New Girl: 20 Things That Never Made Sense About Jess & Nick's Relationship

There are pairings brought together with the intervenience of fate; when two people meet who are complete opposites and connect with each other, it can be completely addictive to follow a perfect pairing! It's sweeter when the people haven't yet realized they're perfect for one another, and the pair slowly discover their massive attraction through endlessly funny situations!

Hilarious hijinks are always present in the background of Jess and Nick's relationship on the hit sitcom New Girl. Jessica "Jess" Day is an eternally happy and optimistic kindergarten teacher who finds herself in a vulnerable situation where she finds herself single, with new roommates, including cynical guy Nick Miller. Jess and Nick take a few seasons to find their footing, and their road through friendship to an eventual romance is sprinkled with many twists and turns with a side of quirk!

Read on to relive some not-so-quirky Jess and Nick inconsistencies.

20 Their Overall Compatibility

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Even from New Girl's theme song, fans are totally able to gain some insight into Jess Day's whimsical and quirky personality. It doesn't take a sleuth to put two and two together to determine Jess would pair with a partner whose expertise lies in being a goofball, eh?

Nick Miller, however, falls more into the "grumpy category" on a hypothetical compatibility scale! Where's the chemistry?

19 Nick's Complete Distaste For Jess' Men

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When Jess is plucked into a living situation with three male strangers, she finds herself in a constant array of hilarious hijinks, but two elements are consistent: Jess' quirky personality and Nick's "distaste" for her eternal sunshine!

While it's obvious Nick harbors closeted feelings for Jess, and they manifest themselves around her gentlemen callers. He's downright rude, sometimes. Who wants to date a rude dude?

18 The Events Leading Up To Their First Smooch

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When you've got a couple from your favorite TV show who you ship from the very beginning, waiting on the pair to admit their feelings for each other can feel like an eternity.

For Nick and Jess, the road to coupledom involved an array of different partners, partners who sense Nick and Jess' budding chemistry way before they do, and quietly harbor some questioning ill-will!

17 Nick And Jess' Flirty Banter

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Nick and Jess' chemistry is obvious from episode one, and their flirty banter is constantly on display for Winston, Schmidt, and the rest of the gang, but half the fun for New Girl fans is the wait for the pair in question to find their foot with flirting.

Nick and Jess' flirting style constantly borderlines between friendship and flirty fun. Can't they choose a side?

16 Jess' Treatment Of Other Men Who Aren't Nick

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A common-but-still-cool TV troupe happens when a girl who is blissfully unaware of her budding feelings decides to dance around them by continuously dating other people, and they are oftentimes blatant mismatches!

Sometimes the girl obviously mistreats the unsuspecting lad because she's trying to suppress her feelings for the other guy. This was the case for Jess when she dated an older gentleman, Russell.

15 Jess And Her Quirks Can't Make The Relationship Work

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Chemistry works best when you have many aspects in common with your guy. For Jess, perhaps her biggest "attraction ticket" is her quirky personality, which, is oftentimes an irritant for Nick.

There's rarely an instance where Jess' quirkiness isn't a "third wheel" in their budding relationship. Shouldn't they find other common interests? Shouldn't they have a tiny bit of quirk-less banter to succeed?

14 Nick's Complete Personality Transformation

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Sure, we all grow and evolve as we go through life and learn lessons; the sign of a well-evolved character shows relatable IRL personality traits!

Right out of the bag, it's established Nick Miller is a certified grouch, but underneath his sarcastic demeanor lies a lovable soft side. Regarding his relationship with Jess, there's only a handful of situations showing evidence of Nick's softer side.

13 Their Friendship Was Never Really Friendly

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Nick and Jess' signature banter is one of the signature elements of New Girl, but an important element of their relationship fans aren't talking about, is the fine line between banter and a healthy friendship.

As we've established before, Jess' sunny demeanor is oftentimes the target of Nick's grouch-snark. When you have a friend who repeatedly enjoys poking fun and deconstructing your personality, dump them!

12 Their Break Up And Inevitable Make Up

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There are a ton of ways fans can look at the break up of their favorite couple. Some may think a good break up will inevitably result in an even better makeup, and others may think there's no need for a split in the first place!

Nick and Jess broke up in season three seemingly dating for a minute. Fans knew a reunion was inevitable!

11 Fans Were Furious

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When a show's fanbase starts to feel a little squirrelly with their support because they're unsatisfied with the show's direction, that's when you know some changes are required!

After lots of build up to a Nick and Jess romance and sudden breakup, fans weren't too happy with the sudden change. Creator Liz Meriweather agreed, telling Vulture, "I think this year we got a little heavy..."

10 Nick Was Kinda Mean To CeCe

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When your BFF and your significant other aren't on the same page, it may be time to reevaluate your crush!

Nick and Jess' best pal CeCe have an odd relationship. There is evidence of the pair flirting, and there's also evidence of weird, argumentative banter between the two. Where's the medium, guys? If she could find a medium with Schmidt, then what's the deal?

9 Nick Was A Jerk About Jess' Quirks

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How many jerk boys does one show really need before the TV troupe becomes extremely predictable and tiring?

Schmidt has been known as New Girl's resident rude boy, which oftentimes puts his relationship with CeCe at risk. When Nick is in the background, commonly taking jabs at Jess, it doesn't make sense that Jess would be comfortable in a situation constantly adorned with arguments?

8 They Fight More Than They're Friendly

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With Nick's trademark borderline rude sense of humor, and his never-ending ability to nitpick Jess' personality, it's understandable their romantic relationship would inspire a confusing reaction; how could Nick and Jess have any longstanding power as a couple?

When the duo has a heart-to-heart about their relationship, Nick even describes them as a pair who "genuinely kinda hate each other." This revelation doesn't make sense!

7 Jess' Treatment Of Nick's Girlfriends

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Certain characters are written for the (sometimes extremely monotonous) purpose of a barrier between two characters who are obviously meant to be together from the first episode! Even though funny situations can materialize between our favorite heroine and the girl-we-all-love-to-hate, it can still be tiresome to watch women feud over a guy.

Jess certainly found herself in bouts of girl tension with Nick's past loves!

6 Their General Denial Of Their Feels

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As an avid TV fan, you can probably think of multiple plots from different shows where the two obvious lovebirds are majorly in denial of their budding chemistry leaving you continuously thinking, "get on with it already!"

Nick and Jess, of course, are no exception to this common TV troupe. The pair make such a ruckus to everyone in order to hide their budding relationship!

5 Jess Stopped Growing

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When we're first introduced to Jess, she's fresh off a break-up and is in a constant state of her feels, but even halfway through the first season, we slowly notice Jess coming into her own.

However, some of her growth is halted once she and Nick start dating! Nick seems to become her central focus, and there's hardly a storyline which focuses solely on Jess!

4 They're Lacking In The Chemistry Department

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If your guy can't make you laugh, then where's fun? Will your relationship constantly be trapped in dullsville?

New Girl is a dialogue-heavy show, and many of the show's best and most memorable zingers take place between other characters besides everyone's favorite couple. While they have bouts of flirty banter, they rarely share a genuine laugh together. Would they be better off as friends?

3 Nick's An Immature Dude

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When couples start dating, there's always the inevitable period of getting to know one another in a completely different fashion. After all, if you're like Jess, you're suddenly kissing a guy who used to annoy you!

There are some situations new couples may experience which can be red flags. In one episode, the pair argue over Nick's immature (and kind of petty) time management methods!

2 Living Together Isn't Progressing Together

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Living together can present all kinds of challenges which vary from couple to couple, and many couples wait until they're ready for this commitment milestone!

With Nick and Jess' longstanding status as roommates, there's hardly space for them to escape one another when they're in need of some decompression time after an argument.

Some of their arguments could've perhaps been solved with some alone time!

1 Zooey Deschanel Didn't Even Approve

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One reason why Nick and Jess' relationship may not make sense? New Girl's own Zooey Deschanel didn't think they were a perfect match!

Zooey's hesitations stem from a classic reason: suspense! According to Bustle, Zooey revealed, "I like to keep people guessing with an ambiguous ending," in relation to the couple's fate.

We knew Nick and Jess' relationship had fairytale elements, but what about realism?

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