North Carolina Firefighters Become Impromptu Babysitters During Emergency Medical Call


North Carolina firefighters responded to a medical call this week and ended up babysitting two children.

Our heroes did not have much training for the situation they found themselves in but they tackled it brilliantly. It was rapidly determined that  the family’s father would have to be transported along with his wife to the hospital for immediate medical attention, which meant that their two children would be without supervision. The members of Harrisburg Fire Department’s Engine-3 did not think twice. They stepped up and became impromptu babysitters for the family's two adorable little boys.

“We were dispatched for a medical call and [when we] got there the patient needed to be transported along with his wife, so the parents had to leave two children in the house,” Chris Carter, a Harrisburg Fire Department firefighter, told Fox 46.

The young firemen who responded to the call do not have any children of their own, but they had recently been a part of a 3-year-old’s special birthday party in September, where they picked up one skill or two as well as the basics of babysitting, Fox 46 reported.

Sometimes we do what needs to be done. So was the case at a medical call last night. The parents of these two guys...

Posted by Harrisburg NC Fire Department on Friday, February 22, 2019

“We all knew what needed to be done. So we needed to get the family the medical help they needed right away and it just became natural that we were all ready to just take care of the kids until Grandma and Grandpa were able to get there and take over,” Lee Dewitt, another responding firefighter, told Fox 46.

The boys, ages 1 and 7, were more than happy to have the firefighters to themselves, and at their beck and call. They initiated the clueless firemen to an exciting Hot Wheels race and also had the guys push them in a toy car around the block for about a half-hour. After all that fun and excitement, the children's grandparents arrived to take over. Photos of their special time with the boys were shared on Facebook, where the firemen received nearly 2,000 reactions, with many people commenting that they were really awesome and how they are always ready to help the community in any way they can.

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