19 Hot Nintendo Villain Cosplays That Make Being Bad Look So Good

Over the many decades that Nintendo has developed and produced games for their various gaming systems, there have been introduced quite a large number of characters, some of the most beloved video game characters of all time, actually, characters like Link and Zelda, Mario and Luigi, and many many more. For every good character there is, though, there's also villains, and many people love the villains just as much or more than the heroes.

There's Bowser, Calamity Ganon, Boo, and many many more that fans love. When it comes to cosplay, many people default to dressing up as the heroes, but lots of people love being the villain. When it comes to female cosplay, there's a girl out there who's dressed up as almost every Nintendo villain created. Let's take a look at 19 of the best Nintendo villains cosplayed by women.

19 Booette Cosplay

via storenvy.com

The girl put all kinds of work into her costume of Boo, the ghostly villain everyone knows and loves so well. Of course, since she's a girl, the villainous title gets a little bit of a change to, switching to "Booette." This is a pretty awesome cosplay, that much is clear.

18 Put Together Bowsette

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While some costumes try to imitate perfectly Nintendo characters, some are more interpretive. And these in my personal opinion are the really incredible cosplays. For example, this girl has put together a stunning outfit, head to toe, that plays Bowsette, the gender-bent version of Bowser. It's a flawless interpretation.

17 Chompette Striking A Pose

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Another one of those villains that someone might not think of first when it comes to cosplay is the fierce Chain Chomps that show up on Rainbow Road in Mario Kart. But this girl has nailed it, really, creating a dress laced with the teeth, two perfectly placed eyes, and a massive chain necklace. Pretty incredible, actually.

16 Shy Gal Being Brave

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Shy Guys are found all over the place in many of the games of the Mario franchise, and because of it they've become a pretty popular choice in the cosplay world. When a girl plays a Shy Guy, the name changes to Shy Gal, and this Shy Gal has an absolutely flawless costume, being brave to show her face.

15 Surprised Chompette

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Chompette here looks pretty surprised, wide-eyed and shocked. It's a fitting look, though in the games the Chain Chomps are pretty intimidating. The costume is flawless, too, with black wig, chain around her neck, crown and eye contacts to add another level to the costume.

14 That's A Big Hammer

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That really is a spectacularly massive hammer, only suitable for a true Bowsette, and it's the cherry on top for this already perfect outfit. The red hair, horns, makeup, and clothes all create a truly perfect cosplay. The time, thought, and effort really show through for this one.

13 The Mask Makes Her Shy

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This model is perhaps the exact opposite of shy, but she's dressed up in cosplay as a shy gal, and she's holding the mask that would normally hide her identity away from the world. But it seems she's really not too worried about that. Her cosplay is seriously on point, though.

12 Wario And Waluigi Strike A Pose

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Wario and Waluigi, two of the most infamous villains in the Mario franchise, perhaps in any franchise, are here posing together in female cosplay, and these two girls have put together some pretty amazing outfits, complete with noses and mustaches, hats and gloves. Nice.

11 Watch Out Waluigi

via piknow.com

This girl is rocking the Waluigi outfit she's made, there's no doubt about that. She has a flawless mustache, complete with nose makeup and and ears, the iconic hat too. She knows she's rocking it, too, striking a power pose for the camera, a candid photo that's straight up legendary.

10 Bowser On Point

via deskgram.com

Not only does this girl have an incredible costume, she is also channeling the very spirit of Bowser himself as she poses for this photo in full gear, snarling and everything. Her face paint and even her hair color is all coordinated to fit in with the cosplay, and the end result is definitely awesome.

9 Call Her Piranhette

via imglogy.com

This is one of the more unique and creative villains in our lineup, because while many might not think of the Piranha plants as villains immediately, they definitely are an enemy of Mario, and therefore a villain. Her costume is incredible, too, flawless. Her makeup is downright impressive. Call her Piranhette.

8 Fierce Wario

via dorkly.com

This girl has the villainous rage down, that's for sure, posing in this photo as if she was ready to fight. She's even got a massive wrestling belt on, which fits perfectly with her Wario costume of purple and yellow, and the face paint that pairs perfectly.

7 Flawless Goomba

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It might seem pretty hard at first to think about a way to cosplay Goomba, as he's just so ugly and lumpy, but this girl has done an absolutely incredible job doing so, not only recreating it, but interpreting it into a cosplay with more style than I could ever have in my day to day clothes. She rocks it, too.

6 Incredible Queen Boo

via pikram.com

King Boo is one of the bigger villains in Super Mario, and this girl is cosplaying a female version, otherwise known as Queen Boo, and doing it flawlessly. She has beautiful pale skin to match the complete whiteout look, with white hair, white dress, white gloves, and the perfect pop of dark eyeliner with red contacts. Skills.

5 It's Waluigi!

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Waluigi is one of those villains that everybody has heard of. Nobody would be able to mistake this costume for anything else, and her over the top mustache really makes it even more obvious. But it's a great costume, too, the dress, ears, and hat all tie together for a fantastic cosplay.

4 Kuromi in Tokyo

via tmsfiguregame.wordpress.com

Kuromi may not be the most identifiable villain, but people will recognize her from the Sanrio universe as a villain, and this costume is a pretty incredible interpretation of it, with plenty of lace and pink to compliment the black. This girl is totally rocking it, too, all the way in Tokyo.

3 Lady Ganondorf

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Ganondorf is the embodiment of pure evil in his humanoid form, and he is the sworn arch enemy of Link in almost all of the Zelda games. This girl has decided to make a female version for her cosplay, and with incredible success. The gray paint across her body must have been a lot of work, but the end result is worth it.

2 Not So Sinister Wendy Koopa

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All of the Koopa family is technically villainous, but this cosplay sure doesn't look it, with bright yellows and pinks tying together to create a vibrant, cute outfit. Though the Koopa Troop is known for dealing in turtle sorcery, that doesn't stop fans from loving them any less.

1 Princess Bowser

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Princess Bowser here has quite an elaborate cosplay on display, and it's clear she spent all kinds of time and money putting it together. The end result is incredible, really, the cape, the braids, the details on this outfit all are complimentary to that incredible hammer.

Sources: SyFy, Pinterest & Dorkly

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