2 Mother Of The Bride

I know I've said that some of these other girls look like mothers of the bride, but this girl really does. What was supposed to be a youthful, flirty dress has turned into something a 50-year-old woman named Carol would wear. I wonder if she even started talking like a Carol when she put it on? I can't see her face but even her body is starting to look like a Carol to me.

The beading on this isn't as bad as it's been on previous dresses, but the bottom is pretty horrible. It looks like they just used a shower curtain for the skirt part. They didn't even bother trying to match the colors, either. What was pink in the picture is now a weird salmon color. Not hot.

1 Feeling Blue

The original dress might be beautiful, but that's not even close to what arrived in the mail!

Ladies, this is what you get when you order from China. It might be dirt cheap, but there's a reason for that. The only thing even remotely similar to the original is the shade of blue, and I'm surprised that didn't screw that up too. Honestly, I can't believe it actually fits her! Chinese sizes are NOTHING like American sizes, and I've found that out the hard way. This dress makes her look like the 5-year-old flower girl at a wedding. Cute for a little kid, but totally unacceptable for prom. I hope she has time to find a new dress, because if sexy was what she was going for, then this isn't it.

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