10 NFL Teams Who Should Fire Their Coach (+ Who Their Replacements Should Be)

That's right. There are plenty of coaches that need to be fired, that need to be discussed. With coaches being fired, that means there are more opportunities for other coaches. Unfortunately, some coaches are not in the best situation, or some coaches aren't cut out to be a head coach.

It's difficult to be a head coach and to be successful. A team's success or failures fall on to the shoulders of the head coach, and sometimes, they're not the ones to blame. Other times, the head coach isn't blamed enough, as a change in coaching is what a team needs.

This season, there has already been one firing with Jay Gruden, which would've been on top of this list. Maybe we will see one more firing in-season, but most teams prefer dealing with their business now in the offseason. So, who's next on the unemployment line of head coaches?

20 Fired: Bill O'Brien - Houston Texans

via Houston Chronicle

Some would find it hard to believe for a winning coach to be on the hot seat, but Bill O’Brien hasn’t helped bring this team much success. O’Brien has had some talented teams since he became the Head Coach of the Houston Texans but has only won one playoff game in his team. If this Texans team can’t produce, they most likely will consider looking for a change.

19 Replacement: Kris Richard

via New York Jets

Most people would think the Texans would want an offensive-minded coach, but that’s not where the problems lay. They’re an explosive offense. They really need a defensive-minded coach to give the offense a chance to flourish. Kris Richard was a big part of turning the Cowboys’ defense into something special, and if the defense plays well in the second half of the season, he will be a hot name to hear.

18 Fired: Mike Vrabel - Tennessee Titans

via The Ringer

If the Titans don’t make the playoffs, Mike Vrabel’s job status is certainly in jeopardy. Vrabel’s Titans have been ranked at the bottom of the pack in almost every category within the last two seasons. Maybe Ryan Tannehill helps Vrabel’s argument to stay, but this is a team that’s underutilizing draft picks and isn’t capitalizing with a talented defense.

17 Replacement: Eric Bieniemy

via NFL.com

Front offices have been happy to go after where the best talent is, and Eric Bieniemy is the Offensive Coordinator of one of the best offenses in the league. Bieniemy may not be fully responsible for the development of Patrick Mahomes and that explosive offense, but teams will certainly be calling. Offense wins games, and Bieniemy could help the Titans escape their offensive woes.

16 Fired: Dan Quinn - Atlanta Falcons

via Sporting News

If there was a vote which head coach would most likely be fired next, it would be Dan Quinn. A Falcons team that is loaded with talent, is currently sitting at 1-7. This will likely be the second consecutive season the Falcons miss the playoffs.

Injuries on the defensive side of the ball have hurt, but this team just isn’t playing well enough. The Falcons’ shouldn’t be one of those teams that already seem out of the playoffs.

15 Replacement: Bill O'Brien

via Sports Illustrated

If Bill O’Brien gets fired, he will get calls right away. Some team will definitely want him, and a team that may be extremely interested in the Atlanta Falcons. Quinn is a defensive coach, and that’s where the problems lay. So, maybe the Falcons go for an offensive coach and draft good defensive talent. O’Brien had a great defense under him before, so his resume certainly speaks for itself.

14 Fired: Mike Tomlin - Pittsburgh Steelers

via NBC Sports

Mike Tomlin may be the best, worst coach in the league. He’s had extremely talented teams, which has led to his really good record. Unfortunately, some of those teams were too talented not to win a Super Bowl. Also, Tomlin then had two of his best players push their way out of Pittsburgh. With the Steelers’ struggles, Tomlin’s time in Pittsburgh is coming to an end.

13 Replacement: Mike McCarthy

via Cheesehead TV

Mike McCarthy will be a hot name to fill coaching vacancies this offseason, so much so that he will likely have a variety of options. McCarthy grew up as a Steelers fan in Pittsburgh and even was a coach at the University of Pittsburgh early in his career. Considering the talent the Steelers have, this might be the perfect landing spot for the former Packers coach.

12 Fired: Adam Gase - New York Jets

via New York Post

Adam Gase doesn’t seem to have much control over this team. He’s made a lot of poor calls, has limited almost all of his playmakers, and will likely have a divided locker room after many players were attached to trade rumors before the deadline. Gase was supposed to elevate this offense, but if anything, he doesn’t help it.

11 Replacement: John DeFilippo

via Minnesota Vikings

It’s just a matter of time before John DeFilippo becomes a head coach, and this might be the year. DeFilippo has helped maximize the Jaguars’ offense after a season where they struggled to move the football. DeFilippo has experience working alongside Carson Wentz and Nick Foles, which will be valuable to the Jets, as they could use someone to mentor Sam Darnold. It almost seems like a perfect fit.

10 Fired: Freddie Kitchens - Cleveland Browns

via CBS Sports

High expectations are why Freddie Kitchens won’t last past this season. Kitchens doesn't have much wiggle room for this team to fail. John Dorsey has built an extremely talented team, and the head coach is part of the reason why they’re no winning. The play calling has been atrocious, and this team just seems all over the place. They need someone to take control.

9 Replacement: Urban Meyer

via The Daily Beast

Urban Meyer has never coached at the NFL level, but that may change. On “The Herd with Colin Cowherd,” Meyer said he would consider becoming the next Cowboys head coach if the opportunity presented itself. If it doesn’t, the opportunity may come in Cleveland. Meyer is from Ohio and coached at Ohio State, so the dots certainly connect.

8 Fired: Jason Garrett - Dallas Cowboys

via SB Nation

If Jerry Jones was definitely going to extend Jason Garrett, it would’ve happened already. Garrett has had to prove himself in 2019, and so far, the Cowboys have not been great. One of the most talented teams in the league has been held back by poor coaching and injuries. The Cowboys preach the depth they have, so the injuries shouldn’t be as big of an issue. That narrows the issues down to coaching.

7 Replacement: Lincoln Riley

via Blogging The Boys

A year ago, Ian Rappoport reported that Jerry Jones has an “affinity” for Lincoln Riley. The front office addressed the rumors of the Cowboys' interest in Riley but reports still show a friendship between Riley and the Jones family. There’s been a lot of connections between the Cowboys and current Oklahoma head coach, and if Jason Garrett goes, Lincoln Riley is the frontrunner to come in.

6 Fired: Pat Shurmur - New York Giants

via Newsday

It’s a difficult job to be a head coach in New York, and Pat Shurmur certainly isn’t embracing the opportunity. Shurmur has made a ton of questionable calls and just hasn’t ever put together a winning team as a head coach. The Eagles and Cowboys have both had success with young quarterbacks, so there’s no excuse why Shurmur can’t. With the way the season’s going, he will very likely be fired.

5 Replacement: Josh McDaniels

via SB Nation

Josh McDaniels nearly became the Head Coach of the Indianapolis Colts after verbally accepting the position, but later declined the position. According to CBS Sports, McDaniels still wants to be a head coach at some point. New York might be a much better landing spot for a family, and McDaniels would have a young offense with a lot of weapons.

4 Fired: Brian Flores - Miami Dolphins

via NBC Sports

The only thing that may protect Brian Flores, is if the Dolphins plan is to tank, and Flores is executing it. Besides that, Flores has no reason to stay. In his first season as head coach, they’ve traded Laremy Tunsil, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Robert Quinn, Kenyan Drake and more. Guys don’t want to play for this team, and they need a strong leader to come in and fix this mess.

3 Replacement: Jason Garrett

via CBS Sports

Jerry Jones did say that Jason Garrett would be “sought-after if available.” He’s not wrong. Garrett has a lot of experience with the Cowboys organization, and one of his greatest traits is having guys fight for him. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to win a Super Bowl in Dallas, but it might be enough to at least have things trend upwards in Miami. Some former Cowboys also play in Miami including Taco Charlton and Allen Hurns.

2 Fired: Matt Nagy - Chicago Bears

via Chicago Sun-Times

Defensively, the Bears are in a great place. Offensively, not so much. Matt Nagy may have come from Kansas City, but he hasn’t been great in Chicago. He hasn’t had help from the quarterback position, but he also continues to overwork a clearly overrated quarterback. Many of his decisions don’t make sense, which is why the Bears have struggled.

1 Replacement: Dan Campbell

via New Orleans Saints

Teams like to go after coaches that are connected to other great coaches, and Dan Campbell is the assistant head coach to one of the best in the game. As the Assistant Head Coach of the New Orleans Saints, Campbell should receive a lot of calls this offseason. Chicago is a great landing spot for a player who played the game, and has coached with one of the best.

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