New Hybrid Ducati Panigale Pushes 300 Horsepower

Ducati broke the 200 horsepower barrier with the 1299 Panigale.

The mark was surpassed by French-Italian company Efesto, who decided to turn the Panigale into a rather insane hybrid beast with 300 horsepower and 221 lb-ft of torque, not to mention a 40-minute all-electric commuting range.

4 Entering The Testing Phase

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Efesto revealed the early prototypes of the hybrid Ducati last year, and for 2019 they've refined the 200 Novantanove hybrid conversion kit, so it’s pretty much good to go.

However, they haven't started testing the bike yet, so an actual release date is still up in the air.

3 What's In The Kit?

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To create a hybrid, the three main things that are needed are a motor, an inverter, and of course the battery pack. The electric motor lives underneath the rear of the L-twin engine's crankcase, the battery is positioned under the subframe, and the power inverter is hiding behind the radiator.

It doesn't have a plug-in option as the battery charges like a traditional hybrid. It will have 4 different riding modes, pure thermic, pure electric, boost mode, and custom mode - it's unclear whether this is in addition to the regular riding modes.

2 Appearance Changes

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Hopefully, Efesto will sort out the design before selling the kit, because in its current state the bike looks like it was severely beaten with the ugly stick.

Worst is the thin, rectangular exhaust that's needed to create space for the inverter, and the horrible-looking custom subframe for the battery.

1 Eligible Models

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The kit will only be available for the L-twin Panigales, i.e. the 959, 1199, and 1299. Efesto hasn't said anything about expanding the selection later on.

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