Where Are They Now: The Cast Of 'Pretty Little Liars' (15 Photos)

Pretty Little Liars was a teen drama television series that ran from June 8, 2010 to June 27, 2017. The show was loosely based on the book series of the same name, and it was all about a group of girls; one of them disappeared, and all of them started receiving mysterious messages from the anonymous “A.” Every episode was full of twists and turns and shocks and surprises, which fans just ate up!

Another reason the show did so well was because of the amazing cast members. When it came to the main characters, Troian Bellisario played Spencer Hastings, Lucy Hale played Aria Montgomery, Ashley Benson played Hanna Marin, Shay Mitchell played Emily Fields, and Sasha Pieterse played Alison DiLaurentis. These young women all have huge online followings, and even now, a year after Pretty Little Liars has ended, fans still can’t get enough of these stars. What are they up to now? What else have they been in? What is going on in their lives?

This article will dive into all of that and more, looking at some of the most popular characters from this TV show and seeing how the actors and actresses who played them are doing now!

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15 Troian Bellisario 

Via W Stale

Troian Bellisario played Spencer Hastings in Pretty Little Liars. As one of the main characters, a young girl, and friend, she started getting tormented by an anonymous person. She was smart and driven, coming from a family that expected perfection, and her quick thinking helped her and her group out time after time.

Bellisario comes from a family that is well-known in Hollywood and in the industry, and she is married to Patrick J. Adams, an actor known for his role in Suits. The two married on December 10, 2016, in Santa Barbara, California.

Therefore, since PLL has ended, Bellisario has continued to act, write, direct, and produce!

Clara (which stars her and her husband), Feed (which she stars in and which she wrote), We Are Here (which she co-wrote and stars in with her husband), and Where’d You Go, Bernadette (which she stars in with Cate Blanchett and Judy Greer) are just a few of the films she has been working on.

She also directed an episode of Pretty Little Liars in 2017, "In The Eye Abides The Heart," and directed an episode of Famous In Love — another show by I. Marlene King, the executive producer of PLL in 2018.

14 Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale played Aria Montgomery, another main character and core member of this group of friends; friends who were taunted and teased by 'A' and The A Team. She was quirky, creative, caring, and determined, doing everything she did with an added flair of originality.

Since Pretty Little Liars ended, Hale has also remained active in the business. This year alone, she starred in a horror film called Truth or Dare, a Netflix original movie called Dude, and a television series called Life Sentence (which, unfortunately, did not get picked up for a second season). Don’t fret yet, though; there are rumors that Hale will appear on Riverdale (which she shut down...but we can still dream), and that she will appear on The Perfectionists (the spin-off series of PLL).

Hale also recently traveled to Cambodia to volunteer with RipplEffect, and apparently her time in the southeast Asian country was so great that she got a tiny elephant tattoo there. It seems as if everyone in her group got ink on the trip, including her Life Sentence co-star, Elliot Knight! And speaking of her co-stars from that show, know that she is dating Riley Smith, which fans know from Motocrossed, Not Another Teen Movie, Radio, and a number of television series.

13 Ashley Benson

Via PlayBuzz

Ashley Benson played Hanna Marin, the fashionable and blonde friend of the group and another one of the main characters. Fans watched her go from "Hefty Hanna," to a popular girl who enjoyed shoplifting, to a strong and fierce young woman who ended up with her true love.

Since Pretty Little Liars, Benson has not done as much acting as some of her co-stars, but she has been busy.

Her Instagram always shows her out and about, looking chic, playing with her dogs and posing with stars like Hailee Steinfeld and Hailey Baldwin (since she is the face of evening wear designer Faviana and works closely with brands such as Prive Revaux, which makes designer frames).

However, next year, Benson can be seen in Her Smell, a dramatic film about a self-destructive punk rocker who struggles with sobriety. The film also stars Elisabeth Moss, Amber Heard, and Cara Delevingne. Oh, and she may be even dating Cara Delevingne! The two are friends but they are seen together often, and now, people have seen them holding hands and even kissing. They could just be tight pals who like to show off their affection for each other...but this could also be the real deal and everyone’s new favorite couple.

12 Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell played Emily Fields, another main character from this show. She was the sensitive one, the athletic one, and the one who ended up with Ali.

Pretty Little Liars has ended, but Mitchell can still be seen in different films and shows; she will be in The Heiress, which is from author Sara Shepard and creator I. Marlene King (who are both from PLL), Cadaver, a horror film set to come out this year, and You, a new TV series that also stars Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl!

Outside of acting, she also co-authored a young adult novel called Bliss, started a production company called Amore & Vita Inc., signed a contract with Warner Bros. Television Group, and regularly posts to her YouTube lifestyle channel. Her online presence shows her going through intense workouts, modeling in stylish clothing items, and traveling to exotic locales. But she recently reminded people that social media is posed and that her life is not always as fab as it looks on her Instagram.

Recent reports have also linked her to Blake Griffin, a basketball player who supposedly dated Kendall Jenner for a bit. However, she denied those rumors, meaning we are pretty sure Mitchell is single...for now!

11 Sasha Pieterse

Sasha Pieterse played Alison DiLaurentis, the core member of the group featured on this dramatic series. Her character went missing, was thought to be dead, and then—spoiler alert!—popped back up! The drama only continued and even increased after that, though.

Of course, since Pretty Little Liars ended, Pieterse has resumed her role as Alison, playing her in a spin-off series called The Perfectionists.

She also starred in the Netflix film Coin Heist, which premiered in 2017, and was on season 25 of Dancing with the Stars. Her and professional dancer Gleb Savchenko were the fourth couple eliminated, and while on this dance competition series, she revealed that she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which contributed to her weight gain.

Outside of her career, we should focus on her love life! Pieterse became engaged to her boyfriend, Hudson Sheaffer, on December 22, 2015, and they got married on May 27, 2018. The ceremony was held at a castle in Ireland, and she looked like a real-life princess in a Christian Siriano gown. Fans are excited to see what is next for this actress and for this cute couple (maybe we are also hoping for twins in the near future…?).

10 Janel Parrish

Janel Parrish played Mona Vanderwaal, a girl who was sneaky and brilliant, meaning the main characters were not always sure if she could be trusted. And although she was, at one point, on The A Team, she proved to be super helpful in wrapping up all the loose ends within this series.

Since Pretty Little Liars ended, Parrish, too, has returned to her role as Vanderwaal in the spin-off show The Perfectionists. And over the past two years, she has also starred and will star in five films, acting alongside stars such as John Corbett and Mickey Rourke. Parrish also guest starred on the drama series Rosewood and began portraying Sandy Dumbrowski in a Toronto production of Grease.

Wedding bells are in her future, too, as she started dating Chris Long in September 2016, and became engaged to him on October 23, 2017. The couple is apparently thrilled about the planning process, something that probably started soon after their engagement, which happened while on a walk in the park with their dog and involved a massive engagement ring.

So, all in all, Parrish seems to be doing really really well in all areas of her life. You go, girl! (Or should I say 'A'?)

9 Keegan Allen

Keegan Allen played Toby Cavanaugh, a dark and mysterious guy who had a twisted relationship with his step-sister. He later joined The A Team and ended up being the sweetest friend to the main girls — especially Spencer, as the two dated for years.

The only thing that Allen has been in since Pretty Little Liars is Major Crimes, a spin-off series of The Closer, but that's okay, because he changed his focus to music.

He shares this passion with co-stars such as Lucy Hale, Sasha Pieterse, and Janel Parrish, who have all released music, and he put out a digital-only single called "Million Miles Away" on February 1, 2017. Allen also started a podcast about his life, interests, and experiences called Foreverland. He even released two photography books: life.love.beauty, which was a national bestseller after being published in February 2015, and Hollywood: Photos and Stories from Foreverland, which was published in April 2018.

Allen has always shown an interest in photography, cinematography, and other roles behind the camera, so we can probably expect to see more from him within this realm and beyond! That, of course, is something that definitely excites me, since I definitely miss regularly watching Toby!

8 Ian Harding

Via Pinterest

Ian Harding played Ezra Fitz, a high school English teacher who was in a relationship with one of his students — Aria (one of the main characters mentioned above). Fans definitely had different thoughts and feelings about this relationship and about Ezra, since he was researching Aria and her friends in order to find out more about Alison. But he and Aria were meant to be together, and overall, people were thrilled to see them end up together.

Harding has been in a couple of things since Pretty Little Liars, including an untitled project from Fox about a disgraced FBI Special Agent, which will also star Katie Holmes. He is playing a teacher again, too, in the new social media-focused film People You May Know. Harding described this character as almost a continuation of Ezra, leaving Rosewood behind, “which he should’ve done anyway”!

And he is already ready for a PLL reboot... but he said that if that happened, he would want one of the main characters slayed off: Shay Mitchell (aka Emily Fields)! Let’s hope he was joking, because we all want a reboot, but not like that!

Outside of acting, Harding has been working with the Lupus Foundation of America to raise funds and awareness for lupus research and education. This cause is near and dear to his heart, since his mother has been affected by the disease for more than 20 years.

7 Tyler Blackburn

Tyler Blackburn played Caleb Rivers, a bad boy who ended up being the love of Hanna Marin’s life. He then vanished for a bit of time, as Hanna had to leave him in Ravenswood, and during this time, he was actually on a spin-off series named after the spooky town of Ravenswood.

Since that time, he has continued to act, model, make music, and transition into other ventures.

He was in a drama musical last year, he will star in Roswell, New Mexico, a reboot of the teen drama Roswell, and he will be in a drama film called Asbury Park, all about the last breed of the Greasers in 1974 in New Jersey.

He also started ROVE with his friend Heather Catania, and it is “the most seamless way to remember and share great places, moments, eats and hacks.”

So, when it comes to Blackburn, it seems the possibilities are endless. Like many of his co-stars, he is not letting the end of Pretty Little Liars be the end of his career. No, he is just getting started, so for those who were a fan of Caleb (weren’t we all?), get ready to see him in many more ways and in many more works.

6 Vanessa Ray

Vanessa Ray played CeCe Drake, a girl that popped up in town and seemed to be a lot like Alison. Oh, and then she turned out to be 'A'. Her reveal and her story... it's too much to handle. Talk about legendary.

Since Pretty Little Liars has ended, Ray has been playing Eddie Janko in Blue Bloods. She was also in Suits, along with Patrick J. Adams (Troian Bellisario’s husband) and Meghan Markle, meaning both Ray and Bellisario were at Megan's wedding in May.

And speaking of weddings — she married actor Derek James Baynham in 2003, but the two divorced in 2009. However, this was not before the HGTV series Marriage Under Construction showed off them buying, renovating, and ultimately selling their house in Toronto, in 2007.

In March 2015, she announced she had found new love, though, as she was engaged to her boyfriend of six years, Landon Beard. They got married on June 14, 2015, in California.

But she will always be CeCe to us. Fans waited forever to hear who 'A' was, and regardless of how people felt about that big reveal, we think we can all agree that her portrayal was creepy-good! And we can all agree that we will be seeing Ray in even more films and shows.

5 Tammin Sursok

Via IMDb

Tammin Sursok played Jenna Marshall, an enemy of the main group. She could never be trusted, and she always had it out for the main characters... probably because they blinded her. But whatever— fans loved to despise her!

Since Pretty Little Liars ended, Sursok has been involved in a series and a film: the television show, Aussie Girl (which is actually loosely based on her life) and the movie, Whaling Comedy, which is about a dysfunctional brother and sister and their recently deceased mother's final wish.

A fun fact is that Tom Felton—Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter films—stars in Whaling Comedy. He was also in Feed, which Troian Bellisario starred in and wrote!

Outside of acting, she married actor, producer, and director Sean McEwen in August 2011, and together, they have a daughter, who was born in October 2013.

On March 16, 2016, Sursok turned to Instagram to talk about beauty; she had been bullied because of her weight, but by sharing her story—with #ThisIsBeautiful—she hoped to empower people and change the message around beauty standards. And it may be unrelated or not, but she also has a tattoo on her waist that says "Mind Body Soul.”

4 Dre Davis

Dre Davis played Sara Harvey, and for those that don’t remember, Sara was stuck down in the dollhouse with the other girls. She ended up living with Emily after that, showering all the time, and then falling in love with Emily. And then, after all that craziness went on for awhile, she turned out to be one of the bad guys. And because of that, she was electrocuted (by Emily, accidentally) and then slayed (in the bathtub... how fitting).

I actually don’t have that much to report on Davis. Since Pretty Little Liars, she has only been in three other things: a crime drama, a French thriller, and a TV series. She doesn't even have a Wikipedia page! But she does have an Instagram, and since she has finished playing this creepy character on PLL, she has been posting selfies, taking boxing classes, traveling, posting more selfies, and hanging out with friends.

She looks happy, and she does not look so feral, which is really the most important thing in all of this. And even though most fans could not stand her character, she was a vital part of the story, so we are anxious to see what is next for this actress!

3 Brant Daugherty

Via YouTube

Brant Daugherty played Noel Kahn, the main character’s classmate and a member of The A Team, who eventually was decapitated (during one of those wild and crazy scenes that were common in this show!). Before his death, though, he was always around, always acting like he knew something, and always giving off bad vibes... (But fans did not mind looking at him while he was doing all of this!)

Since Pretty Little Liars ended, Daugherty has appeared in series such as Dear White People, Freakish, Relationship Status, and in films like Fifty Shades Freed and Save This Dance.

He is one of the PLL cast members that has been in the most works since PLL ended, as he has also been seen in Days of Our Lives, Army Wives, Anger Management, and Dancing with the Stars (like some of his co-stars!).

Daugherty also started dating actress Kimberly Hidalgo in 2016, and the two became engaged in February 2018, during a trip to Amsterdam.

So even though his character met such a gruesome fate in Pretty Little Liars, this guy could be seen in another blockbuster hit, in another popular television series or in a picture-perfect wedding ceremony at any moment!

2 Torrey DeVitto

Via YouTube

Torrey DeVitto played Melissa Hastings, who was Spencer’s older sister and who also always seemed very suspicious, considering everything that was going on in this thrilling show. But this was far from her first or last role!

DeVitto has been seen on shows like The Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Army Wives, and Chicago Med. She has two upcoming horror films, too. Yes, she is no stranger to acting, and when it comes to what is next for her, she says she would love to do an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm... so keep an eye and an ear out.

She started dating Paul Wesley (her co-star from Killer Movie) in 2007, and the two were married in April 2011. They were also on The Vampire Diaries together, however they filed for a divorce in July 2013. DeVitto then dated actor Rick Glassman for a couple of years, as well as Artem Chigvintsev, from Dancing with the Stars, from 2016 to 2017.

Besides acting, DeVitto is also active in charity and volunteer work, as she is a hospice ambassador, a supporter of PETA, and The Humane Society of the United States. She's also a dog lover (she adopted her dogs, Beau and Homie, in LA).

1 Cody Christian

Via YouTube

Cody Christian played Mike Montgomery, Aria’s cute and troublesome younger brother, who also dated Mona and who was usually in his room pumping iron (yum).

His IMDb has been getting longer and longer since Pretty Little Liars ended, as he was in Teen Wolf, he will star in Notorious Nick, a film about a one-armed MMA fighter, and as he is set to be in All American, a new drama series about a high school football player.

When Lucy Hale—the actress that played Christian’s older sister on PLL—heard about All American, which is inspired by the life of professional football player Spencer Paysinger, she congratulated him online. When he thanked her, he also said that he wished he had an older sister on this show... so fans can wish and hope that that would happen!

After Christian himself got a sneak peek of the pilot, he said he was truly blown away, that it was all phenomenal, that he was very proud and that he couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity. It's probably no Pretty Little Liars...but for those missing that Mike Montgomery fix...Get ready for this new show, and continue to support all of these talented actors and actresses, as they continue their journeys!


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