There Are Now Orange Vanilla Cream M&M’s

Holy yum yum! Limited edition Orange Vanilla Cream M&M's are coming soon to a Dollar General near you! If you're lucky, that is. Sources say that this brand new, limited edition flavor is supposedly only going to be available at Dollar General stores. If you live to shop online or just can't find a Dollar General store near you, you can pick up an 8 ounce bag of these orange cream yummies for the high, high price of just $12.49 on Amazon. Ouch!

If you're thinking that you can scoop these babies up for just $1 at the Dollar General (which seems completely reasonable), you'd be absolutely wrong. The expected cost is around $3.25 per bag at Dollar General, or two bags for $6.


That sounds like a lotta bucks for a small amount of M&M's BUT these are limited edition after all. We have not tried these candies but we hear that they are supposed to taste sweeter than the regular M&M's that you are used to. They have a white chocolate candy shell with a sweet orange vanilla filling.

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When the candy shell is broken, the white chocolate mixes with the soft orange cream filling to give you a M&M's experience like no other! As you might imagine, the new candies come in two colors; orange and white. The only thing that they don't have that orange Creamsicles do is a wooden stick and the cold factor. We suppose you could stick the bag in the freezer to replicate orange Creamsicles, but that might hurt your teeth, so proceed with caution.


This isn't the first time that M&M's have offered a popular ice cream flavor. They previously released Neapolitan ice cream flavors which contained three flavors of M&M's per bag; vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. We can only assume that the limited edition Neapolitan candies did pretty well since the company is trying a limited edition, classic ice cream flavor again. The Neapolitan candies were also released in the spring, so it seems as though there is a pattern going on with the release of limited edition ice cream flavored M&M's.

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