Blizzard the Otter Pup Becomes Unofficial Mascot Of Tennessee Dairy Queen

Talk about customer service! A Dairy Queen in Brownsville, Tennessee, had a visit from an unexpected customer early last week. Blizzard, the name given to the otter that strolled into the Dairy Queen, is going viral after his picture was uploaded onto the restaurant's official Facebook page.

Things got interesting at the Dairy Queen off Interstate 40 early on July 2nd. As soon as the first customer entered their doors, an employee was notified of a very peculiar visitor outside.

Blizzard (yes, we named him), so says the TWRA officer, is a spring pup. They think he just wandered too far from the...

Posted by Brownsville Dairy Queen on Monday, July 2, 2018


Lyndsey McDonald, a manager at the restaurant, shared that when the restaurant opened for business on Monday morning, their first customer alerted them that there was an otter hanging out outside.

A Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency official believed the otter pup had wandered too far from a local river that he called home. Because he was such a young pup, officials thought that the otter might have grown used to being around humans.

“I’m allergic to animals, so I don’t have much to do with them, but he followed us around and did most everything we told him to, like a trained dog would,” McDonald said. “We wondered if he was someone’s pet, he was so good with us.”

Once inside, the otter curled himself up in a corner and seemed exhausted. McDonald shared that he was ready to chill, and seemed to just want to enjoy some of the air conditioning in the restaurant.

Like with any other customer, employees rushed to aid their four-legged visitor. Out back, workers created a makeshift pool out of a storage container and fed the little guy some tasty snacks. He was given some chicken and "a health blizzard". Sounds pretty tasty to us!

Employees were not the only ones gushing over the otter. Customers took pictures and videos of the adorable critter while he bathed out back.

The young otter was eventually picked up by an agent from the TWRA and was released into a nearby creek. However, according to WKRG, Blizzard did not adjust well to the change in habitat and was permanently moved to Reelfoot Lake State Park.

Blizzard the otter has become somewhat of a mascot for the fast food chain. Even though employees will miss him dearly, especially McDonald, the restaurant is enjoying the publicity it is getting nationwide.

We wish Blizzard the best of luck in his future endeavors! Happy trails, little guy!


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