New Mom Names Her Baby After The Medic That Rescued Her

Anastasia Skinner is a 25-year-old woman that almost went into labor while she was trying to escape a wildfire that managed to kill at least 86 people in Paradise, California at the beginning of November.

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A paramedic named Mickey Huber, who had been on the job for the past 20 years was also helping all of the people in the area evacuate when he heard that a pregnant woman was going into premature labor nearby. Skinner’s baby wasn’t due for at least about a month, however, she started feeling contractions that day, when she was getting her mother’s pups and was trying her best to get away from the wildfire that was tearing through the northern parts of California on November 8th.

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However, thanks to the paramedic’s very quick thinking, this new mother was able to both carry the new baby to term, as well as get out alive from the terrifying situation that was unfolding. The flames had already reached her car when she got stuck in a traffic jam on this deadly day. She pulled up to a gas station and started calling her husband to bid her goodbyes, thinking she and the baby weren’t going to make it. That’s when a motorcyclist saw her nearby and flagged an officer that helped her move to the back seat of the car. A few other women brought pillows and blankets and Huber arrived 30 minutes later.

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The paramedic assessed the situation and realized Skinner really wasn’t going to make it if she didn’t get to a hospital as soon as possible. But this was a difficult feat, as the helicopters had trouble putting out the fires, let along airlifting patients. So Huber arranged a caravan that was going to take Skinner to the hospital, which included a total of three other police vehicles that were going to rush the woman to an ambulance. He got into the back with Skinner and did his best to keep the mother calm until they finally reached the hospital, where her labor was finally stopped.

Via Daily Mail

Although the family lost their home, not all hope was lost. A month later, Skinner finally gave birth to a healthy baby girl via C-section, and she was named after the man that saved both the mother’s and the daughter’s life. Skinner made Huber’s first name her daughter’s middle name, in honor of the paramedic’s quick thinking and bravery.

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