Then And Now: The Evolution Of Bella Thorne (22 Pics)

It’s hard to believe how much Bella Thorne has evolved over the years. She was yet another Disney star that started out in the industry at a young age. Just like many Disney stars, it was almost as if the moment she left Disney she shrugged off that persona and went a little wild. Working for Disney means that you have to follow certain rules. They don’t want their actors running wild.

Bella Thorne seemed to transition easily from a child star to an adult one, although she hasn’t experienced the same kind of fame as Miley Cyrus or Hilary Duff.

We know her now as the cat-eyed star with the brightly colored hair. But there was a time when she was a child star who loved to crimp her hair. She started her career at the age of six and she has come a long way since then.

She’s someone who likes to creatively change her look on the regular and sometimes it’s hard to keep up. She seems fearless with her look as well as her career. Whether she is trying on new looks or testing out a new career, Thorne does what she wants without apology. Check out these 22 pictures of Bella Thorne’s evolution.

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22 Her Younger Years

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You may think that she started her career with Disney, but Bella Thorne has been in the industry much longer than that. She started her career as an actress when she was only six years old. She was born in Florida but the family moved to California so that she could pursue her acting career. That’s a huge sacrifice for a family but it obviously paid off for Bella.

Her family was about to become homeless before she booked her role in Shake It Up. "We were about to live...on the street if I didn't have that role. We were living off Stouffer's coupons, and that's all we had to eat every day," she said, as reported by Refinery 29.

21 She Has A Big Family

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Bella Thorne has two sisters and a brother and they are all in the industry just like her. Her sister Dani is basically her twin, and it’s hard to tell them apart sometimes. There is a four-year age difference between them but Dani is more into being a musician and DJ.

We know Bella has ventured in that direction as well and that may be because of her sister. Bella started off modeling before she acted. She told Jimmy Fallon, “I modeled every single day growing up— my whole life, like, three jobs a day, you name it.”

That’s a lot for a young child.

20 Her Father Passed At A Young Age

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Bella Thorne experienced tragedy in 2007 when her father died in a motorcycle accident. We don’t always know what goes on behind the scenes in an actor’s life. She’s had a painful past and anyone who has lost a parent can certainly sympathize with her. At the time, she was only nine years old. She has stated that he impacted her life greatly, and even wrote a song about him to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his death.

''I'm gonna sing it raw vocals, on a mic, guitar, just cry it out for anybody who wants to cry with me, then they can,'' she posted on social media.

19 English Isn’t Her First Language

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You would assume that Bella’s native language is English, but that’s not the case. Spanish is her first language and her father raised her to speak Spanish instead of English. Her father is from Cuba so it makes sense why that would be important to him.

''Spanish was my first language, but I don't speak it that much anymore because I had dyslexia, and in school they work with you only in English,'' Bella told Glamour magazine. ''But I'm proud to be Latina, and most people don't know I am.''

There’s certainly a lot we don’t know about Bella Thorne. The more languages you know the better off you will be as it puts you at an advantage for whatever career you choose.

18 She Has Struggled With Dyslexia

via Just Jared

Thorne wasn’t able to speak her native language in school because she struggled with dyslexia. She wouldn’t be the first actor to admit that but it’s something that would have made learning very difficult for her over the years. It didn’t stop her from chasing after her dreams, however, and she knew exactly what she wanted.

She has stated that she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of her family.

''My family was absolutely supportive. I did have a fear of cold reads because of my dyslexia, but my family's support and reading classes really helped me overcome my fear!" she said, according to Glamour.

17 She Dealt With Mean Girls In School

via People

Mean girls are everywhere and Bella wouldn’t be the first actor in the industry to admit that she was bullied growing up. During her elementary school years, she dealt with mean girls that really affected her life.

It affected her so much that she only went to regular school until the third grade and then she was homeschooled after that. As found on Brainy Quote, she has said, “I have [experienced] bullying in many ways, from bullying in school due to my disability in reading, to digital abuse that I deal with on a daily basis. I'd like to tell the kids that are being bullied that no one should have to deal with [it], ever!”

16 Fans Don’t Like Her Dating Cute Guys

via CelebMafia

Over the years, Bella Thorne has dated some pretty cute guys! She has dated Hollywood heartthrobs such as Charlie Puth, Gregg Sulkin, and Tyler Posey. You might think that she is one lucky girl but Bella has stated that dating famous guys has its downside.

''Unfortunately, I date people that have girls who are in love with them… I was getting [mistreated],'' she told Entertainment Tonight. ''People were [disliking] me so hardcore. I was like ‘Wow you guys, are you serious right now?’ And people think it doesn't hurt, but let me tell you it does hurt and it doesn't feel good to read the (…) about yourself online; even when you know it’s not true it can be really hurtful and you start to think about it.''

15 What Does The Song 'Bedroom Floor' Really Mean?

via Instagram

Liam Payne released the song "Bedroom Floor" and we all knew that Bella Throne was going to be in the video. We didn’t know much about the background of the song or what it really meant. We assumed that it had to do with Cheryl Cole breaking up with Liam.

One fan theory emerged that really had people thinking. The song was actually co-written by Bella’s ex Charlie Puth and many people believed that the song was about their relationship and not Liam’s. We still aren’t sure if that’s the case, no one seems to be 'fessing up to it, but it does make for an interesting theory.

14 She Is One Of The Most Relatable Actresses Out There

via GotCeleb

For anyone who is following Bella Thorne on social media, you would know that she is very candid about her life. We might even go so far as to say that she releases too much information.

One thing that fans probably find very relatable about her is her struggle with acne over the years. Growing up with acne can cause more emotional scars than physical ones. Bella has no problem showing off her skin without makeup even when she has millions of followers. It doesn’t bother her; she has no problem sharing pictures and talking about her issues and that’s what makes her so relatable. She’s not hiding behind makeup, she’s being real.

13 She Used To Be Scared Of Driving

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It might sound strange for someone to not want to get behind the wheel, but this happened to Bella. For the longest time, Bella never had a driver’s license because she was afraid of driving. It all had to do with the motorcycle accident that her father was involved in and obviously it affected her a lot.

“I’m not mature enough to accept the responsibility of perhaps taking someone else’s life, ” she told Seventeen magazine. She finally got her license in 2015 when she was able to overcome her fear of driving.

12 Would You Believe She’s Latina?

via Star Magazine

We know that Bella speaks Spanish and that’s because she has a Latina background. Her family is from Cuba, but even so, she’s experienced disbelief from people who don’t believe that she is Latina at all. It's a bit ridiculous, actually, and she expressed the same thought in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“[People are] like, ‘stop lying, Bella,’” she said, when talking about how they don't believe her. She added, “My dad was the ONLY one born in the U.S., out of six kids, all [from Cuba].”

11 She’s Been In More Shows And Movies Than We Think

via Terrible Words

You may think that Bella Thorne is a relatively new actress because she’s so young but she’s been around for a while. She’s likely been in a lot of things that you aren’t even aware of. You may not have recognized her at the time, or there were likely times when you thought you recognized her from something but couldn't remember what.

Her most recent and popular roles have been in Blended, Shake It Up, The DUFF and The Babysitter, but she’s been in a lot more. She was in Amityville: The Awakening, One Wish, Little Monk, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Big Love, Big Sky, Raspberry Magic and even an episode of The O.C.

10 She Was Named After Belle

via The Mary Sue

It’s always interesting to learn how parents choose the names for their children and why. In the case of Bella, her name was chosen from a Disney cartoon. Her mother must have been a fan of Beauty and the Beast because that’s who Bella is named after.

Bella certainly has some things in common with Belle. They are both part of the Disney franchise as that’s where Bella's career was launched, like so many other young stars. They are also both smart, beautiful and talented, so it looks like the name turned out to be a good fit.

9 She Has A Book Deal With Random House

via Instagram

You might be surprised to hear that Bella Thorne is a published author. She has a book deal with Random House that she has had since 2014. She has released three teen romance books with Random House, the first entitled Autumn Falls.

It’s about “a girl who moves to Miami when her father dies and he leaves her a journal to write in to help her through high school,” Bella told The View. “When she writes in the journal, things come to life. But since she’s dyslexic, they come to life a little wonky, mostly backfiring on her throughout the series.”

She is going to be releasing a book of poetry this July called The Life Of A Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray.

8 She Says That Katy Perry Is Her Inspiration

via GotCeleb

Bella has branched out into music and she has stated that she gets her inspiration from Katy Perry. Bella was even signed to Hollywood Records in 2013, but she never released an album. When asked why, she stated that she wasn’t talented. As she told Seventeen,

“The reason why the album did not come out is because… look, I never wanted to really be an amazing singer. Honestly, I was tone deaf when I first got on the [Disney] Channel. I literally auditioned for Shake It Up! and I was like, ‘I don’t sing and I don’t dance. I have no idea why I’m here.’”

7 She Doesn’t Like To Shave

via IG

Bella is known to post pictures on social media of her unshaved armpits. She wouldn’t be the first celebrity to do it, either. There was a time when Julia Roberts surprised fans by going to the premiere of Notting Hill with hairy armpits.

Maybe Bella is inspired by her because she also doesn’t bother to shave her legs and she doesn’t care what fans think of it. One male fan confronted Bella on Twitter asking Bella to shave her legs and Bella responded with, ''HAHAHHA NEVER.'' She wasn’t about to let some guy tell her when she should shave her legs.

6 She’s Actually A Natural Blonde

via People

Bella has had her hair in almost every color under the sun, but for most of her career she sported a coppery red color. Many people assumed that it was her natural hair color but in truth, she’s a natural blonde. She has just always preferred to dye her hair red. She told Allure,

“A lot of people don’t know I’m not actually a redhead. I’m a blonde. I dyed it for Big Love. It started off more of a deep red, and Disney was like, ‘Why don’t we take Bella all the way to blonde again?’ I don’t know why, but I had a breakdown and so overreacted. I wanted to go back to red.”

5 She Is BFFs With Drew Barrymore

via Just Jared

The two starred in the movie Blended together and Drew took Bella under her wing. Since then the two have remained friends so much so that Bella calls Drew “Momma Pickle.”

Bella starred in the Netflix series Scream and took on Drew’s role for the show. ''I am so humbled to be compared to Drew. She is so amazing," she said, according to Daily Mail. "I didn’t want to think of that while I was shooting because I could never live up to that kind of amazing scene... It's an homage to it for sure."

She also got some wisdom from Drew. ''I think the best advice came from Drew Barrymore, about always finding love in everything you do and keeping a positive attitude and being thankful,'' she said.

4 She Has A Crush On Camila Cabello

via IG

Bella Thorne has had many crushes over the years and she’s not afraid to admit it. She’s currently been crushing on singer Camila Cabello. She told StyleCaster about her crush, stating, ''Who else is super [attractive]? Oh, Camila Cabello. I just saw her at a party the other night, but she was with a guy, so I wasn’t gonna hit on her because she was with a date.''

She has always been really open about her feelings and she’s not afraid to shout those feelings from the rooftop. You have been warned.

3 She Has No Problem Being Weird

via IG

If you follow her on social media, then you are already aware that this girl can be really weird sometimes, and that’s okay. She knows that she’s weird and she’s not afraid to own up to it. ''I’m the weirdest person ever,'' Bella told Complex. ''People meet me and they’re like, 'Woah I’ve heard things about you—but you’re, like, really weird.'"

Bella has never really cared what other people think of her and that’s something that we can admire about her. She wants to be herself in the most genuine way and won’t let others control her life.

2 She Is A Huge Animal Lover

via Just Jared

You will often see her post pictures of her animals on social media. We just can’t help but love someone who loves animals. Bella's had many animals over the years. She currently has a family of animals that include a wolf cub called Vodoo, several cats and a cocker spaniel named Pyro.

She is also part of an animal organization to help animals as much as she can. ''The Humane Society is so great to work with,'' explained Bella, according to The Things. ''Because everyone there is so nice and supportive, and they're all animal lovers like me."

1 She Loves To Paint

via Pinterest

It seems as if this girl can do anything. She is already a singer, author and actress, and now we find out that she also loves to paint. Is there anything that this girl can’t do? We love it!

You can often see posts on social media in which she shares her love of painting. She’s very creative and it’s probably an outlet for her. She could probably be a professional painter if she wanted to. We love her creativity and it just goes to show that this Jack of all Trades can do anything that she puts her mind to.

Sources: Entertainment Tonight, Seventeen, Complex, Glamour

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