OB-GYNs Reveal 20 Small Signs That Could Mean A Rough Delivery Ahead

One of the hardest things a woman will ever do in her life is bring life into this world. If women think pregnancy is the hardest thing, then they have a surprise coming when it comes time to push the baby out. First-time moms are usually more scared than most when it comes to giving birth because they have no idea what is coming.

However, a woman who has given birth once or twice already is also scared because they know exactly what is coming and it is not usually a pleasant experience. Of course, it is worth it and women do it more than once because of the beautiful baby they get at the end of the day.

There are a lot of women out there who wonder if there is anything they can do to make childbirth go just a little easier, and the answer is; yes. According to many OBGYNs out there who state that there are definitely things a woman can do to make her labor a little easier.

20 Not Keeping Fit


According to parents.com and a nurse-midwife, women who stay active during their pregnancy tend to have easier labors.

A lot of women worry about exercising when they are pregnant, however, exercise can be completely safe if it was done at a level that was continued from before a woman conceived. Also, walking and swimming are two very beneficial workouts for any level.

19 Staying Out Of School


Robert Stern, an OBGYN reported to parents.com that taking a prenatal and childbirth class can make labor go a bit easier.

That is because you are arming yourself with information. The more we know about something, the less we fear it. Mom-to-be can get to know different positions and pain-relief techniques that can be helpful in the delivery room.

18 No Support Team? Big Problem


Parents.com reported on an article that was released by the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology that having a good support team was critical for an easier delivery.

This report found that the more support a woman had in the delivery room, the shorter and less painful her labor was.

17 Learn To Distract


If mom-to-be does not know how to distract herself, then she is likely to have a harder time delivering her baby. Or, at least, that is what was found on parents.com.

For moms who are doing this for the first time, active labor can last about 12-14 hours. A lot of these will be at home before the hospital will admit her. This means that she needs to learn to distract herself to keep her mind off the contractions.

16 Watch What You Eat


Pregnant women know that they need to watch what they eat when they are growing the baby, but they may not know that what they eat can make their delivery story a bit harder.

Parents.com states that a woman in early labor needs to eat light snacks. It is important to eat in order to keep up your energy, but you want to avoid any heavy, carb-filled snacks.

15 Not Hopping In A Shower …


A lot of the things that are going to determine how your labor goes are things that are done (or not done) when you have just started the birthing process.

Marcie Richardson, an OBGYN from Harvard told parents.com, that a warm shower can counter the response of pain when there are aches and pains that are indicating that the baby is coming soon.

14 … Or Avoiding Water All Together!


If you are not a shower person, or you don't think you have the energy to stand up in the shower, then hop in the tub.

A warm bath can help ease the pains that come with pregnancy and can help the body when it is time to deliver the baby, says Parents.com. Make sure the bath is warm, and not hot as hot baths can raise your body temperature, which is not safe.

13 Not Taking Advantage Of A Prenatal Massage


We live in a modern world, and there are a lot of resources out there for a pregnant woman. It is a mistake to not take advantage of them, especially since they can make labor a lot easier.

A study was done by the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, stating that those who received regular massages throughout their pregnancy had less pain and anxiety during childbirth.

12 Just Lying Still Is A No-No


Parents.com states that one of the worst things you can do during pregnancy and early labor is staying still. You want to keep the body moving. A body that has been still too long during pregnancy may have a harder childbirth.

Moving during pregnancy allows your pelvis to widen which makes more room for the baby to pass through.

11 Don’t Be A Hero


Parents.com reported that Dr. Philip Samuels states that something women can do that can mean a harder delivery is being dead set against medication during childbirth.

Going through the entire pregnancy stating that you do not want any pain relief can mean a harder delivery. He doesn't say you need to have an epidural, but be open to it and learn about it so that you can take the relief if you need to.

10 Bad Doctor Is Bad News


Even OBGYNs can admit that there are bad doctors out there, or even good doctors that you just don't mesh well with.

Todaysparent.com states that a lot of women stick with their doctor or midwife their whole pregnancy even if they don't get along with them. This can mean a harder delivery because you won't be completely comfortable with them.

9 Throwing Away The Birth Plan


OBGYNs revealed to todaysparent.com that not having a birth plan can make for harder labor and delivery later on.

It doesn't have to be thirty pages long with picture-details, but it should have a rough outline of how you would like your birth to go. Birth plans don't always go the way you want, but it is another way to be prepared.

8 It’s Proven, Doulas Work!


OBGYNs had an interesting tip for parents.com. They stated that hiring a doula can help mom have an easier labor. They recommend finding a doula while you are still pregnant.

They also found that having a doula can help reduce the chances of a mom needing to have a C-section, which we all know is not the easy way out at all.

7 Yoga = Less Pain


Not a lot of people think that medical doctors would recommend more holistic approaches to care, but they do. According to parents.com, women who do prenatal yoga when pregnant can help themselves have an easier labor.

Prenatal yoga is beneficial in a lot of ways. It helps stretch the body and it also puts a lot of emphasis on breathing, which is important for an easy delivery.

6 Don’t Neglect The Perineum


A lot of women hear horror stories of tearing and needing stitches during delivery, and this is a true fear. A lot of women do tear during delivery and require stitches. This can make for a tougher recovery.

Angi Gunther, a childbirth educator told parents.com that taking care of the perineum during pregnancy can reduce the risk of tearing. Mom-to-be can follow instructions on how to massage the area.

5 Kegels, Kegels And More Kegels


Kegels are great little exercises that anyone can do whenever and no one will even notice that they are doing them. Kegels are important to help strengthen the pelvic muscles, which will make pushing easier, according to Cosmopolitan.com.

It is recommended that women do these throughout their whole pregnancy. There is nothing to it either, a woman just needs to squeeze the same muscles they would if they were trying to hold their bladder. Hold it for 10 seconds and release and repeat.

4 Not Using Your Senses


We have another more holistic approach to getting through labor easier that is recommended by professionals, according to Cosmopolitan.com.

Aromatherapy has been a trendy thing for a while now, and it can help women get through labor. There are certain scents that a woman can explore to help her get in the right mindset for delivery. Scents that will help her relax and breathe.

3 OB’s Say Acupuncture Can Help


Acupuncture is one of the oldest forms of healing, and it has had great results. Cosmopolitan.com states that acupuncture can help throughout the pregnancy and can even help for an easier delivery.

It can help improve circulation and generate a positive response throughout the entire body. It has been proven to help with everything from morning sickness to labor pains.

2 Having Too Many Spectators


Huffpost.com released an amazing article about what OBGYNs and delivery nurses wanted their patients to know. One of these things was to really think about who you want around you when you are in labor.

When you are pregnant and planning for your birth, don't invite your whole family. While it is important to have a strong support system, the less the better. Too many people can be overwhelming and distracting in a negative way.

1 Fighting With Your Nurses


An OBGYN or Midwife is an incredibly important role when a woman is in labor, but the delivery nurses are really the ones in control until the moment the baby pops out.

Huffpost.com wants to make sure moms-to-be are aware that being nice to your nurses is one of the best ways to make sure you have an easy childbirth experience.

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