A New Egg Has Appeared To Overthrow The Most Liked Instagram Pic Ever

A New Egg Has Appeared To Overthrow The Most Liked Instagram Pic Ever

A new egg is in town, and it’s looking to overthrow the most liked Instagram pic of all time.

Which was also an egg.

Let’s back up. On January 4th, a picture of a brown egg was posted to Instagram under the account @world_record_egg. The egg is just a simple, large, brown egg that seemed like it would be great over-easy or scrambled. Maybe deviled, if you’re feeling frisky.

The people behind the egg never even tried to hide their ambitions. From the get-go, they said they wanted to make their egg pic the most liked post in all of Instagram history. And they succeeded. As of now, the egg has over 50 million likes, demolishing the previous record holder which was Kylie Jenner’s first picture of her newborn daughter Stormi Webster.

Soon after achieving their goal, the Egg Gang (as they call themselves) set up an online store to sell branded egg merch. The store was quickly supplanted by larger copycats, with Amazon rolling out an entire superstore’s worth of Instagram egg-branded apparel. Etsy followed suit with their more hand-made offerings.

We thought that would be the last we heard of this strange egg that took the internet by storm, but no, there’s another egg in town. And it seems to be from the very same people that brought us the first egg.


This time the egg is black. We’re not sure which bird this egg came from, but there’s gotta be something that lays black eggs. And just as before, The Egg Gang is very clear on their goals.

"Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post along with the most comments on Instagram," they write on the Instagram post. Getting the most comments this time will involve 9.9 million people chatting, where the previous egg only got around 2.4 million.

The previous record holder for the most comments is once again Kylie Jenner’s post on Stormi Webster.

So far, @recordblackegg has 1.9 million likes since being posted on January 15th, which is a bit of a slower start than before. Will the black egg have enough momentum to even come close to 50 million likes? Who knows. If nothing else, we’ll get some more branded merch out of it.


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