The 20 Overpowered Nintendo Characters (And 10 Who Are Way Too Weak)

Who is your favorite Nintendo character of all time? It doesn't have to be someone that Nintendo created. The character just needs to have appeared on a Nintendo console at some point. If I made the list stricter, it would be less fun. Anyway, personally, I think my vote would go to Wario. He's the underdog and a mascot for weird Nintendo. What I mean by that is the company used to be very strange in terms of products. They started all the way back in 1889 making Hanafuda cards. They then transitioned into making toys like a mechanical arm that could grab things, or various toy guns. With Wario, I feel that experimental spirit is still alive via the WarioWare games, which often call back to the company's early days. Since he is a villain, or anti-hero, the company is also less precious with him.

They wouldn't make a game about Mario getting tipsy and turning into bats, but they sure did it with Wario via Wario Land 4. That's another thing. When is there going to be a new entry in that series? It's been too long! Over ten years, in fact, since Wario Land Shake It came out on the Wii. Ah but I'm getting a bit off track. On the subject of Nintendo characters, I went through and gave my thoughts on twenty I think are too overpowered along with ten that are incredibly weak. Some characters may be strong in one game, but weak in another so I made sure to signify that in my entries.

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28 Overpowered: Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance)


Xehanort is like Voldemort in the Kingdom Hearts games and it's not just because he's the main villain. Somehow he figured out a way to split his soul into separate pieces, implanting them into his subordinates. Not only that but by Dream Drop Distance, SPOILER, you find out he can time travel too. So yeah, he's a force to be reckoned with that's for sure. If only Leonard Nimoy could have held out just a little longer to finish off this impressive role.

27 Overpowered: Auron

Black Reaper YouTube

Auron is a total bad hombre in Final Fantasy X. The game begins with him helping Tidus, and then at the end, you see him toasting his jug of "juice" to a tidal wave created by Sin. Following that he joins in the fight in Luca where a monster threatens him and he just laughs it off before striking it down in one blow. Oh yeah, and the guy is deceased, but he's so strong that he can keep his spirit in check without alerting anyone else. He's the total package.

26 Weak: Samus (Metroid Other M)

Nintendo Life

Samus is basically the video game equivalent of Ripley. Metroid is based on Alien after all. Anyway, she's a total self-reliant awesome bounty hunter. Well, all except for Metroid: Other M. It's here that she crumbles before the sight of men. We just saw her be amazing in Super Metroid and now suddenly she's a whimpering puppy? This game broke her character, making her a sniveling weakling. Way to go.

25 Overpowered: Donnel

The Cutting Room Floor

Donnel is a simple-minded young farmer you come across on your travels in Fire Emblem Awakening. He dreams of becoming a great soldier, but all he has is a pot for a helmet and a cruddy homemade spear. While he may begin weakly and thus leveling him up can be a chore, he's totally worth it because he becomes the most powerful character in the game. By that point maybe you already have some beefy soldiers so it may be pointless, but it's still true if you're dedicated.

24 Overpowered: Stocke

Nintendo Wire

Stocke may be the most obscure character on this list, but he's very important to me. He's the protagonist in the highly underrated DS gem, Radiant Historia. And before I get a correction, yes there is a 3DS port now. Anyway upon witnessing his friends getting destroyed, he's given a magic book that lets him travel back to certain points in time to reset the wrongs in history. So yes, he's another time traveler thus making him overpowered like Xehanort. At least Stocke is a good guy though.

23 Weak: Tidus


Auron may be incredibly overpowered, but in contrast, the main character is a baby. A literal baby. Okay maybe not literally, but boy does Tidus like to cry a lot. This may be pretty alarming to discover for Nintendo fans since this is the first time they can play it on one of Nintendo's consoles. Well, that and pretty much the entire PlayStation library of once-exclusives. Anyway, Tidus just stinks, pure and simple. Tidus is by far the worst protagonist in the series.

Overpowered: Mega Man X


Mega Man and Mega Man X are both incredibly strong for one reason: they can absorb the power of other robots. So why did I specifically put X on here? Well, unlike the OG Mega Man, X can also upgrade his body with more life and armor. This is also the first time a Mega Man unit can charge up the special weapons. If the two got in a fight, X would win. There's no doubt in my mind about that one.

22 Overpowered: Dracula (Aria Of Sorrow)


Let's get another villain in here via Dracula from Castlevania. Like Xehanort, he seemingly has the power to never stay truly destroyed. Every game makes a big deal about this time behind the last, but never say never I guess. Not only can he come back in his normal body, but he can also be reincarnated into other souls like Soma Cruz in Aria of Sorrow. We will never be truly rid of pure evil. I guess that's up to Konami because right now this series is pretty much gone.

21 Weak: Buzz Buzz


Of all the characters in EarthBound, why would I choose to highlight Buzz Buzz? It's simple. While he gives Ness an important message on how to destroy Giygas and save Earth, he also bites the dust in the very beginning of the game. He's some sort of psychic time-traveling alien and yet he can't even withstand the blast of one foe? I guess traveling through space and time takes a lot out of you.

20 Overpowered: Solid Snake (Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes)

Via: Giant Bomb

It's important to note the game in this example because the two versions out there are extremely different. The original Metal Gear Solid was from a top-down perspective compared to the GameCube remake, The Twin Snakes, which was also top down. However, when you aim, the camera shifts into first-person like in Metal Gear Solid 2. This breaks a lot of tension in some of the boss battles like with Revolver Ocelot. Now that you can see in three dimensions, it's so much easier.

19 Overpowered: Mike Haggar


Mike Haggar is probably another obscure character that some may not be aware of. He comes from Final Fight; a long-dormant beat 'em up franchise from the 16-Bit era. What makes him so strong? Yes, it's plainly obvious he has muscles to spare, but he's more than his beefy bod. Mike Haggar is the mayor of Metro City. That's right, when crime goes haywire in his city, he wants to clean up the mess himself. Now that's dedication to the job.

Weak: Ryu


On any other list, Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden series might make it into an overpowered entry. However, I see one fatal flaw in his abilities. He's a ninja, right? Why does falling into pits destroy him? Now, Mario, I can see biting the big one. He's kind of rotund so powers, or not, those pits get him every time. Ryu shouldn't have a problem though. Aren't ninjas trained to get out of situations like that?

18 Overpowered: Merchant (Resident Evil 4)

AV Club

The merchant from Resident Evil 4 may seem like an odd choice, but hear me out. He may look a little haggard as in he's not in perfect health, but the man can handle himself. How else can you explain why he's still alive in tentacle zombie land? Well, that and he can seemingly warp around. Maybe he's like the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny of the Resident Evil universe. That is to say, there is more than one merchant.

17 Overpowered: Ditto


While it may only be a theory, it's pretty much 99% confirmed that Ditto is the failed experiment of cloning Mew. This resulted in a puddle of goo, but so what? The Pokémon contains DNA from all Pokémon and can thus copy them. It may even be able to transform into people, but the lore of both the game and anime are kind of cagey about that. Whether it can turn into people, or not, as it stands, this is one adaptable critter.

16 Weak: Ravio (A Link Between Worlds)

NinjaSyao YouTube

Ravio is the mysterious shopkeeper in The Legend if Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Yes, I have two merchants on this list. Deal with it. Anyway, Ravio wears a bunny costume throughout the game and acts mysteriously as to how he pertained all of the gadgets you can buy. At the end, you find out he's Link from another dimension. One that failed to thwart evil in its tracks so he warped to this one to help out another hero in his cowardice. At least he did something right.

15 Overpowered: Kirby

Kirby is kind of like Mega Man X only way stronger and a lot cuter. While X has to defeat opponents in order to get new powers, Kirby can just eat anything and gain new abilities. Not only that, but he can also, uh, expel digested enemies to create new friends. So like our other pink friend, Ditto, Kirby can clone. And let's not forget he survived the destruction as the only survivor in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. He may actually be the strongest hero on this list.

14 Overpowered: Isabelle (Super Smash Bros. Ultimate)


Speaking of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, wow, what a game! It's the best in the series without a doubt. Sorry Brawl fans, but it's the truth. Join the present! Anyway, Isabelle is a force of nature. Underneath that cute face is a warrior through and through. She's also the most broken character in the game since a glitch can help summon infinite assist trophies. Watching Waluigi fill up the screen is hilarious. It's probably going to get patched out, or already has.

13 Weak: R.O.B.


Let's about some game history. In the early 80s video games crashed because of an influx of bad Atari 2600 games. Nintendo was unsure if it wanted to bring the Famicom, or NES, over because of this bad vibe. To combat this, Nintendo of America rebranded the Famicom as a toy. They made sure of this by packing in random peripherals like R.O.B. It worked for one game and barely at that. It was a huge waste of plastic. It's not even good in the Super Smash Bros. games.

12 Overpowered: Peach (Super Mario 3D World)

Quarter to Three

Peach is usually the damsel in distress all except for three big games. First, there was Super Mario Bros. 2, then Super Princess Peach, and her latest adventure, Super Mario 3D World. And no I'm not counting the sports games. Now, of those three, the most recent one is the best. How can you resist the cuteness of raccoon Peach, or cat Peach? Oh yeah, and she can still hover. She's the best character in the game by a large margin.

11 Overpowered: Viewtiful Joe

MataCarl YouTube

Viewtiful Joe was a star that burned too bright. There was an oversaturation of content both good and bad between 2003 and 2005. Hopefully, we'll meet again someday. Let's brush that aside and focus on the hero himself. Viewtiful Joe is super strong in his special suit. That's only a fraction of his power though because he can also speed up, or slow down time. This causes himself to slow down too, but it still helps when trying to avoid giant bullets.

10 Weak: Mario (Super Mario Bros. 2)


As long as I brought up Super Mario Bros. 2, let's talk about the weakest link aka Mario. He is the normal character of the bunch. Toad can dig faster, which isn't that cool, but it's something. Luigi can jump really high and Princess Peach can glide. She's the MVP of the game for sure. It's hilarious to me that the star is so weak compared to everyone else. Don't feel too bad. He's still THE icon of Nintendo.

9 Overpowered: Mr. Dream


For those unaware, because of the "ear incident" Mike Tyson was removed in Punch-Out. His name was even taken off the box. Tyson was then replaced with a double called Mr. Dream who acted virtually the same. It's not like he, or Mr. Dream were unbeatable, but they were super hard final bosses. You really had to study the patterns in order to knock him down. That’s why Punch-Out has always been more of a puzzle game than a fighter anyway.

8 Overpowered: Frog


Crono may be the obvious choice for this game since he is the main character. He also can be resurrected from nonexistence so that's something. That said I think Frog is more amazing. He's a soldier that was turned into a frog, survived a fatal waterfall accident, and yet still had the strength to live on and fight for his kingdom. Even as a frog he's still amazing, which is best understood when he SPLITS A MOUNTAIN IN HALF. Need I say more?

7 Weak: Gabby Jay

Via: Red Bubble

Another obvious choice on the weak side of things may be Glass Joe from the first Punch-Out. He is weak, very weak that is true, but Gabby Jay is way more pitiful. This old man just can't put his boxing gloves down even though he's a loser. Better yet his voice clip makes him sound like Droopy the Dog. How much more pathetic can this old dog get? Thankfully he has never seen again post Super-Punch Out.

6 Overpowered: Nabbit (New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe)


New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is not the Mario game I thought Nintendo would port over to the Switch. Why they chose that over Super Mario 3D World is beyond me. Regardless of which, let's talk about one of the playable characters, Nabbit. You all remember him right? He steals your things as a villain usually. Well, this time he can be played and he's meant for babies, literal babies. Unless he falls in a pit, he cannot be defeated. He's too powerful!

5 Overpowered: Amaterasu (Okami)

Geek Reply

Amaterasu, the hero of Okami, is a literal god. She lost her memories and powers at the beginning of the game, but throughout her journey she gets then back via other fallen gods. I mean, need I say anything else? How can you compete with an actual deity not to mention she has Issun as her guide and the greatest swordsman, Susano, at her back? On top of that this wolf is adorable beyond belief. I want her as my pet!

4 Weak: Bug Type Pokémon

Amino Apps

There are currently eighteen types of Pokémon in the games right now. What's the strongest? I tend to lean towards water Pokémon. If you ask me they have the best range of strengths without too many weaknesses. That's just my opinion though, but bugs are definitely, without question, the weakest type on the list. Not only can they be decimated by nearly all other kinds of Pokémon, but they're also not even that strong against others. Some have good, hybrid skills, but by and large, bugs stink. They're also creepy.

3 Overpowered: Geno

Pixel Visions

Geno for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is never going to happen. He's a Mii costume and a sticker assist buddy so there's no way. You may be wondering who is Geno and why is he such a fan favorite. Well, he's a celestial being sent down to the Mushroom Kingdom during the events of Super Mario RPG. He's tasked with collecting seven magical stars that were stolen by Smithy to return order to the Star Road. So yeah, like Amaterasu, Geno is basically a god, or at least the Mario equivalent of an angel. He's pretty important.

2 Overpowered: Ryu (Breath of Fire)


Two Ryus on this list and neither of them are the Ryu from Street Fighter? Call me crazy, but I think the 90s were a little obsessed with that name. Anyway, Ryu is the default name for every main character in Breath of Fire, Capcom's attempt at an RPG franchise. What makes these men so powerful is that they can turn into dragons. That's where the name comes from. It's kind of a pun. As a side note, this series needs to come back.

1 Weak: Krystal (Star Fox Adventures)

Krystal Archive YouTube

Before Star Fox was the star of Star Fox Adventures on the GameCube, it was something completely different. It was called Dinosaur Planet and Krystal was going to be the heroine. While she has a small action role in the beginning, she's soon iced out as the main character, transforming her into a typical damsel in distress. That's still super disheartening and in a way creepy to me that Nintendo would do that. Making it into a Star Fox game is fine, but making Krystal weak in the process is not okay.

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