WATCH: NEW Nike Korea Rule Breakers Ad

Nike Korea just dropped a new ad that is breaking all the rules and honoring those who do, as well.

The ad features a series of arresting urban images in an energetic spot celebrating rule-breakers. One awesome sequence features a freeway covered in snow with a snowboarder racing between the ice covered abandoned cars.

Another series features a group of kids playing soccer in field created in an empty parking lot. There is even some anime involved in the ad, which adds a completely different element to visual experience. Plus, there is a lot of girl power in the commercial!

All of the different events are tied together through a tune by Korean-American rapper and hip-hop artist, Jay Park. Nike and the rapper collaborated on the video and the music.

The song featured in the commercial is called 'Run It', which fits perfectly with the Nike brand. It is all part of a new campaign called Impossible to Ignore, which honors people who are courageous enough to carve out their own path and ignore what society tells them they should do.

Nike’s new Korean ad was released just in time for the 2018 Winter Olympics, which are taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea. The timing gave the company the opportunity to feature athletes, as well as regular people in the new video.

The best part of the whole commerical is the little boy in a Nike shirt getting his dance on at a convenience store, while an older lady gives him an annoyed look. The kid is not fazed at all, as he simply keeps doing his thing.

The video is awesome on its own and is an ad everyone should check out. Additionally, Nike is taking it one step further incorporating fan interaction. People can take videos of themselves or their friends showing self-expression through sports, then upload them to Nike through South Korea's Kakao messaging app. After the footage is uploaded the agency Wieden Tokyo, along with Stink London, will incorporate them into a fan made version with Park’s tune playing. Pretty cool, huh?

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