SpongeBob Fans Want To Know Why This New T-Shirts Costs $160

Nickelodeon has partnered with a designer to create a new Spongebob t-shirt, but it comes with an incredibly hefty price tag.

Trends tend to work in cycles. Whatever is old is eventually new again. That has never been truer than it is right now. The movie industry is inundated with sequels and remakes, and people in their 20s and 30s have never really completely grown out of what they liked growing up and during their teenage years.

Whether it be Toy Story 4 or Pokémon GO, the creators of these major franchises which have stood the test of time know exactly what they're doing. They also know exactly who their target audience is. Ultimately adults who grew up on their product, but also the children they might now have as they attempt to keep their franchise going for another generation.

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Well, Disney and Nintendo know who their target audience is. As for Nickelodeon, we're not so sure. The children's entertainment company recently released a t-shirt with reimagined versions of characters from what is perhaps its greatest creation, SpongeBob Squarepants. It partnered up with NYC-based designer Sany Liang and shared the collaborative creation on its Nickelodeon Style Instagram account. It features the show's characters wearing outfits that look as if they were designed by Liang.

It looks great, but the price tag does not. A whopping $160 just for a t-shirt. That has had SpongeBob fans questioning who exactly this t-shirt's target audience is. Others have jokingly commented that they would pay $160 for the Krabby Patty coat SpongeBob is wearing on the t-shirt. We very much fall into that camp (it's an awesome looking jacket) but $160 for a t-shirt? We don't think so.

We understand the t-shirt has been created by a high-end fashion designer, but to price it so highly seems silly on Nickelodeon's part. If the kid's company paid a hefty sum to Liang for her services and that's why the garment is so expensive, Nikeoldeon might well have dug itself into a bit of a hole with this one. They'll need to cut that price in half, and then in half again before its target audience even considers adding it to their carts.

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