Two Nuns Busted For Stealing $500,000 To Fund Their Vegas Adventures

For decades, sisters Mary Margaret Kreuper and Lana Chang had been working for a Catholic school located in California but had also been embezzling some large sums of money, from tuitions as well as other funds, in order to pay for their gambling trips to Las Vegas.

For the past decade, the two nuns are believed to have been taking money from tuition fees and donations, at St James school, located in Torrance, right near Los Angeles. However, neither of the nuns has been charged with any crimes.

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Sister Kreuper was the principal of the school, while sister Chang was teaching eighth-grade students before both of them retired this year. Their entire plan was uncovered during an audit at the school, which was a routine practice after a principal left their office, according to the spokesman for the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, named Adrian Alarcon.

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Although they were still trying to figure out and calculate how much money the two nuns had stolen from the school, it had probably been up to $500,000. Monsignor Michael Meyers sent out a letter to all of the parents of the school, describing the sum that was taken as substantial. And he notified everyone that the matter had come up while they were doing the financial reviews after sister Kreuper left the office, saying that no one else at the school was implicated in the matter.

Additionally, according to Meyers, both Kreuper and Chang acknowledged their crimes, when they were confronted later, they also apologized and started cooperating with the investigation into where exactly all the money went, and how much of it was stolen. Both the two nuns, as well as their order, the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet, promised to pay back all of the stolen money to the school.

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Finally, although the archdiocese immediately notified the police when he realized what had been happening, the church officials don’t plan on pressing any charges against the nuns, as they want to resolve the entire situation internally, by having the money repaid, and having the nuns disciplined by their order. This piece of news ended up making some parents angry and disbelieving since the parents had projects planned for the school, and instead of getting funded for them, the money ended up with the nuns in Las Vegas.

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