20 Not So Pg Photos Of Redneck Girls And Their Pickups

Rednecks are an integral part of American culture. Lately, the term “redneck” has gone through a reappropriation transition. It is now becoming less of an epithet and more of a means of group participation through self-identification.

According to Jasey Lyons of the website Odyssey; “Some people call us "Rednecks" maybe even a "Hillbilly," but we just let everyone say what they like to about us, because country folks do not get offended so easily as others in America do.

So all Southern girls have different personalities, whether they're Southern belles or country chicks... but only one type of Southern girl is sure to enjoy getting down and dirty in some pickup truck action. Come on y'all and let's check out some redneck chicks and their pickups. Yeehaw!

20 Classy, Classic Pickup Chick

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We believe it’s fair to say that chicks and pickups look good together. Whether it’s a modern, modified version or just a regular old farm truck, redneck chicks are made for truckin'. This beauty sure does make that old truck look a lot more classy than we would've thought possible though.

19 British Redneck

via Daily Mail

Megan McKenna decided to document her journey to become a country singer, but she did worry about being accepted by country music fans since she's from Essex, UK. Essex is pretty much like an urban British redneck area anyway, so we think she'll do just fine. She definitely looks both comfortable and sexy while showing off a red-hot old Chevy pickup truck.

18 Power Wagon Chick

via Desert Power Wagons

It doesn't get more badass than Power Wagon. It was one of the first things Dodge started making once they didn’t have to stamp out war machinery. The body retains the rounded cab features of the 1930s, making it both gorgeous and menacing at the same time! Any girl you see climbing into a Power Wagon is as badass as the truck itself if you ask us.

17 Chevy Cowgirl

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Judging by her smile, she definitely loves to drive her truck everywhere. All the dirt on her 2005 Silverado tells us that it has seen some off-roading action and its fair share of work duty. Put your boots on and squeeze into those Daisy Dukes, and drive this thing on the country roads with the windows down.

16 Desert Chick

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While there are plenty of city chicks who own pickup trucks, we often seem to think that girls driving trucks look and dress a certain way. You know, like a rednecky kind of way, with a cowboy hat and boots - just like the girl in this image... and what a pic it is.

15 Countryside

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Trucks are not just heavy-duty workhorses, all that power and strength also provides freedom to brave the terrain and elements. Trucks have a reputation for being sturdy, outdoor vehicles, however, this photo definitely shows the class and elegance that trucks can also possess, with this girl gently leaning on this Studebaker on an open country road.

14 Wildflower

via Diesel Tech Magazine

Candice Waldeck was born in Australia, an entire country full of rednecks. When she moved to the US, she took her redneck-ness to a whole new level. Her 2003 Ford F-250 is named Wildflower, and it has a 10-inch lift and sits on 38-inch wheels. The grille is hot pink, and the rear features a massive floral decal with the name “Wildflower”.

13 That's A Reach

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This massive Chevy truck has clearly had some suspension work done. It's been lifted high enough to make it difficult for the poor redneck chick to open the hood. Hopefully, she'll never find herself in a situation where the truck breaks down and she'll actually have to perform some work under there... She's gonna have to keep a ladder in the back at all times.

12 Retro Girls

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These two retro hotties might not look like redneck girls, but they're posing in front of a quintessential redneck truck, so we think they'll fit right in. Besides, who says that redneck chicks can't dress up like pin-up girls? They certainly capture the essence of the truck's time period perfectly.

11 Hot Slam

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We're not sure whether we should be staring at the girl or the truck - they both look amazing. This truck has been beautifully restored and completely decked out from top to bottom. It's slammed right to the ground - lower than a snake's belly. The girl somehow manages to make the truck look even classier. Pure awesomeness.

10 Hard Worker

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Pulling heavy stuff and getting the job done - this is what the truck drivin' redneck chick life is all about. As much as we enjoy having nice, shiny, and brand new trucks and cars, it’s nice to drive out in the country and onto the back roads and get in tune with nature - no matter how dirty the truck or its owners may get out there!

9 Patina

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This 1960 GMC 1000 has definitely seen better days but there's no denying that it’s an absolute beauty. The girl is gorgeous as well - but in a very different way. She certainly doesn't have the patina of her truck, and that's definitely a good thing. Trust us, we know about these things.

8 Dually Girl

via Diesel World

This isn't just a pretty diesel girl. She’s probably didn’t order a truck with a 13,000-pound towing capacity just to look at it! In fact, she probably kicks it into four-wheel low more often than you do! She can take whatever job you think you can throw at her and always welcomes a challenge! Don’t mess with redneck dually girls!

7 Pinup Redneck Chick

via Shane Ruiz

To those who say pinups aren't rednecks; Look at this girl, she's definitely isn’t concerned with what society thinks. Doesn't that sound like the definition of a redneck as well? Exactly! Besides, redneck chicks can dress in whatever they want - if they look like this and drive a truck, who's gonna complain?

6 Pink Diesel

via Diesel World

Lyndsay Johnston's daily driver of choice is a 2008 F-250 Power Stroke. She told Diesel World Magazine, “I work for a construction company and work my butt off in order to afford my obsession with my truck. I’m the type of girl who stops in mid-sentence when I hear a turbo spool up. I will own a diesel ’til the day I die and you can bet on that.”

5 Girlymaxx

via Diesel World

Chelsey Henning, the owner of this 2007 Chevrolet Duramax, really loves her truck - which she has dubbed the “Girlymaxx.” During an interview, she told Diesel World Magazine, “My goal for Girlymaxx is to promote women within not only the diesel truck industry but in the automotive industry as a whole.” A girl with a plan!

4 Ford With A Feminine Touch

via Diesel World

According to Diesel World Magazine, Stephanee Wright, the owner of this 2003 Ford F-250 Power Stroke, loves driving around in her truck. Also, she clearly isn't someone who has a problem with her hands getting dirty. The hottie from Smithville, Tennessee regularly uses her truck to tow farming equipment and tractors for Close Farms.

3 Old School

via Youtube

This photo of two women with their Chevy Silverado is proper old-school cool. It might not be exactly what people think of when talking about redneck chicks, but think about it; City girls weren't driving pickups back in those days. Everything from the high-waisted pants to the glass cola bottle and the pickup itself in this photo just perfectly captures what an era this really was.

2 Ram Girl

via Diesel World

There's more to this Ram than what meets the eye. It's not just some rims and a moderate lift kit. Owned by Trisha Finke, this Ram boasts an incredible 824 horsepower and 1,613 lb-ft of torque - it's a beast! Finke had some structural modifications done, as well, such as custom traction bars underneath the truck to keep the rear axle from twisting itself out of the chassis with all that power.

1 High Heels In The Fields

via Zillion Zapatas

This photo really does emphasize the “Beauty and the Beast” vibe, with this massive 2015 GMC Canyon and the girl in the cabin wearing a plain white dress and heels. The photo is very serene and offers a nice backdrop that definitely emphasizes the clash between classiness and raw power. Move over, diamonds - because trucks are a girl’s new best friend.

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