Team Of NICU Nurses Donates Combined Lottery Winnings To Those In Need

The office pool got lucky this month when a group of 126 NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurses from the Mercy Children's Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri won the Mega Millions drawing worth $7,200. But this selfless group of nurses decided to use all of that money for the greater good, and donate the funds to their coworkers in need.

According to one of the nurses, named Stephanie Brinkman, none of them even expected winning anything when they decided to chip in, let alone ending up being one number away from the big $1.6 billion win. When they realized what had happened, many of them said that they should give all of the money to coworkers, family, friends, and anyone who needs the money, so they all agreed.

Otherwise, the alternative would have been to split up the $7,200, and after all of the taxes, between all the 126 nurses, each would have gotten just $56. So decided to band together and make a much bigger impact with the total money that they had won. After some conversations, the group of nurses decided to give the money to two specific co-workers, who really needed the money and deserved it as well.

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They presented one of the checks to a nurse named Gretchen Post, who had recently lost her 17-year-old son Jack, to suicide. He had killed himself on the same night of the record Mega Millions drawing, and Post decided to spend the money she received on his funeral.

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The second check the nurses presented to a neonatologist, named Casey Orellana, whose husband, Phil, had been diagnosed with sarcoma earlier in the year. He hadn’t gone to work since the summer, when he found out that the cancer had spread to his lungs, while his wife had to cut half of her hours in the hospital, in order to be able to take her of their four children. The neonatologist said that the money came in just in time, as the family had been wondering how would they be able to afford the medications for Phil, as well as the rest of their expenses.

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