Ohio Mom Designs Genius Wheelchair-Friendly Halloween Costume For 5-Year Old Son

Blake Mompher, a 5-year-old with spina bifida will dress up as a school bus driver and don a custom-made yellow school bus costume built to fit over his wheelchair— thanks to two inventive and handy family members, namely his mom and his grandfather. Blake's costume even features a Blake County Schools label on the side of the bus.

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Megan Mompher posted photos of her son’s costume on her Facebook page, and they went viral in no time. Blake has been in a wheelchair since he was a year and a half old, Megan told Yahoo Lifestyle. This is his second costume to complement his wheelchair. Back in 2016, he was dressed as a bulldozer. Megan came up with this brilliant idea after researching Pinterest, and later asked her father-in-law to build the costume. Blake's grandfather customized the costume to work perfectly with his wheelchair — a bright yellow school bus he can actually cruise around in.

Via: Yahoo News (Photo courtesy of Megan Mompher)

(Photo courtesy of Megan Mompher)[/caption]

Blake tried on his Halloween costume for the first time last Wednesday and fell in love with it instantly. Mompher posted videos showing a smiling Blake riding around in the "Blake County Schools" bus, doing all kinds of fun little stunts, including spins and wheelies.

Mompher explained that Blake has an upcoming surgery, but that the little boy is staying positive. "Even him knowing that's coming, he just always has a positive attitude, he's always happy," she said. "It's all he knows and he kinda goes with the flow of things." Instead of thinking about the surgery, the 5-year-old has something else to look forward to-- trick-or-treating in his school bus costume.

Megan Mompher says she wants other parents of children with spina bifida to know that they’re not alone. She admits that the first diagnosis can be really scary— she herself found out when she was 20 weeks pregnant with Blake.

“But your child is going to be fine. We were told a lot of scary things, but your child is going to be happy.”

Megan adds that there are little things that can make life easier and more fun for your child, and a costume like this one just happens to be one of them.

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