Two Nursing Home Residents Break Out To Attend Heavy Metal Festival

Two elderly men recently busted out of their nursing home to attend a heavy metal music festival.

When we were teenagers there would have been times where almost all of us defied our parents. When we were grounded or banished to our bedrooms, we would somehow find a way to sneak out and face the wrath of our moms and dads once they realized we were gone and we had to return home.

For those reading this, those rebellious days may be behind you. But, they don't have to be. There may come a time later in life when you need to revisit that rebellious streak. That's if you're anything like a couple of elderly German gentlemen who channeled their inner-teenagers this past weekend so they could attend Wacken Open Air, a heavy metal festival.

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The two unnamed gentlemen managed to sneak out of their nursing home undetected and make their way to the festival to take in the likes of Danzig and Judas Priest, along with tens of thousands of other rock fans. They got to enjoy a lot more of the festival than they were likely expecting too, not being discovered and returned to their home until 3 am on Saturday morning.

When the men were discovered they apparently did not go down easy. Wacken is a four-day festival and the escaped pair clearly wanted to take in the full four days. Sadly, they only managed to evade their captors for the few hours that they attended the festival. While BBC has some of the details on what went down, it is still unclear how the gentlemen made it to the festival and if they even had tickets to get in.

Sadly, the escapees were escorted back to the care home from which they had been reported missing hours before. They did get to enjoy some of it though, and unlike when we were teenagers they likely won't be punished for their escape. They'll probably be having a closer eye kept on them going forward though, especially when Wacken returns this time next year.

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