These New Disney Princess Mugs Will Certainly Spark Joy

Anything Disney seems to garner some excitement but these new Princess themed mugs are certain to spark extreme joy.

This new sculpted mug collection made its official debut at the end of last year and are now picking up steam. The princesses who were given new gorgeous design are the ones we'd all expect: Snow White, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Rapunzel, and Belle each hold a special place in the hearts of true Disney fans. Some classic OG princesses and the princesses that were created during Disney's Renaissance period where their animated films ruled the 90s are still the most popular among fans.

Fans will be able to guess which princess belongs to each mug. Everyone will feature incredible detail for the most comforting of drinks. The ceramic mugs represent a different princess in a more complex, unique, and beautiful design that we've ever seen before.

Via Disney

Go under the sea with Ariel in her shell shaped mug. Cinderella's mug is a pumpkin carriage while Jasmine's is colorful enough to represent the Middle East and her lotus flowers. Travel to the wishing well with Snow White, and read a book with Belle while discovering the light with Rapunzel along with her tower.

Rapunzel is the only newer 21st-century princess that is portrayed. Her mug shows her tower and the light she discovered as she escaped. Disney Food Blog gave us all an inside peek at the mugs featured at Disney Parks and available online for $24.99.

Rapunzel Mug/Via Disney Food Blog


The individual mugs are artistically painted and molded to tell their own story. Colors, themes,  and storylines were all considered during the production. Can you tell which mug belongs to which princess without the descriptions? It's pretty easy if you have the basic Disney knowledge.

Mugs are the most comforting kitchen item to drink out of. The only issue seems to be that Belle's mug looks nearly impossible to drink from but does it really matter? It has roses and books! Maybe it's more for decoration.

Belle Mug Via Disney

Which Disney Princess mug do you just have to have? Does yours have to be functional or will it just sit there and look pretty? Let us know in the comments!

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