Orlando Pet Shelter Makes Sure Dogs Get To Run Outside And Play

Hound Around Town is a program launched by Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando to ensure their dogs are happy and healthy. Some dogs who end up in shelters rarely get to exercise outdoors, and this can be detrimental to their health and well-being. With this facility in the Greater Orlando area setting a good example, perhaps all shelters will follow suit.

Even the smallest dogs need to exercise every single day. Without getting enough energy out, they can become antsy at home. A bored dog will turn to other activities like chewing on your stuff or digging up the entire yard. Other than that, going for walks or playing at a park is important for dogs because this is how they form a bond with their owner. Play time is important to them, so they want their human to be there for the fun.

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This month, Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando is celebrating their 83rd year of helping dogs find their forever home. In light of their achievements, the centre decided to launch a new program that will help showcase their pups ready for adoption and get them outside playing. Hound Around Town aims to bring their shelter dogs outside for some fresh air, exercise, and socialization with people.

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The program works like a play date. Each dog is equipped with their own backpack containing water, a leash, a bandana, and a vest stating that they’re looking for a permanent home. Volunteers at the shelter select a dog for you, and you can take them out for a walk or play with them. They must be picked up between noon and 3 p.m., and they need to be returned by 5 p.m. The program runs seven days a week, so dog lovers can either destress with a puppy at the end of their day or look forward to spending some time with them on the weekends.

The dogs are not allowed to be brought to the dog park, and they must be kept on leash at all times. This is just to ensure all dogs’ safety, as not all of them may be socialized well enough with other dogs, and the shelter wants to protect their dogs from potentially unvaccinated or sick dogs at the park.

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