One Gram Goldfish Is UK’s Smallest Ever Surgery Patient

Molly the goldfish was rushed to the vet for an emergency procedure, and it became the country’s smallest surgery patient ever. The operation wasn’t difficult, and it didn’t cost the owners much money.

The fish was brought to the vet because its owners noticed a large lump growing on its belly. The Highscoft Vets in Bristol diagnosed the little one with a tumour, and they prepared Molly for surgery. At the initial checkup, Molly barely registered on their weighing scales because the fish was so small. They told the owners that it would cost less than £100, and the surgery will only take around 40 minutes. With their permission, the vets went ahead with the procedure.

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Vets told the press that the procedure is actually very simple. First, they submerged the fish in a container with anaesthetic solution to put Molly to sleep. After the fighting reflex has been calmed, they put it on the operating area. The fish was constantly kept wet, and a catheter was attached to its mouth. Its gills were also injected anaesthetics to ensure that the level of anaesthesia is kept constant throughout the procedure. With careful, steady hands, vets removed the tumour from its belly. Everything was done in 40 minutes, and Molly was put in freshly oxygenated water to wake up.

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The operation was a success, and vets were glad the owners brought Molly to them before the tumour did more serious damage. Many may say it’s incredibly excessive to spend money operating on a fish weighing one gram. What these people don’t realize, however, is that owners may be incredibly attached to their pet, as they should be. With all the love and care they pour into the animal, it’s hard to watch it die without even trying to save it. The fish may not know what just happened and its purpose in that household, but it gives the owners joy to know they saved their pet.

Thankfully, vets now have the technology, knowledge, and skills to save almost any animal, no matter how exotic the pet is. Even though you’re keeping your pet in the best conditions possible, something may still go wrong. Now, you don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s a vet out there that can help your beloved animal.

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