The Office: 20 Easter Eggs Even True Fans Missed

When The Office debuted on NBC back in 2005, Oscar Nunez (Oscar Martinez) did not expect the show to explode into one of the network's greatest shows, ever. He did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2013 where he told them he expected to shoot the pilot episode and, in his words, "that'll be the end of it."

He believed that Ricky Gervais was so amazing in the BBC version that audiences would not really care for an American version. So he continued to work odd jobs as a server and babysitter. After 11 million people tuned in for the premiere, it would not take very long for Oscar to give up those other jobs.

The Office would go on for nine seasons, although they struggled after Steve Carrel left, and be a monster on NBC, becoming one of the networks highest rated sitcoms ever. The show maintained an average of around eight million viewers every single episode, for nine years.

Because of the incredible acting, amazing writing, and hilarious moments on The Office, we decided to go back and binge-watch the entire series, looking for the Easter Eggs everyone missed the first time around.

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20 Dwight's Beet Farm (Season 6, Episode 19)

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Dwight Schrute is the proud owner of his grandfather's 60 acre working beet farm that he now runs with his cousin Mose. He constantly makes references to beets throughout the entire series, right up until the last episode. The irony is that beets are one of the worst tasting, and least popular, vegetables in the country.

So during their St. Patrick's Day episode, while everyone is sitting at their desk's working, the camera pans away to show a beet next to Dwight's desk. He is growing it underneath a heating lamp.

19 The Fine Print (Season 2, Episode 17)

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Film creators and television show writers often take advantage of certain props by adding a hidden message, Easter Egg, or in the case of The Office, just to be funny.

During the 17th episode of the second season, Dwight wins the "Top Salesman Award" and it allows us to see a clipping of the Dunder Mifflin Newsletter when Michael Scott won the same award. The writing on the page, if you paused the show, was easy to read. It explained exactly why they have to write words and even include a few words that are not even words, just because they can.

18 Toby Setting Up Michael To Win At Connect 4 (Season 7, Episode 2)

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Following an incident in an earlier episode, where he spanks his nephew Luke, Michael is forced to attend a six-hour counseling session with Toby. At first, Michael was planning on doing nothing but sit there in silence and wait for his six hours to be up. But Toby tells him he will not sign his paper until he participates. Toby then starts playing games with him, to get him to open up without the pressure of a counseling session.

It works and he begins to open up. But while playing Connect4, Toby is setting Michael up to win the game and get him feeling good about himself.

17 Great Scott Salad Dressing (Season 4, Episodes 3 & 4)

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During one of the funniest episodes of the entire series "Fun Run", Michael is doing an interview discussing the financial problems of his charity for the upcoming marathon race. Somehow he gets on Paul Newman and even says he has been compared to a young Paul Newman.

He continues by saying, "And I make my own salad dressing. I mix Newman's Ranch with Newman's Italian. Sell it at flea markets for a slight loss." We end up seeing it on his desk during the very next episode of the season.

16 "And The Clown?" (Season 7, Episode 19)

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Houses built at least 35 years ago tend to have the most random things hanging up on the walls. This was something that The Office covered when Jim was showing off his parent's house, that he was trying to buy for Pam. As they walked down the hallway, there was an awkward clown poster framed to the wall in a way that prevented you from removing it, at all.

Jim even goes on to say, "...a painting of some creepy clowns that is apparently crucial to the structural integrity of the building." He then tries to pull it down and it does not move.

However, they must have gotten it down because it is seen during the "Garage Sale" episode in season seven.

15 Jim Signing As John Krasinksi (Season 4, Episode 3)

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Maybe it was planned. Maybe it was simply a goof by John Krasinski who forgot that he was playing Jim Halpert.

Either way, when Meredith asks Jim to sign her pelvic cast, he reluctantly does it but instead of writing Jim Halpert, he signs his actual name, John Krasinski. It is easy to miss and that is probably why it was never changed in editing.

14 St. Patrick Day's At The Office (Season 6, Episode 19)

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There are not many things to do in Scranton so when there is a holiday, like St.Patrick's Day, everyone around the office goes a little overboard. So it should not come as a shocker that this entire episode is filled with cool St. Patrick's Day themed surprises.

Not only did someone change the Exit sign to the building from red to green, the water cooler behind Stanley's desk has even been changed to green. But the greatest thing to happen was Michael Scott thinking he has an Irish flag on his desk when it was, in fact, an Italian flag.

13 Call Of Duty!!! (Season 3, Episode 3)

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There are many different ways to raise morale in a corporate office setting and those events are called team-building exercises. That is basically just an excuse to do fun things with your team, like when they do so at the Stamford branch of The Office.

Their team-building exercise is, however, the popular World War II video game Call of Duty, which Jim is terrible at and is often being yelled at by his co-workers. The Easter Egg is Andy's username, which is "Here Comes Treble".

12 The Magic Thumb He Purchased (Season 2, Episode 13)

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As we often get to see, Michael Scott is sitting in front of the camera venting about something that just happened. He uses the camera crew the same way anyone would go to a friend.

After having his corporate credit card taken away from him for spending $80 at a magic shop, which he argues was used to entertain potential clients, he talks to the camera crew about it and is actually wearing a fake thumb used by magicians the entire interview.

11 The Legendary Plasma TV (Season 5, Episode 22)

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First off, the smallest Plasma television ever created was 32" in size. But Michael still refers to his tiny, wall-mounted, LCD TV as a Plasma screen, and he loves to watch games while standing right next to it.

It ends up getting smashed by Jan after their epic fight in the "Dinner Party" episode. Many would assume that he took it down following the incident but we can clearly see it remains hanging on the wall when Pam comes to visit him at his condo.

10 The Jan Gould Newsletter Clipping (Season 2, Episode 17)

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Michael Scott does a lot of things that should be offensive but he is such a good guy that it is often just allowed. He showcased just how good of a guy he was when he began his relationship with Jan, which technically began in season three.

However, during the 17th episode of season two, we noticed Michael has a framed Dunder Mifflin staff newsletter clipping hanging inside his cabinet that shows the promotion of Jan Gould in the company.

9 Michael Scott's "Big Stinky" Framed Poster (Season 2, Episode 14)

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One of the best things about The Office was how close they were and how the set often felt like a real life office setting. So, moments before the episode started filming, Steve Carrel set off a stink-bomb inside his office so that all the reactions to the horrible smell in there would be real.

Later in the episode, as Michael is outside his office talking to the cameras, you can notice a framed poster with a sandwich called, "The Big Stinky".

8 The Worst Tiramisu Ever Made (Season 5, Episode 10)

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When there are so many other things going on in an episode, often times, viewers miss out on all those hidden clues throughout the episode that are a dead giveaway for Easter Eggs you never noticed.

For example, in the 10th episode of season five, Jim returns from lunch with a tiramisu cake and she tosses it in the trash, sarcastically. But it did not last very long and even Michael talks about it in his speech, mentioning how people throw away perfectly good tiramisu.

We finally see him eating it while on the phone with David Wallace.

7 Misspelling Jim Halpert  (Season 6, Episode 4)

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The sign outside of the location for their reception dinner clearly shows Jim Halpret instead of Jim Halpert. It was a subtle nod to the hotel that everyone was staying at for the wedding not being that great at weddings.

Or was it a mistake that was missed by everyone? Since this episode was directed by Paul Feig, and written by Greg Daniels and Mindy Kaling, odds are it was done for a reason and not by mistake.

6 Dwight's Personal Protection Tool (Season 5, Episode 12)

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If there was ever two people we would love to see in a fight, it would have to be Andy Bernard and Dwight Schrute. We finally get our chance after Andy finds out that his fiancee Angela has been having an affair with Dwight for quite some time.

Once he finds out, Dwight begins preparing for a response from Andy and does things around the office to protect himself, including taping a spoon to his monitor so he can watch if Andy was ever to come up from behind.

5 Robert California's "Special" War Medal (Season 8, Episode 11)

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If only we could have had Robert California a little longer. James Spader did such a fantastic job of joining the cast, and following Steve Carrel's performance, that we would love to see him if they ever did a reboot.

That said, Robert presents Dwight with a medal that he says belonged to his grandfather, who received it for acts of courage. As charming and kind as it was, we later see that same medal framed on Gabe's desk.

4 Pam Serving Up Fake Volleyballs (Season 5, Episode 28)

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Although Pam tells us a story about how she used to fake PMS to get out of playing volleyball, or any other sports, in high school, it turns out to be not true after we watch her dominate the volleyball game during the company picnic.

She even reveals that she was a star volleyball player in high school. However, the ball Pam was hitting, was not even real. Jenna Fisher is not a very good volleyball player so they had to CGI it later. The cast was pretending to hit balls.

3 George Foreman Grill Next To Michael's Small Bed (Season 4, Episode 9)

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During the second season's 12th episode, Michael Scott ends up injuring his foot after stepping on his George Foreman grill, which he leaves next to his bed. He leaves it there because he loves the smell, and taste, of bacon and lays six strips out every night before he goes to bed so that when he wakes up, he just has to plug it in.

Two seasons later, when Michael and Jan invite everyone over for a dinner party, Michael takes Jim and Pam upstairs to show them the rest of the house. In his bedroom, if you look closely, the George Foreman grill is sitting nicely on a tiny table next to his tiny bed.

2 Utica Branch Now Uses Extra Security (Season 5, Episode 16)

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After fooling Jim to take a ride with them to the Utica branch, Michael and Dwight reveal their plans to get back at Jim's ex-girlfriend, Karen, who is now the branch manager of that office. She was trying to steal Stanley from Scranton so Michael devised a plan to steal their copier to get back at her.

Several season later, when Michael returns to the Utica branch as part of his lecture tour to all the branches to discuss what has made Scranton so successful, we get a shot overlooking their copier, which is now guarded with a padlock.

1 Pam's Teapot In "The Finer Things Club" (Season 4, Episode 6)

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During season two's Christmas episode, Jim finally got Pam for his secret Santa. He took advantage by getting her a gift she would love. He got her a teapot but filled it with inside jokes like a high school yearbook photo of himself, hot sauce packets, cassette, "Boggle" timer, and some other items.

Although it was traded away, once Pam realized the time and effort he went through to get it for her, she got it back and kept it apparently forever. We never see it again until season four when she uses it for her "Finer Things Club" meeting.

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