20 NFL Stars That Actually Suck In Fantasy Football Leagues

Fantasy football can be a ton of fun, but also frustrating when you draft star players and they aren't very good. Good football players don't make good fantasy football players, especially in PPR leagues. For some fantasy owners who may be new to fantasy football, this can be a difficult concept to understand. Sometimes it's simply being unlucky, or other times it's not knowing how a player can help your fantasy team.

Many of these players will also apply for standard leagues, but mainly these players struggle in PPR leagues. Some have struggled throughout their whole career, and are known not to draft. Others just aren't good fantasy players.

Just because these guys suck, doesn't mean you shouldn't roster them, or play them. Compared to the expectations for these players, they "suck." It's definitely frustrating for fantasy owners who have high expectations for good players who don't help their fantasy team. Unfortunately, that's fantasy football.

20 LeSean McCoy - Kansas City Chiefs (RB)

via Bleacher Report

It didn’t help LeSean McCoy that he had a big fumble in the Green Bay game, but he hasn’t been good in fantasy. It seemed like he could possibly be an option during other running backs’ bye weeks, but you would be better off with many other options. McCoy’s inconsistencies have kept him from completely taking the starting job.

19 Jared Cook - New Orleans Saints (TE)

via Bleacher Report

Jared Cook was actually a really good fantasy tight end last season, so expectations were that he could at least duplicate that success with Drew Brees as his quarterback. Obviously, injuries have hurt him, but he’s also touchdown-dependent. With many options on the Saints offense, it makes it tough for Cook to get a lot of touches.

18 Mecole Hardman - Kansas City Chiefs (WR)

via Arrowhead Pride

Mecole Hardman is the perfect example of a talented player, that isn’t a good fantasy player. For now. Hardman, like many sucky fantasy players, depends on scoring touchdowns. Hardman is an explosive player who has big-play potential but doesn’t get many touches throughout games. He’s good enough to want to play him, but not consistent enough to actually play him.

17 Albert Wilson - Miami Dolphins (WR)

via Miami Herald

This season has been disappointing for Albert Wilson, who many thought he had an opportunity to shine within the Dolphins offense. Of course, no one is really worth even rostering on the Dolphins, but Wilson is a talented player who isn’t getting the ball much at all. Injuries have played a part, but it’s definitely weird to barely see him get touches.

16 Frank Gore - Buffalo Bills (RB)

via The Phinsider

This is about knowing a player isn’t good in fantasy. As great as Frank Gore is, he’s not a good fantasy player. He was solid to roster when Devin Singletary was out, but it seems Gore won’t be getting as many touches. His lack of usage in the passing game makes him extremely difficult to start, even when he’s a starting running back.

15 Derek Carr - Oakland Raiders (QB)

via ABC7 News

After this season, there shouldn’t be much slander on Derek Carr’s name. However, he’s definitely not a quarterback worth starting in fantasy for the most part. Maybe take a chance if he has a good matchup, but he’s not the pick that’s going to put a team over the top. Through nine games, he’s only put up over 20 points once.

14 Jimmy Garoppolo - San Francisco 49ers (QB)

via The San Francisco Examiner

Many NFL fans would consider Jimmy Garoppolo a game manager. Whether you agree or disagree, he’s not a good fantasy quarterback. Through Week 9, he’s scored less than 15 points six times this season. There’s not really any benefit to starting the 49ers quarterback, even in good matchups. It’s better to leave him on waivers.

13 Joe Mixon - Cincinnati Bengals (RB)

via CBS Sports

It’s not Joe Mixon’s fault that he’s not good in fantasy. The poor offensive line play and lack of touches hurt his fantasy value. Last season, Mixon proved he could be one of the better running backs in the league. Maybe the Bengals’ coaching staff doesn’t feel the same way.

12 Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys (TE)

via Inside The Star

Consistency would describe Jason Witten in fantasy. He’s pretty efficient catching a high percentage of passes thrown his way, but that number isn’t very high considering the talent across the Cowboys roster. Witten is definitely worth rostering, and he can be a starter depending on a fantasy owners’ situation, but he isn’t the best option, even though he’s a future Hall of Famer.

11 Mike Williams - Los Angeles Chargers (WR)

via Bolts From The Blue

Finally, the Chargers are getting more production out of Mike Williams, but he’s not seeing the end zone much like he was last season. A big part of this has to do with the struggles of Philip Rivers, who hasn’t played all that great. It seems like last season Williams was touchdown dependent, and this year he’s a touchdown away many weeks from being worth a flex option.

10 Robert Woods - Los Angeles Rams (WR)

via Ramblin' Fan

With Cooper Kupp coming back from an injury and Jared Goff targeting secondary options, it seemed to make sense to draft Robert woods. Unfortunately, the targets are all over the place for him. It seems like Sean McVay has forgotten how to get Woods involved, or maybe it’s Jared Goff regressing. Woods is a talented player but isn’t in the right situation to succeed fantasy-wise.

9 Sammy Watkins - Kansas City Chiefs (WR)

via DraftKings Nation

Sammy Watkins is a good player who struggles to stay healthy and gain a lot of yards after the catch. As long as Watkins is healthy, the targets are there, it’s really the inability to expand plays after the catch. Much of that has to do with his big body, so many of his catches come in traffic. Watkins can be a good flex option but is good for depth over anything.

8 Kirk Cousins - Minnesota Vikings

via www.twincities.com

Kirk Cousins has improved greatly this season but has regressed as a fantasy quarterback. Much of that comes down to the run game working, which seems to be the way the Vikings are getting into the end zone. Cousins isn’t asked to do too much, which doesn’t help his fantasy value.

7 Josh Gordon - Seattle Seahawks (WR)

via The Daily World

Things could definitely change in a few weeks, but within the past two seasons, Josh Gordon hasn’t been great in fantasy. That comes down to the fact that there are so many offensive weapons on the Patriots’ offense that takes away from more touches for Gordon. In Seattle, that will likely be the same case, as the Seahawks have plenty of offensive talent.

6 Adrian Peterson - Washington Redskins (RB)

via Yahoo! Sports

Much like Frank Gore, Adrian Peterson also isn’t involved much in the passing game, which hurts his fantasy stock. With Derrius Guice injured, Peterson has been a valuable player to have on the bench to play during bye weeks but isn’t worth a permanent spot. With Guice eyeing a return, Peterson’s fantasy value will certainly be in limbo once again.

5 Jarvis Landry - Cleveland Browns (WR)

via Dawgs By Nature

Baker Mayfield isn’t targeting Jarvis Landry anywhere near as much as he was thrown to in Miami. Even before Odell Beckham Jr. came, he was targeted less than two seasons he had in Miami. Of course, the Beckham Jr. trade would hurt Landry’s fantasy value, but Mayfield has to give Landry more opportunities. Landry also has to help his quarterback, as he’s been inefficient in Cleveland.

4 Juju Smith-Schuster - Pittsburgh Steelers (WR)

via Behind The Steel Curtain

Who would’ve thought Juju Smith-Schuster would be worse in fantasy without Antonio Brown? Truth is, Juju isn’t a number one wide receiver. He struggles to create separation when facing top cornerbacks and when he’s double-teamed. Mason Rudolph as his quarterback doesn’t help either. It’s unfortunate many fantasy owners drafted him so high because he’s been flex worthy most of this season.

3 Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals (WR)

via Sports Illustrated

With Larry Fitzgerald, it’s really been battling with rookie quarterbacks. Josh Rosen really struggled to get the football to him to start the season, and Kyler Murray has been missing him of late. Fitzgerald still looks like he’s in prime form, but it’s more so the struggles of playing with a rookie quarterback. Fitzgerald is a solid flex option depending on the matchup.

2 Marlon Mack - Indianapolis Colts (RB)

via The Indianapolis Star

Fantasy owners that drafted Marlon Mack hoping he would be a starting running back are scratching their heads now, as he’s been extremely inconsistent. This goes back to last season, as he’s injury prone, and his carries are all over the place. When he’s catching passes out of the backfield, he’s good to have in a starting lineup. It’s a matter of playing him according to the matchup.

1 Odell Beckham Jr. - Cleveland Browns (WR)

via Giants Wire

Odell Beckham Jr. is worth a start regardless, he’s just been extremely underwhelming. The connection between the star receiver and Baker Mayfield just isn’t there, and the ball isn’t coming his way in the red zone. A coaching change would definitely boost Beckham Jr.’s fantasy value, but things aren’t looking great for him right now.

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