Officers Buy Food And Hotel Room For Mother And Daughter Living In A Car

Two Bedford police officers went above and beyond for a mother who was living in her car with her daughter. Their inspiring story about good common decency has gone viral and is reminding us that helping out those in need is always a good thing.

Last Thursday, officers received a call about a suspicious parked car in the Boys Ranch Park area of Bedford, Texa. Officer Ishmel Henderson and his partner officer Cameron Gregory were the first to arrive on the scene. The two men did not find any suspicious activity, but what they did discover hit close to home for both men.

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As Henderson approached the vehicle, he saw a woman sleeping with a child in the car. Sadly this was not something unusual for the officers, but it was also a sight they could not ignore. The mother explained she lost her job, as well as her apartment and had no other place for the family to stay.

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After learning the child had not eaten, the men stepped away from the vehicle to talk. Each of the police officers has a family and could not help, but imagine what they would want if their families were in the same situation. Instead of ordering the desperate mother to move on they chose to help her.

I'm feeling much love for the two Police Officers in Bedford, Texas, who helped out a newly homeless lady and her little...

Posted by Elias Exx on Friday, August 24, 2018

First up was a trip to the gas station whether they filed up her gas tank. Next was the McDonald's drive-thru where they ordered food for the mother and 6-year-old to eat. The last stop was a Motel 6, where Henderson and Gregory paid for the family to stay for a couple of nights.

Although she was a little skeptical, the mother agreed to take the officers help, later revealing how grateful she was for the two men. Gregory shared with local news it is their responsibility as police officers to help out when they can, but even this gesture was above and beyond. Both Gregory and Henderson have kept in touch with the mother and are helping her get back on her feet.

Sometimes all it takes is one act of kindness to change a person's life or make their day. These two police officers are the perfect examples of what it is to be a decent human being. The world needs more people like officers Henderson and Gregory.

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