Oil Rig Workers Rescue Exhausted Pooch Swimming 130 miles Off The Gulf of Thailand


A lost dog was rescued by oil rig workers after being found swimming in the Gulf of Thailand–a whopping 130 miles off the shore.

The workers onboard the oil rig noticed the animal's head poking up above the water as the dog paddled through the ocean towards the platform. Vitisak Payalaw, of Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production’s oil drilling team, wrote about the whole rescue operation on Facebook, where he also shared images and a video.

Vitisak Payalaw said: “We found her trying to swim towards our rig, which is about 220 kilometers (136 miles) from the shore. Thankfully the sea was quite still because the wind was calm. We just saw her small head but if the ripples were bigger, I think we probably wouldn’t have noticed her at all."

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The drillers called out to the exhausted mutt and she continued to swim toward them, taking refuge among the rusty metal bars of the rig. The workers then lowered a rope down toward her and pulled her to safety.

The pooch has now now been named "Boonrod" which in Thai means "making a spiritual donation for good luck in the future." Apparently, the Aspin dog had fallen from a fishing trawler, the Bangkok Post reported.

ภารกิจส่งน้องบุญรอดกลับฝั่ง สุนัขที่รอดชีวิตจากการลอยคอในทะเลอ่าวไทย...

Posted by Vitisak Payalaw on Sunday, April 14, 2019

When they first took her on board, she was depressed and tired from being in the water for a long time, but she now has "a lot of energy", according to Payalaw who said that the pooch is between 3 and 5 years old. Boonrod spent the weekend onboard the drilling platform, receiving food, water and TLC from the crew before she was brought back to land on Monday, the Bangkok Post reported.

The dog was greeted with affection as she was taken off the boat and delivered into the care of the animal charity Watchdog Thailand. Vitisak Payalawsaid he would be happy to adopt her if no owner comes forward: “I am looking forward to spending many happy years together with her.”

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