15 Compromising Photos Of Cyclists On The Road

The old saying that something is like "riding a bike" doesn't actually apply to many other situations in life. There are few experiences that bring up such sheer terror in children as learning to ride a bike—and adults who haven't learned yet will find it infinitely more difficult to start at an older age than, for instance, learning to play golf.

But riding a bike can be a lifelong hobby, passion, or even an obsession. Many cyclists ride their bikes to work to save time and money, burn calories, and get a little headspace before resuming their daily grind. No one likes to have that alone time interrupted by annoying pedestrians and drivers, the result being that bicycle-related road rage is a very common sight.

But biking isn't all bad. Keep scrolling for 15 not-so-PG pics of cyclists on the road.

15 Anger Management

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Cyclists feel a growing fear when they're riding around town or in the countryside. In countries like the Netherlands, where the land is entirely flat, cycling is a major part of the culture and bicyclists expect to be treated as such. Any time something goes wrong, like if a pedestrian gets in the way, it's a test of a cyclist's anger management.

14 Dangerous Protest

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Anyone who rides a bicycle on streets populated by cars has to accept a modicum of risk, simply for the sheer fact that they're much harder to see than even the smallest of cars. But the level of anger that cyclists respond with comes from repeated offenses—and there's a good chance they're not sharing the road like they wish cars would for them.

13 Hulk Smash

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Sometimes, cyclists just go all-out nuts. This is a still from a famous video that showed a commuting cyclist getting his Hulk smash on. But trying to damage a car with a bicycle is a Pyrrhic victory, at best. Not only are you now guilty of a crime, but you're also probably now lacking the bike you need to get to work.

12 The Angry Vegan

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Vegans are always quick to point out how much more virtuous they are than everyone who consumes meat. But just because a dish is vegan doesn't mean it's healthy—pasta comes to mind. And vegans have their fair share of road rage, too, as evidenced by this vegan cyclist who tried to start a fight with a car that he felt cut him off.

11 Incoming

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It may seem like the contest between a bike and a car is, in fact, no contest—but cyclists are also carrying all kinds of gear and can sneak their way through traffic quite quickly. This driver was undoubtedly surprised when a duo of cyclists decided they had been offended in some way and one of them turned around to throw their heavy bike lock in anger.

10 Pro Status

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Professional cyclists may look like gaunt, skinny people who could eat a hamburger or two, but they are professional athletes who spend their days training their bodies in strength and endurance. And like most athletes, they're an emotional bunch, so when they get angry and swing at a crowd—despite being on a bicycle—they can launch a punch with some force behind it.

9 Call The Police

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Bicyclists have never done anything wrong to deserve the way that cars treat them—at least, if you ask any cyclist. Cyclists love to protest the way that city streets seem to be designed for cars rather than bikes. But protesting by trying to take on a police car is probably a bad idea, even on foot.

8 The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go

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Cycling can quickly become an unhealthy pursuit. Not only are fancy road bikes extremely expensive, but all the time out on the road can put a strain on work and personal relationships. Of course, the outfits, helmets, cycle computers, and sunglasses don't help with the cost—though getting to see all the beautiful sights is certainly a plus.

7 Better Than Lunges

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Cycling can be a very effective form of exercise. It combines cardio and strength training to increase muscle density and reduce body fat. The resultant lower body strength is beneficial to just about everyone in our sedentary culture and the aerodynamically-fitted clothes only serve to accentuate the bodies that cycling creates.

6 Gotta Get The Gear

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Most cyclists look absolutely silly in what they call their "kits" when they go out on rides. No, you're not a professional and no, a few milliseconds lost to wind resistance isn't the end of the world. It could even be argued that wearing baggier clothes makes for a better workout—though no one wants this mountain biker to stop indulging in her outfit choices.

5 In A World

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Approximately zero percent of cyclists properly signal their intent to make a turn with the right arm gesture. To be fair, though, it's hard to brake and turn while only using one hand. Car drivers, however, have no excuse for failing to use their turn indicators—and yet, approximately zero percent of drivers actually do so.

4 The Tour

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The Tour de France is a test of human ability—to withstand the physical pain well enough to keep the mind intact enough to actually win races. But part of the effort revolves around avoiding the absurd crowds that line the streets for much of the race—especially near the finish line and on steep slopes, where cyclists are going slower.

3 Every Time

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It happens every time, as every cyclist knows. Out on a ride, either for fun or during the morning commute, drivers will cut off a bike rider then quickly slam on the brakes with no warning. But as bad as this is around cars, it's even worse for bikers, who are in a dangerous position every time they take to the streets.

2 Eagle Has Landed

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More and more, cyclists have started wearing GoPros and other cameras to keep an eye on their rides. Not only can this provide evidence of dangerous automobile drivers—and even other reckless bikers—but in some instances, these cameras catch strange occurrences, like this rider who was repeatedly attacked by an eagle, falcon, or hawk of some kind.

1 The Hunted

via The Guardian

Sometimes, the road rage doesn't just come from cyclists. When an automobile driver feels slighted, they can also do some pretty silly stuff. Case in point would be this driver, who is chasing bicyclists up onto the curb. As happens increasingly these days, though, one of the bikers had a camera on their helmet and caught the car in the act.

Sources: Mirror, Wikipedia, and Oregon Live.

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