19 Nintendo Mistakes That Likely Got People Fired

Nintendo is clearly one of the most successful companies in the gaming medium. There is no denying this apparent fact. Yet, even with this being the case, one cannot ignore the immense amount of errors that they have made over their otherwise illustrious history. Some of the errors that they have made could have easily been enough to lead them to come to an end.

However, they have always found a way to fix their mistakes. There is no question that there is far more good than bad when it comes to this company. That said, criticism will forever be warranted for the major errors Nintendo has made as well. With all that has been stated, let's take a gander at some of these specific gaffs in their history.

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19 The Virtual Boy

via Kotaku.com

In an attempt to perfect virtual gaming, Nintendo came up with the Virtual Boy. They had the right idea in mind, but they failed miserably with it. People experienced intense migraines and nausea from playing it, so the system would be completely scrapped after just one year. It was a complete disaster on every level, including only boasting 22 games.

18 The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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After seeing how fantastic the video games series went, Nintendo opted to make a movie for Super Mario Bros. However, this would turn out to be a mistake, as critics would completely tear into it. It is justifiable, as this live action film had an immense amount of flaws that one could not just ignore.

17 The Release Of The Wii U

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Nintendo honestly should not have released the Wii U. It was not a bad system, but they did not advertise it correctly at all. In fact, most people had not even realized it existed. Some assumed it was just an add-on for the Wii. It is clear that Nintendo should have taken an entirely different approach with it, or at least had significant games at launch for it to actually work.

16 Not Putting Waluigi In Smash Ultimate

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is one of the most popular games in the world right now. However, they did fans a major disservice by not putting Waluigi as a playable character. They essentially trolled fans by adding Piranha Plant instead of Waluigi. He should be so much more than an assist trophy.

15 The Creation Of R.O.B.

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In an attempt to create more sales for the company, Nintendo created R.O.B. as a toy with the NES. It definitely would help with sales to a degree, but they essentially never made R.O.B. an important character in their games. He somehow has a place within the Smash series, but he deserved more. They did R.O.B. dirty.

14 Using Cartridges For The N64

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Although the N64 cartridges bring on an immense level of nostalgia, it is clear that the company made a mistake with this one. Had they moved to discs like their rivals, the N64 would have had far more games. They also would have been a lot cleaner. They would later pay the price as the N64's time on the market continued.

13 The Original Price For The 3DS

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The Nintendo 3DS was seen as a potential game changing system. Nintendo, however, messed up the success it could have had by making its starting price at $250. They would quickly drop it, but it is clear that their sales could have been far better if they made it cheaper from the start.

12 Making The Wii Solely Motion Controlled

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The Wii will go down as a major invention for gaming. With it being motion controlled, it created a new style of gaming. However, Nintendo should have allowed it to be traditional too. It can be argued that as its time on the primary market continued, its sales dropped due to the dwindling interest that came with motion controlling.

11 The Wii U GamePad

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At first glance, one may assume that the Wii U GamePad was a great invention. However, the way that it was built made it a bit uncomfortable to use at times. It would go on to get a lot of negative reviews because of this. This is another reason why the Wii U seemed to fail to serve as the Wii's successor.

10 Nintendo's Rocky Online Play History

via AllGamers.com

Nintendo has yet to perfect online play like its competitors. This has garnered an immense amount of criticism towards them and rightfully so. Lags are extremely common and many of their games do not even offer this mode. It just seems like they are far too behind in this department.

9 Giving Properties To Philips

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When Nintendo gave the rights of their games to Philips, it almost ruined the entire company. Philips was given permission to make games for both Mario and Zelda, and they would end up being heavily despised. In fact, many fans consider the Philips releases as the worst games to come from both series.

8 The Nintendo PlayStation

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Nintendo and Sony were inches away from completing the Nintendo PlayStation. This device would have created disc versions of Nintendo games. However, Nintendo opted out of their agreement before its release. This would end up resulting in the PlayStation becoming its own brand, which is now a major rival of Nintendo's.

7 Hardware Shortage

via verge.com

One of the most irritating elements about Nintendo is that they always seem to have a hardware shortage when they release their new systems. This ends up resulting in their sales dropping, due to the frustration of customers. This is a pattern they solidified with the Wii and went on to repeat with their Amiibos, the NES Classic, SNES Classic, and Nintendo Switch.

6 The Nintendo 64 DD

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Once Nintendo realized that they needed to switch to discs, they created the Nintendo 64 DD. This device simply would never muster into anything special, unfortunately, as it was only released in Japan. It would not receive any attention overseas, so it would end up being completely nixed shortly after its release. It also opted out of using traditional discs. Oops.

5 Their Feud With YouTubers

via gonintendo.com

Nintendo has a significant issue with YouTubers making profit from making videos of their games. As a result of this, they often feud with YouTubers and even directly ask for their ad revenue from their games. This has created a sour taste in the mouths of a lot of gamers and rightfully so.

4 Letting Microsoft Buy Rare

via reddit.com

Rare played a major role in the success of Nintendo during their time there. They created games like Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong Country, so they definitely benefited Nintendo. However, Nintendo would let them be bough out by Microsoft. Since then, Rare games have been extremely beneficial for the Xbox. Nintendo should definitely regret their decision with this one.

3 Lack Of Third Party Support

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Over the years, especially since the release of the Wii, Nintendo has seemed to stay away from third party support. This has resulted in Nintendo making far less money than they used to. It is hard to determine their reasoning for this, perhaps it is due to pride, but they should look to rekindle their relationships with third party developers.

2 The 2DS

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The whole invention of the 2DS was entirely unnecessary, as they already had the 3DS. This release seemed to make the gaming company take a few steps backwards. This was clearly an attempt to make more money, but it is apparent that they absolutely went in the wrong direction with this console.

1 Super Mario Run

via digitaltrends.com

Super Mario Run seemed like a good idea at first, as it finally allowed gamers to play the iconic series on their phone. However, this game lacked far too many elements that make the franchise so successful on how console. As a result, the app never really took off despite Mario's status as a gaming icon. In fact, people seem to be scarcely playing it today.

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