New Celebrity Insta-Challenge Asks Fans To Donate Supplies To Teachers In Need

There is a new celebrity Instagram challenge taking over social media, and it is all about helping out teachers.

Busy Phillips, Kristen Bell, Kiernan Shipka and Beth Ditto are just a few of the famous names who are using Instagram to help teachers. The new challenge is the product of a conversation that Grizzly Bear musician Ed Droste had with one of his close friends who is a teacher. He revealed that he was not aware that the majority of classroom supplies fall on educators to provide with money out of their own pocket. For ten days Droste featured ten different teachers, their stories and their Amazon wish lists, as he called for his followers to help donate if they were able.

Soon after the musician revealed the challenge, he called on some of his famous friends to accept it. Since then so many celebrities accepted and they are flooding their Instagram stories, as well as feeds full of teachers who need help. To be considered, the teachers needed to share their story, as well as the wish list with the celebrity. As you can imagine hundreds of teachers have joined, but each celebrity can only choose 10 according to the challenge.

Not only have celebrities like Phillips and Bell encouraged their followers to help, but they too are participating by donating supplies. Since the challenge began last month, there have been almost 500 posts done with the #10featuredteachers, which all stars have used so the challenge can be tracked on social media. The celebrities involved are working hard to keep the momentum going as educators have already used social media to express how beneficial the challenge has been to them.

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(Please read! ❤️) Hi all! Meet Erica! As some of you know from following my stories I randomly was giving a way a lot of free stuff which was super fun (lube, candles, perfume), but it also occurred to me given the traction of those stories, that we could use that same energy and this platform to help give back. I have a good friend who is a teacher in LA and who recently explained to me how many many teachers have to buy their own supplies for their classrooms, which really says a lot about this country, and also just seems insane considering how teaching is one of the hardest, most underpaid jobs in the nation! Both my parents were teachers at a private school and I was lucky to get a free ride, so in my privilege I was very unaware of how desperate a majority of classrooms are for supplies, and that the burden fell on the teacher’s own pocketbook.....so I decided to make a call to followers, and see how many teachers were out there following along that were teaching in underserved communities and really needed help. For the next 10 days I’ll be highlighting a teacher a day with their wishlist for their classroom on my stories. This main page post is a plea to ask you to follow along and donate but only if you have the excess income, which I know a lot of people do that follow. I’ll be donating , and I hope you can too! Also many of the items are under 20 dollars! Enter Erica, she’s the first teacher I’m featuring and probably the only one on the main page as the story gets much more eyeballs but here are her words “Hey my name is Erica and I teach 4th grade reading in Chicago and my wish list is all about reading-I want my students to access texts with characters that look like them and also use Post-its to help synthesize their thoughts about what they’ve read.” If you can help, please look at the story for the swipe up link for her wishlist. Thank you Erica and thank you to all the teachers out there doing the hardest work. Tomorrow will be another teacher in the stories, so if this interests you, please keep an eye out! All the best and much love! ❤️❤️❤️ #10featuredteachers (teacher #1)

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Each story is inspiring and heartbreaking but has helped the challenge to be a massive success. It is such a positive way for celebrities to use social media, helping out those that have devoted their lives to educating kids. If you have yet to read any of the teacher profiles or chosen educators in the challenge, you should head over to Instagram immediately! They are truly amazing, and if you can get involved, it is for the best cause ever.


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