20 Super Rare Nintendo 64 Games Worth A Fortune (And 10 Extra Rare Accessories)

During the last few generations of game consoles, there have been some very memorable game consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation 2, and of course the Nintendo 64. Which, although it was the last cartridge-based console on the market, there were quite a few notoriously popular games which have been exploding in popularity. Nintendo during the nineties was not a pioneer in terms of technology, but the Nintendo 64 was still one of the most memorable consoles to ever hit the videogame industry. Some of the titles were just downright legendary, and this is what has caused such a spike in popularity of the console, and all of this was in spite of the cartridge-based design which was becoming outdated at the time.

Over the course of its lifespan, there were quite a few rare games that came across the Nintendo 64 library, which has ballooned to a whopping 296 games in total. The Nintendo 64 was always marketed as the fun console, offering four-player connectivity and a bevy of games that offered fun multiplayer action without sacrificing gameplay. The Nintendo 64 was also marketed as a family-friendly console, especially compared to the content that was offered on the PlayStation and the Dreamcast. With the values of Nintendo 64 games ever rising there has never been a better time to explore what the console has to offer and if you are lucky enough to have an original collection of games and a console you are sitting on a goldmine.

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30 Super Mario 64 $200.00

Via: Polygon

The year was 1996, and we all remember the joy that we felt when we discovered that Super Mario was in a fully 3D world. Super Mario 64 redefined what the platform and adventure genre was all about. The game is a masterful presentation that still stands true to this day, and the game has much replay value that it's amazing. The value of Super Mario 64 is continually increasing, and the game is becoming harder to come by so if you happen to be sitting on an original copy you are one of the lucky dogs. (IGN)

29 Yoshi's Story International Version: $1475.00

Via: Youtube

Yoshi’s Island was one of the most popular games to grace the SNES during its final run, and thus Nintendo decided to release a remake of the title on the Nintendo 64. The regular game cartridge will fetch a pretty penny itself, but if you are lucky enough to have the International Version you are sitting on one of the most valuable game cartridges in the world. The Yoshi's Story International Version is worth well over a grand, and the value is only going to keep going up at the N64 regains popularity. (IGN)

28 Nintendo 64 Horipad: $101.99

Via: Bing

When it comes to unique video game accessories for the Nintendo 64, one of the most notorious was the Nintendo 64 Hori pad. This controller made gameplay a little more bearable than the average controllers that came with the console, and the price was a little more affordable. The Nintendo 64 Horipad was a more unique controller then you might be used to seeing, as it was much smaller than the traditional controllers that were being sold for the console, making the value quite reasonable. (IGN)

27 Ogre Battle 64: Person Of Lordly Caliber: $209.95

Via: Youtube (Game Archive)

Perhaps one of the more unique titles to grace the Nintendo 64, Ogre Battle 64 was known for its unique gameplay and a different storyline. The graphics pushed the capabilities of the console, which at the time was the king of the ring in terms of processing power. Recently certain N64 titles have been increasing in value, and when it comes to a unique title that is definitely a rarity, Ogre Battle 64 is it. The title can be found in a number of places, but the price has been rising in the resurgence of classic gaming consoles. (IGN)

26 Mario Party 3: $100.00

Via: Coub

If you thought Super Mario 64 was the only valuable title on the N64 you’d be wrong, because there was another title that didn’t really get any attention at all, and it was Mario Party 3. This one of a kind game was released at the end of the Nintendo 64’s lifespan, into the next console generation which leads many players to disregard it. Recently Mario Party 3 has come back into favor because of its addictive gameplay, and the fact that it was a low volume seller which has made the game quite a rarity in the gaming world. (IGN)

25 Wide-Boy 64: $1,299.00

Via: Bing

Although there was the Super Boy for the SNES and the Game Boy Player for the Gamecube, there was never a straight up way to play Gameboy games on the Nintendo 64. But, the Wide-Boy 64 was a rare example of an actual device that you can play Gameboy Color games on the console. The Wide-Boy 64 was sold in very, very low numbers and thus the device is hard to come by. The resale value is huge on these devices and they are quite an enjoyable experience that will enhance the gameplay on the Nintendo 64. (IGN)

24 Conker's Bad Fur Day: $200.00

Anyone who was around during the third console generation remembers Conker's Bad Fur Day because it was a game that broke just about every rule there is. Not to mention the fact that the game was released on the family-friendly Nintendo 64, which shocked a lot of die-hard Nintendo fans when they discovered the games vulgar content. Nevertheless, Conker's Bad Fur Day has become quite a fixture in the retro gaming world, and as such, the value has spiked quite a bit for the one of a kind title. (IGN)

23 Harvest Moon 64: $1,595.00

Via: Game Crate

Long before there was the advent of apps and Farmville, there was Harvest Moon 64. This virtual farming simulator was among the first of its kind, at a time when RPG’s were still working to find their way. Nintendo is a master at creating some of the best RPG games of our time, and Harvest Moon 64 stands as one of the most iconic. You can expect to pay a pretty penny when it comes to adding this game to your collection unless you are one of the few lucky owners who already have a copy of this one of a kind game. (IGN)

22 Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak: $117.00

Via: Bing

Perhaps most notable for being sold alongside the groundbreaking title Pokemon Stadium, the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak was a unique device that would transfer your Pokemon collection from the Game Boy game to the console and allow you to battle in full 3D. The Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak is a rare device that didn’t really get utilized on a lot of games other than Pokemon Stadium, and this is what has made the device such a highly sought after accessory that keeps rising in value. (IGN)

21 The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time $1.300.00

Via: Polygon

Another jaw-droppingly good game to grace the Nintendo 64 was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which has gone down in history as one of the best video games ever made. This game was notable for its absolutely beautiful graphics and far more gameplay than you would ever expect to fit on a cartridge. The game became known for its wonderful storytelling and in-depth storyline, which has also made the game one of the most expensive and iconic games that you can get for the Nintendo 64. (IGN)

20 ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut $ 100.00

Via: Nintendo Life

Finding a great fighting game is never an easy task, especially when it comes to the retro consoles, because of the sheer volume of fighting games that hit the market during the nineties. ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut is a limited edition smash em’ up game that made its debut on the N64, but it stands as one of the rarest games to grace the system. What has made ClayFighter: Sculptor's Cut so special is the gameplay and the truly unique graphics which were far ahead of their time period. (IGN)

19 DK Yellow Controller: $199.00

Via: Bing

When Donkey Kong Country 64 hit the Nintendo 64 collection, the game was a standout title that really built on the success of Super Mario 64 as a new platformer. The DK Yellow Controller was packaged with the release of the game and gave players a unique accessory that they could combine with their console. This made the experience a little more unique, as there hadn’t been a Donkey Kong accessory to hit any of the consoles in previous years, and this made the DK Yellow Controller a really unique product that is still quite valuable. (IGN)

18 Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine: $76.00

Via: Lutris

Yes, you read it correctly, even Indiana Jones made an appearance on the Nintendo 64 at one point. Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine is one of the more unique titles to come onto the system, just because of the sheer amount of content that came with it. The graphics were not the greatest, but who doesn’t want to play an Indiana Jones title in 3D? Finding this game is a bit more difficult than most N64 titles, but the value has been rising in recent years just like many of the other Nintendo games that have made their return on the system. (IGN)

17 Turok: Rage Wars (Gray Cartridge) $398.00

Via: Turok Wiki

One of the forgotten franchises of the nineties is Turok, which at one point was one of the most exciting games on the N64. Turok: Rage Wars is one of the rarest game cartridges that you can get for the N64, especially the coveted gray cartridge. The game is quite unique in its appeal, which is partly what has made the game such a popular retro title. The sheer amount of carnage coupled with the unique gameplay was a first of its kind for the family-friendly N64, and as such, the title has exploded in popularity. (Classic Gamer)

16 Millennium Silver Controller: $950.00

Via: Bing

Another unique Nintendo 64 peripheral that was released at the end of the console's lifecycle was the Millennium Silver Controller, which was as reflective as it was bright. The Millennium Silver Controller is a very limited edition product, and finding one is not an easy task, especially not if you are on a budget. While there was nothing special or unique about the controller other than the stylistic design, the unique aspect of the controller's release has made it a one of a kind accessory. (IGN)

15 Paper Mario: $199.00

Via: Game Tyrant

When Super Mario 64 redefined what a platformer should be, the next title that is often unrecognized is Paper Mario. Combining a unique storyline with one of a kind game design that was far beyond what you would expect, Paper Mario was a unique title that never really got the attention that it deserved. The title has recently been coming back into favor on the preowned market, and finding one for a reasonable price is getting more difficult. Still, Paper Mario makes an awesome addition to any collection. (Classic Gamer)

14 Banjo-Tooie: $699.00

Via: Banjo-Kazooie Wiki

The Nintendo 64 actually had quite a few great platformers, from Glover to Donkey Kong Country, so when Banjo-Tooie came along we knew that we were in for a treat. The unique and funny adventure game takes place in the same universe as Diddy Kong Racing, and the game has a number of unique features that helped set it apart from other adventure games at the time. The value of Banjo-Tooie has remained consistent, but you can find the game in a number of different avenues. (Classic Gamer)

13 LodgeNet Hotel Controller: $100.00

Via: Bing

The LodgeNet Hotel Controller is one of the most valuable N64 peripherals available, and these were prominent during the nineties in the high-end hotel rooms, where players could actually rent games right from the controller. This was one of a kind device that made renting video games in a hotel room a reality and something that many gamers had wanted for a long time. The LodgeNet Hotel Controller is quite an expensive proposition, but one that is very much worth adding to any collection. (IGN)

12 Perfect Dark: $95.00

Via: The Rare Witch Project

Known as one of the most notorious FPS games on the N64, Perfect Dark was anything but ordinary. The title was quite unique on a console that was basically marketed as being a family friend, and thus the game had a good deal of unique aspects to it. Perfect Dark was an expensive game when it was first released, and the title hasn’t lost any sense of value over all this time. Perfect Dark will remain one of the more sought after N64 games, and if you can add it to your collection you will have a real gem. (Classic Gamer)

11 Donkey Kong Country: $4,999.00

Via: Medium

From the moment that you saw the yellow cartridge, you knew that Donkey Kong Country was something special. The game had a good deal of features that hadn’t been seen on a game the time, and the graphics were surprisingly crisp and clear. Donkey Kong Country came with a limited edition controller, and the game is so advanced that it will not work without the expansion pack. Donkey Kong Country is not an easy or cheap find, but this is a must-have in any Nintendo 64 collection. (Classic Gamer)

10 Extreme Green CIB: $299.00

Via: Bing

When it comes to one of the rarest peripherals on the market, with its bright green design the controller was released well of ahead of the “Fantastic” consoles that came later on during the end of the console's lifecycle. The Extreme Green CIB is not very easy to come by, and finding the controller online will set you back a good deal of money. Like most rare Nintendo products that are on the market, the Extreme Green CIB is fairly unique in its design and a product that anyone should add to their collection. (IGN)

9 Goldeneye 007: $664.00

Via: Metro

When Pierce Brosnan took over the role as 007 during the nineties, the series got a much-needed reboot that brought it into the modern era. Video game wise, the Nintendo 64 got the title as the new home of 007 with Goldeneye 007. This one of a kind game was a new step in the right direction for Nintendo, and combined some elements of gameplay that a console hadn’t shown yet. The game is still highly coveted in any collection, and you can expect to pay a pretty penny for this game in good condition. (Classic Gamer)

8 Banjo-Kazooie: $400.00

Via: Legends of Localization

Banjo was a rising star on the Nintendo consoles during the nineties, and with the release of Banjo-Kazooie, he got an even bigger platform to grow on. The game had colorful graphics and a very detailed storyline, as well as some stellar voice-over work which came out pretty good considering the limitations of the console at the time. The title itself is one of the rarest games to come out on the console toward the end of its lifecycle, and the value has actually stayed consistent since the game has been off the market. (IGN)

7 64DD, Official Cleaning Kit: $695.00

Via: Bing

Cleaning accessories for the Nintendo 64 were few and far between, just because of the console's cartridge-based design. The 64DD, Official Cleaning Kit is a rare peripheral that is hard to come by, but it was designed to give the N64 a full and thorough cleaning. Utilizing the 64DD, Official Cleaning Kit is a pretty unique experience, and although the price for these has gone through the roof, if you want a full featured collection the 64DD is something that will finalize all of the rare peripherals. (IGN)

6 Diddy Kong Racing: $406.00

Via: Bing

When it comes to one of the most groundbreaking titles to ever hit a Nintendo console, Diddy Kong Racing is up there as one of the most notable. The kart racing game blended the elements of an adventure title with various forms of racing to create a very diverse and fun game that you just couldn’t put down. Diddy Kong Racing is still one of the most popular titles to this day, and the game has increased in popularity since the Nintendo DS release a few years ago, which has made the Nintendo 64 titles more valuable. (IGN)

5 Doom 64: $249.00

Via: Game&Type

First person shooters have advanced a lot over the past few decades, and the Nintendo 64 had its fair share of hit titles. Doom 64 was a massive upgrade over the original game, offering a much smoother framerate and graphic design. Doom 64 offered little in the way of a storyline, but the gameplay was both addictive and in-depth. There are so many different layers to the gameplay arena in Doom 64, and this made for a one of a kind game that has increased in value every year. (IGN)

4 Third Party Game Rumble Packs: $150.00

Via: MercadoLibre

In addition to the traditional Nintendo designed accessories, there were also a lot of aftermarket accessories that came along which retained their value as well. Mad Katz especially is one of the main companies that was instrumental in making some pretty cool Rumble Packs for the console, all of which really improved the gameplay. The Third Party Game Rumble Packs are quite influential on the used game market, and adding them to your collection will make a one of a kind Nintendo 64 collection.

3 Stunt Racer 64: $200.00

Via: YouTube (bizzNES17)

When it comes to one of the rarest and most addictive N64 games on the market, Stunt Racer 64 was an exclusive game that was only available at Blockbuster Video locations. Stunt Racer 64 puts a good amount of gameplay into doing tricks with your car, but the racing is also very addictive which made the game a very popular choice. Finding one of these cartridges is not very easy, and you can expect to pay a good amount for one in clean condition with the box still intact as well. (IGN)

2 The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask: $1,300.00

Via: Youtube (HassanAlHajry)

The Nintendo 64 was revolutionary when it came to certain aspects of the gameplay and titles that were released on the system, and the Zelda titles that hit the console were revolutionary. The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask was another groundbreaking title, offering beautiful graphics and an in-depth storyline that made the game both interactive and very appealing to a wide range of gamers. The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask is perhaps one of the most valuable games to ever hit the system, and getting a copy isn’t cheap. (IGN)

1 Hey You Pikachu Complete Set: $179.00

Via: Bing

Released toward the end of the Nintendo 64’s lifespan, the Hey You Pikachu Complete Set was a one of a kind game that would actually let gamers speak with Pikachu on the screen. This game was not like any other Pokemon game on the market, because there wasn’t really a storyline to go with. The game comes as a complete set with a Microphone and some accessories, and thus the value of the complete set has gone up considerably in recent years making this a real collectible. (IGN)

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