NYPD Tracks Down Couple's Engagement Ring After It Was Dropped Down A Grate In Times Square

New York’s Times Square is known for its romance and charm, intoxicating visitors with its bright lights and endless energy. The happy buzz and ambiance of the popular tourist destination was ruined for one couple, however, when they accidentally dropped their engagement ring down a grate, moments after proposing.

John Drennan and Daniella Anthony were visiting the Big Apple from London, UK for the trip of a lifetime when their romantic getaway took a turn for the worse. After proposing to Anthony in Central Park – and getting that precious “Yes” – the couple walked to Times Square to continue the celebrations.

Guessing your partner’s ring size is always a gamble, and for this unlucky pair, the gamble didn’t pay off. The ring was too big for Anthony’s finger and slipped off as they were in Times Square, falling through a grate beyond reach.

As reported by Global News, the lovebirds were “devastated,” and Anthony described the mishap as “the worst moment of [her] life.”

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The couple asked for help from police officers, but they were unable to retrieve the ring at the time. Believing that the ring was lost forever, the pair headed home to England and didn’t even consider leaving their names or contact information.

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Little did they know the NYPD had not given up hope of finding the hidden treasure, and on Saturday morning they finally hit the jackpot and located the ring. It had fallen about eight feet underground and was hidden among “a lot of muck and a lot of […] typical stuff that you would find in the bottom of a sewer grate,” according to Det. Joseph Bucchignano, one of the police officers involved in the rescue mission.

He went on to say that the shiny new ring was not too difficult to spot in the sewer since it was “in the midst of all the garbage” and, fortunately, “sitting on top of all of that stuff.” They then proceeded to clean up the ring and give it back its original sparkle.

However, the investigation didn’t end there. Not only did the NYPD have to locate the missing ring, but they also had to find the unknown couple who were now thousands of miles away mourning the loss of their precious jewelry.

In a bid to identify the anonymous couple, the police department released a video message on Twitter of the pair moments after the ordeal took place. Drennan can be seen lying on his stomach to get a better look into the sewer, while Anthony crouches down and peers through the grate.

The NYPD tweeted that Drennan was “WANTED for dropping his fiancée’s ring in @TimesSquareNYC” and that they were trying to return it. The post naturally went viral and was shared by thousands of people, resulting in a very happy ending for the British couple.

A friend forwarded them the tweet and they quickly got in touch with the NYPD to reclaim their beloved ring. Drennan tweeted in response, “I cannot thank you enough, although I will try,” adding, “we are completely overwhelmed and you will definitely get a mention at our wedding!”

The pair were reportedly planning on keeping the story of the lost ring a secret and had even bought a second ring at the airport, but in true Times Square fashion, they got their romantic fairytale ending instead.

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