Unfrozen: 20 Steamy Elsa And Anna Cosplays

When Frozen debuted in 2013, it was supposed to be just another typical Disney animated feature. No one expected it to become the highest-grossing animated film of all time and explode into a full-fledged phenomenon. Since then, the property has inspired a mint in merchandising, theme park rides and even a Broadway musical. It’s set to begin its mania all over again with the release of the sequel this fall to continue as one of Disney’s biggest successes.

The film has also inspired countless people on the cosplay circuit. Elsa’s gorgeous blue dress is a marvel to replicate as is her ponytail. While most go as her, a few back her up as sister Anna with her own nice looks. The best cosplayers put unique spins on the outfits to mix them up nicely. Of course, several also do cosplays that showcase a very steamy side to the characters. Here are 20 Frozen cosplays that show a hotter side for the sisters than Disney anticipated.

20 Power Gal


This was part of a series reimagining Disney princesses as more powerful warriors. In this case, Elsa Roshuk does a magnificent job displaying Elsa as an incredibly powerful queen. The outfit almost looks like it’s painted on, amazingly beautiful yet also looking like armor in spots. The long sheer cape looks as if it was made of snow and the effects for the glowing hands are good. Even without that, the image is incredible to show how powerful Elsa can become.

19 Battle On Elsa


Leave it to Jessica Nigri to put a great spin on Elsa. Here, it looks like the queen is prepared to go into battle in an outfit that looks more like a World of Warcraft figure. It does still retain the character’s power and grace yet looks gorgeous and the huge hood is a nice touch to it. It manages to make Elsa amazingly hot but also cool and comforting.

18 Sailor Elsa


Sailor Moon remains of the most beloved anime in the United States. It’s somewhat easy yet also a good challenge to make a character look like a Sailor Scout. Flickrhivemind handles it well for Elsa as the colors can match those of Sailor Mercury. Yet she manages to add touches from that iconic ponytail to bits of the jewelry to set it apart. Given her ice powers, Elsa could be a good addition to the Sailor Scouts ready to face evil forces.

17 The Mirror Image


You can’t do a list of Frozen cosplay and not include Anna Faith. The cosplayer has been hailed for her wonderful looks as Elsa. The fact she’s a dead ringer for the character helps her performance wonderfully. She and real-life sister Lexie Grace don’t just attend conventions as Elsa and Anna but also entertain kids at schools and hospitals. Even Disney has approved of their performances out of respect for their work. This image shows Faith before a mirror to prove she’s truly a real-life version of the snowy queen.

16 Lovely Lyndsay


Lindsay Elyse is a huge name in cosplay circuits. She’s known for putting together looks that do justice to the character but also make her look alluring. For Elsa, Elyse manages to look terrific in the classic dress and showcasing a nice aura of command for her. She also looks downright sexy with a nice smirk to remind folks how Elsa could have been the bad guy of the movie. In Elyse’s hands, Elsa is ready to steam up the snowy landscape in a wonderful way.

15 Sub-Elsa


This is a famous cosplay, but it still has to count. At some cosplay conventions, you’ll see an Elsa posing alongside Mortal Kombat’s ice-controlling Sub-Zero for a fun image. Chibi Kitsune goes the next step by combining the two together. It looks impressive, complete with her solid white eyes and a “frost” tinge to her skin. The outfit is revealing yet also tough to showcase how this queen could be incredible in a fight and do justice to Sub-Zero’s wicked fatalities.

14 Dark Queen


The famous backstory is that originally Frozen would have Elsa as a true villainess with a heart as cold as ice. It was Idina Menzel’s performance that made the character more sympathetic so the entire film was reworked. Harker-Cosplay hearkens to the original concept of the tale with a dark and evil Elsa. The usually bright blue dress is now far darker, the hair also black and even her makeup is more disturbing. It’s a good reminder of how this beloved character could have been far different for fans.

13 Gothic Look


A major part of Once Upon a Time’s fourth season was integrating the Frozen characters into the wild world. Georgina Haig did a good job replicating Elsa with her powers searching for a lost Anna. This cosplayer gives an edge to the character by having Elsa in what could a gothic setting. The dress is gorgeous with a much darker color and style that gives her a more sinister vibe. She still retains the bright hair and a touch of her ice powers to show how Elsa could be just as bright even in a darker setting.

12 Sisters in Arms


Put two cosplayers as inventive as Northern Belle Rogue and Don’t Panic Cosplay together and the results are amazing. Here, the duo portray Elsa and Anna as a pair of warrior figures who’d be right at home in some fantasy epic. Elsa takes the lead with her long staff to channel her powers. Anna backs her up with her outfit changed to armor, hinting she’s tougher than she looks. It's a reminder of how the sisters are always stronger when together.

11 Pinup Gal


Usually, it’s Elsa who gets the attention from cosplayers and that makes sense with her great outfit. But others try to give Anna her own time in the spotlight. Uncanny Megan shows Anna looking like a fun pinup girl of the 1940s. The outfit is great with her classic colors, looking very warm and wonderful. The long pigtails help her stand out as does her lovely smile. It shows Anna can bring the heat in her own way alongside her sister.

10 Hail The Lich Queen


In World of Warcraft, the Lich King is one of the most evil and feared figures in the entire kingdom. The very mention of his name is as chilling as his icy powers. Olivia Chubear showcases the brilliantly obvious concept of Elsa as a Lich Queen. Her outfit is terrific with the imposing armor yet retaining some hot touches like the slit dress. The huge sword is powerful and while she lacks the huge helmet, the heavy crown shows her power. This Lich Queen could be an even more powerful force in Azeroth.

9 Harley and Ivy


Some fans have noted the bond between Elsa and Anna is very close and it’s lent to the idea of them portrayed as other couples. In this case, Tesla Cosplay has Elsa as Poison Ivy while Cee Noel joins her as Harley Quinn Anna. It fits wonderfully with Elsa Ivy having super powers while Harley Anna has her quirky humor to join together. Having the green and red/black colors for the usual outfits helps make this a perfect mashup of characters.

8 Anna as Elsa

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Kristen Bell is a loved TV actress thanks to Veronica Mars and The Good Place. Her turn as Anna was hailed for imbuing the character with warmth to make her so loved. So imagine Bell's reaction when, for two straight Halloweens, her daughter insisted she dress up as... Elsa. She looks great in the lush dress but her expression shows how annoyed Bell is that her own kid prefers Elsa more.

7 Steampunk Pairing


Steampunk is always a fun thing for cosplayers to use in their outfits to spark things up. Akacosplayandart join together to show a good set of outfits for Elsa and Anna. Elsa is notable for the large brown corset to go with her blue dress and a wicked smirk. The outfit seems to fit Anna better as she has more of an adventurous nature and looks ready to go for some fun. It shows the two sisters can fit in well in any time period nicely.

6 Regal Warrior


The upcoming Frozen II shows Elsa and Anna going on some sort of great quest. A big part of the trailer is Anna wielding a sword to show her as a capable fighter. It’s logical Elsa has done some fighting herself thanks to her training as queen. Aspen Cosplay does a fine job showcasing that with Elsa looking ready to go to battle complete with sword and shield. The dress looking more like armor helps sell this warrior queen persona.

5 Elsa Fett


Even before Disney bought Star Wars, mixing up characters of the two fandoms was a common trick for cosplayers. There’s a lot of SW characters who could be like Elsa but Life of Shel makes the offbeat choice of Boba Fett. Somehow, Elsa as the notorious bounty hunter works out. She looks impressive with the blue armor, helmet in hand, a pistol and even that smirk that shows she knows she’s the best in the business. This Fett could be more imposing than the real deal.

4 Mother Of Ice Dragons


A running joke at cosplay conventions is how someone dressed like Daerenys of Game of Thrones is often mistaken for Elsa. They both have long white hair and similar outfits so a mix-up is common. Princess Nightmare cuts out the middleman by just combining the two characters into one. It shows the queenly air of both ladies, mixing in their looks nicely with the lush hair, a stern expression and the hints she can control ice dragons. Even the Night King would have a hard time with this powerful queen.

3 Boudoir Set


Princess Nightmare has a fun time setting up intricate photoshoots for her cosplay characters. With this set, she imagines Elsa in what’s basically a personal spot and a very alluring turn on her usual dress. The outfit is alluring with the tight top showing off her nice belly and the dress showcasing plenty of leg. Her expression is just naughty enough to hint at fun but still holding to her regal bearing. It’s a dream shoot to be sure.

2 Lounging About


Sometimes, one doesn’t need to go over the top with outfits and poses but something rather simple. Alicyn Drew shows that with the easy dress of Elsa that fits over her very well to double as sleepwear. Her lounging on a bed looks quite nice and she has a smooth smile on her face to entice anyone watching. Even lying back, this Elsa looks ready to rise up as a very steamy lady thanks to the pose and shoot.

1 Sister Act


Over the decades, the “Slave Leia” bikini has become a popular item on the cosplay circuit. Many a cosplayer loves to create a version for different characters. Blizzard Terrak not only does a set for Elsa but Anna as well. It’s wonderfully done with each lady’s suit showcasing their unique colors and patterns, Elsa’s pure blue while Anna’s some nice colors. Her expression also adds fun as she looks almost annoyed at this but shows why this outfit works so well.

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